Monday, 23 February 2009

Time to attack the European Union

As much fun as it is, to attack and ridicule the Labour Party, the time as now come for the British National Party supporting sites to start attacking the European Union and revealing to the True British People just how evil and expensive it really is.

The Labour Party has done a very good job of ensuring that they will never be reelected again or at least not in my lifetime and good riddance to bad rubbish, for they have brought nothing but death and destruction to us. Pray God, these "professional politicial" vampires will have a stake driven through their hearts so they can never rise again. Their time is almost over.

The conservatives will be elected at the next general election, not because the people believe them, they certainly do not trust them but because the people have had enough of the Labour Party. Just as once the people voted overwhelmingly for Labour and swept the conservatives into the wilderness where they have learned nothing.

And the cycle of the rotating dictatorship will continue until the ring is broken. Each wing of the "establishment" party taking Buggins Turn at government whilst advancing the same one world cause that sees Our Country as nothing more than a cash cow that now needs to be slaughtered.

Those of us who are politically aware know all of this but our memories are longer than that of a Goldfish Population who seem to live in a permanent state of drug induced tranquility no matter what is done to them and we will reveal the lies and duplicity of the new marxist conservatives, just as we have revealed those of the marxist Labour party.

Then when the damage done to Our Country is so great that even a blind man can see the truth, the people will not just turn to the British National Party, they will run to it for salvation. A salvation that the BNP can deliver.

But before the war can be won, there are battles to be fought and the next major battle is the European Elections in June.

Ancient Brit of the Green Arrow Forum wrote:

Have you noticed that none of the other parties have started any sort of EU campaign yet, but the BNP mention it all the time? I’d like to see how the other parties are going to promote their pro EU campaign considering most people want to opt out.

In the present climate of unemployment and recession the chance for us to forge ahead is huge; we are the only party of any significance that is against the EU and all it stands for, but, we have to make the people understands what it means to them with regards to their daily lives.

Housing, jobs and immigration seem to be the top priorities for the man in the street; they want security and peace of mind, something that they certainly don’t have at the moment, it is up to us to explain to them in simplified terms just how the EU affects housing, jobs and immigration and that whilst we are in the EU we will never have that security and peace of mind again.
And the Lady is right. We must register to vote, we must ensure that our friends and families are registered to vote and we must push, push and push again, the British National Parties policy on Europe.

We are not going to sweep the board but with proportional representation we are going to win a few seats. And with those seats in hell, will come much needed funds and access to information that will be needed in the final battle that is now just a few years away.

These times are the most interesting of times in the entire history of Our Country. If the British National Party fails, Our Country will also fail and in another 30 years it will just be a memory to some, for its name will be erased from the history books.

You know what you must do. You must now make a stand and to be honest there is only one party that is worth making that stand with. The British National Party.


Articles and links wanted on information revealing the evil of the European Union.

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Anonymous said...

Although the skilled working-class are abandoning Labour, they aren't flocking to C.A. Moron's Old Etonian jerk-circle:

Anonymous said...

BluLab, NuLab, it will make no difference. We should get behind Albert Burgess and his campaign to bring the treasonous criminals to account. Search him out on youtube.

Anonymous said...

By all means attack the E.U. but the BNP if it is to be credible will have to promote at the same time a positive alternative for the peoples of Europe to work together. Most British people holiday on the continent, many have holiday homes in Spain etc and many do work ,and business on the continent which is 20 miles from Dover.They need to be reassured that fortress Britain doesnt mean an isolated Britain. How about championing a loose " confederation "?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. You are right to focus on the follies of the EU. We should remember that its only a matter of time before the EU cretins admit Turkey to their pigs trough and then God help us all.We must be out of it before that happens and then again, if we left then it would be just a short matter of time before the whole corrupt project came tumbling down.

Anonymous said...

If the Lisbon Treaty is pushed through it will come into force in May 2010, and as far as I can gather all our assets will be handed over to them and Westminster will be dissolved. Just a month later the next election is June 2010, with no parliament and no government how are we to vote in an alternative?

Anonymous said...

Hey come on stay real. Westminster is not going to be dissolved in 2010 and all our assets are not going to be handed over. We dont need to stray into ridiculous scaremongering .

defender said...

Anon 08:31, thanks for the link, gives an excellent smell of what the mood is.

