Thursday, 26 February 2009

Calls for Liberal Democrat Nazi Councillor to resign

Lib Dem Councillor goes to party in his work clothes

I have always said that the real Nazi's in Our Country were the Liberal Democrats and now we have the picture to prove it.

Porthcawl, Liberal Democrat Town Councillor, Sean Aspey is facing calls for his resignation after dressing up as a Nazi soldier for his 40th birthday and then posting the pictures he had taken on the internet.

Aspey also belongs to two Facebook online groups celebrating notorious serial killers Fred West and Harold Shipman and as a strange sense of humour for a "caring Liberal."
The first, “Fred West Was A Good Builder”, says: “Great builder, bit of a drinker, he often told me he could murder some Tenants”, while the second is called “Harold Shipman – Join My New Surgery” where one user jokes: “It’s a great surgery, free jabs for the over-65s”.

An inquiry estimated Dr Shipman killed more than 200 patients, while West murdered at least 12 young women.
Now there are two ways of looking at this article. See it with a sense of humour or be outraged like the Labour and Conservative councillors mentioned in the article.

Personally being ex-navy I have a sense of humour but I can also imagine the public outcry were a British National Party councillor to dress up and say the things that this Lib Dem councillor has said.


Anonymous said...

Price Harry was dragged away by the thought police for less.
This prat needs turfed out on his ear.


Anonymous said...

That's not a nazi uniform. I see no problem with dressing up like that for fancy dress events. Outrage at donning a German army officer's uniform is just the sort of over-sensitivity we must move away from. It should be seen as no different than putting on a Mao suit or a Roman centurion's battle dress.

Anonymous said...

WoW i wonder if the MSM have picked this up ? Does this idiot arrogantly think that because he is in the Lib Dims the normal boundaries do not apply ? I was sympathetic to Harry because he was being young and stupid, but this man is old enough to know better. i am absolutely shocked and amazed at this picture. Spectacular own goal for the Lib Dims.politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

WoW i wonder if the mainstream media has picked that up, haven't these people got any common sense ? Are they so arrogant that they think that because they are in the Lib Dems all normal boundaries are suspended ? I was sympathetic to Harry because he was

Anonymous said...

why are there no pictures of everybody else who were at the party? or is it just because this guy is a councillor?