Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Barbara Wilding's Blackmail Threat

"The Level Of Crime In This Area Is Above Average"
Well No Shit, Sherlock
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by johnofgwent

I suppose it was inevitable really. With bankers being bailed out to the tune of billions, and hundreds of millions of pounds wasted on white elephants like the wales millennium centre in Cardiff Bay, Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable of South Wales, has issued her own personal blackmail threat.

Either hand us £1 million in "recognition" that Cardiff is the Capital of Wales or we stop policing the motorways and stop the Six Nations Matches unless you hand us the FULL cost of our "services"

You don't believe me ? Well go read it here.

Sensing that the Welsh Assembly is a pushover when it comes to handing out money for lost causes and white elephants like the "National Botanic Garden" , she now demands a bigger slice of the pie "or else".

But you can bet your arse they won't be cutting back on their support for gay pride despite being rapped over the knuckles for flying the rainbow flag. After all, their own website proudly points out that :-
The national celebration follows in the wake of South Wales Police being named the most gay-friendly employer in Wales by the gay rights organisation, Stonewall, who placed the police force as 17th in the top 100 British businesses for gay people to work in.

Someone remind me which political party demands that Chief Constables stand for election in order to be accountable for their actions to the people who get the bill for their wages.

Oh, that's right. It's the BNP isn't it.


Jeannine said...

Do these people go to work to have sex? Why do they have the need to be so overt? Maybe they're just hoping to hook up with more partners and it's a way of advertising.

Anonymous said...

Firies harassed in gay parade
February 18, 2009 - 4:53PM

A jury determined on Tuesday that four San Diego firefighters were sexually harassed for being ordered to participate in a gay pride parade and awarded them combined damages of $US34,300. ($A53,762)

The firefighters - Alex Kane, Chad Allison, Capt John Ghiotto and Capt Jason Hewitt - claimed they were subjected to sexually charged conduct and lewd comments while riding a fire engine in the July 2007 parade, which drew about 150,000 spectators.

The firefighters' attorney, Charles LiMandri, said during his closing argument that his clients were targets of vulgar gestures and catcalls while being forced to watch barely clothed men and women simulate sex acts and touch themselves and one another.

"The Fire Department knew what goes on there," LiMandri told the jury.

This was the second trial on the firefighters' claims. In October, jurors were unable to reach a verdict.

LiMandri requested up to $US1 million ($A1.57 million) for each client at the first trial. He didn't propose specific damages at this trial.

A crew that had volunteered to ride a fire engine pulled out shortly before the parade because the captain's mother died. LiMandri told the jury that department supervisors didn't try to find other volunteers, but gave the assignment to the crew in the city's Hillcrest area, home to a large gay population where the parade is held.

The firefighters' attorney argued that his clients objected but weren't taken seriously. The city said the firefighters expressed discomfort but didn't complain of sexual harassment at the time.

Deputy City Attorney Don Shanahan said the firefighters weren't satisfied after Chief Tracy Jarman apologised and promised to change the department's policy and use only volunteers in the parade.

The city will appeal the verdict and oppose any motions to pay the firefighters' legal fees, Shanahan said.

Anonymous said...


Is he required to arrest Queers behaving badly in public toilets"

What about a Gay clergy association, or a Gay teachers association. For Gods sake let's have some uuniformity here. I thought discrimination was a crime.

We are watching the moral and social decay of a nation in slow motion.