Thursday, 26 February 2009

I wish the Lib Dems would make up their minds

Early Liberal Democrats

I mean there I was thinking after writing the previous article that the Lib Dems were Nazis and now I go and read that they are also in bed with the communists.

Must be awfuly confusing for their members but I wonder what the people of Swanley are going to make of the Lib Dems this coming weekend.

They are attending an anti-British National Party rally organised by the Marxist Socialist Party in protest at the BNP winning at the Swanley by-election where the following votes were recorded last week.
  • Paul Golding (BNP) 408
  • Mike Hogg (Labour) 332
  • Tony Harry Searles (Conservative) 247
Did you notice anything? Not yet? OK. Well read on from the article:
Alan Bullion, who is from the Liberal Democrats, is attending the rally.

He said it is to show to people the dangers of voting for the BNP party.

Mr Bullion said: “It is going to be a rally raising awareness of what is going on and the dangers of voting for the BNP.”
And reading that, I wonder why, if the Liberal Democrats felt so strongly about the BNP standing in Swanley, they did not even bother to put up a candidate.

Then again their failure not to stand a candidate may have had something to do with not splitting the vote even further.

Either way it is a shameful reflection on the Lib Dems to attend a rally organised by another political party (that also did not field a candidate) because the people exercised their right to vote for the party of their choice in an election they could not be bothered to stand in.

If they insist on dressing up, then it should be in Clowns outfits. They are pathetic.

By all accounts, representatives from the tory and liebour party have also been invited to attend. If any of our people are in the area that day can they send us some images please.


Wolfblood said...

The arguments of the anti-BNP gang are about fascism and genocide.

The eu/libacon/islam axis stifles opposition.
Is is fascist.

The eu/liblabcon/islamist axis is using mass immigration, foreign birth rate and abortion to exterminate true Britons.
It is genocide.

The eu/liblabcon/islamist axis is therefore a conspiracy of genocidal fascists.

The eu/liblabcon/islamist axis conspiracy is a crime far larger than that of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot combined.
It is the greatest crime in human history.

It is what eu/liblabcon/islamist axis's sheeple supporters are told the opposite about by the eu/liblabcon/islamist axis and its media, and vote for at "democratic" elections.

Now is the time to tell the sheeple the truth in plain words. Everything the sheeple are told by the eu/liblabcon/islamist axis is a lie. It is the total opposite of the truth.

Antifascists, by the way:

Anonymous said...

As the BNP are to be the subject of discussion, would it be too much to expect them to invite a representative from the Party?
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Democrats ? Fascists more like, what if a Lib Dem candidate won a council seat fair and square, would be the BNP go into that community and tell the people who is ok by them to vote for ? No we would try harder to get OUR message across next time, is something wrong with the Lib Dems message, could it possibly be that the electorate are sick and tired of the corrupt sleazy establishment who want to take us into the EUSSR ? The real fascists make me feel sick. These type of dirty trick tend to backfire because the electorate like to make up their own minds, where as the Lib Dems assume that they don't have one.politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Someone in the BNP living near-by should take the picture of Sean Aspey dressed as a Nazi, enlarge it and set up a stall near to theirs, displaying the picture, highlighting the real Nazis.

andy H

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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