Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pakistan does deal with Taliban

The Pakistani government has caved into the madmen of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and conceded the right for those who kidnap, stone, behead, rape and suppress the rights of women with Sharia Law, to rule over the North West Province. Just a two hour drive from their capital.

A government spokesman for appeasement said;

"Those who chose to take the path of violence because of this decision, I appeal to all of them to work for the sake of peace now," Hoti said.

"There is no accounting for the sacrifice of all the people of Swat and the Malakand division. How many children have been orphaned? How many parents have lost their children? How many young people have been martyred? In my mind, I don't think that anyone can take this any more."
I and others before me have said repeatedly, that Pakistan is finished. Just as South Vietnam fell to the communists, so to will all of Pakistan fall to the medieval monsters who wish to see an Islamic World Caliphate.

For those who wish to impose Sharia Law on the world, the actions of the fools attempting to buy peace by surrendering control to them just encourages and spurs the madmen on. They will not stop, they will consolidate their position and then like locusts move on to the next target to bomb into submission.

And as their control grows more Pakistani will flee to Our Country and with them will come more of the agents of our destruction and then the bombings will increase, the protests demanding concessions multiply and fear rule the streets.

And then one day you will wake up to read that large parts of Our Country will be allowed to live under full blooded Sharia Law as our traitor "establishment" government attempts to buy a few more years of "peace" in which to line their pockets ready for their flight to other lands. You and I will be left to submit or die fighting.

Remember Kosovo.

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