Anon 10:51 As far as retaining our soverinty and the May 2010 Lisbon implacation is concerned, this June EU election will be the final chance to derail the project without very serious unrest. It is crucial for the Anti EU movement a (last) chance to have a say. There will not be another if we do not receive the support of those voters from where ever they are.
We need to find away for anyone of any other group/party to be able to register their protest even if its the "dreaded" BNP.
This is about the independance of this country, far more important than party politics.
Our stand on the EU has been clear and well established for many years and the people know it. On this matter nothing is more vital at this time, lose it and our struggle will get 10 times harder if at all possible, win it and we can move on with domestic matters knowing at least there is still a country to rebuild.
Lets get to this job with all our collective energies, this one is for the British Nation our home.

Anonymous said...

I think the BNP need to make a public statement regarding their recognition of our existing Constitution. Not only would this let those who are busy comitting treason know exactly where they stand should sanity prevail, it would also educate many people who would otherwise have no knowledge of how they are being sold out.

Anonymous said...

If you want damning evidence of MEPs at the Bruxelles gravy train, you only need to go to youtube and search 'MEPs expenses' to get a whole load of footage of their shenanigans.
This one shows them leaving their suitcases outside the registration office on a Friday - and then leaving to go home for the weekend without even entering the chamber. Note one MEP(German?) threatening the reporter, who eventually gets evicted by security...

whiskyindia said...

For those who are not fully aware of the real implications of being part of the impending European State-The EUSSR,please remember this.
The total population of The EU is over 600 Million and possibly nearer
700 million.All these people come from a very wide range of Cultures,Heritages and Traditions.
The Populations of Europe range from Nordic to virtually Middle Eastern.
There is absolutely NO WAY that this range of peoples can be Governed Democratically.
As was seen in Soviet Russia,there has to be a ONE PARTY STATE and a Totalitarian Non-Democratic Regime.
This is what is planned for Europe.
If therefore you want to be Governed in such a way and live actually being controlled in every way by your Local Council Employees(Officers)without any real options,then let it happen.
If not,then it should be realised that the only way to stop this Impending Hell,and that is what it may be,is by the Rise of Nationalism.By supporting The British National Party in this country,and similarly by the Populations of France,Germany,Italy, Spain etc.doing the same,this potentially catastrophic situation can be averted.
It has to done NOW.It will be TOO LATE after the EUSSR State comes into being.You WILL then be controlled by EU Police and EU Bureaucrats,all with A Common Purpose,Non Democratic Control of the European People.
There is now way the impending EUSSR Goverment will allow a Party with the name 'The British National Party'to function after the formation of a European State.
The European National States can still work together but democratically and with Trading Benefits but without this planned absolute control.
Please think about it and Act Now!!!

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Bukovsky the Soviet Dissident likens the EU to the old Soviet Union, he says there is many similarities in its infrastucture, i suggest you check out his work.... Also we have the Czech President Vaclav Klaus who has serious mis-givings about the EU.. "Brussels-The European Union has turned into an undemocratic and elist project comparable to the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Europe that forbade alternative thinking" you expect and true to form the EU fanatics in the European Parliament walked out while the nationalists cheered and clapped him, we need more nationalist MEP's within the EU speak up for the rights of the indigenous European's until we have nationalist Governments to withdraw us completely from the EUSSR. politicalMIZZ

Unilateralist said...

"I think the BNP need to make a public statement regarding their recognition of our existing Constitution."

Hold on a second. Since the British Constitution comprises of nothing more than the laws on which the business of government is based, the contractual obligations of the civil service, and in many cases entirely uncodified traditions which we have come to expect (Salisbury Convention, etc.), then EU law (to the extent that is has been enshrined in UK law) is as much 'constitutional' as the monarchy and the House of Lords.

I think what you mean is that the BNP should state what it wants a British constitution to look like and comprise of - should it be codified, what rights should be considered 'inalienable', hoe should powers of patronage be distributed, etc, etc.

For the record, I think a codified constitution is somewhat self defeating - when a government carries out a potentially criminal action, they should not be allowed to wave the magic bit of paper in the air which gets them off the hook because a bunch of people many years ago sanctioned it. Legality and the arguments associated with it should be a matter for the democratic systems of the day, not dogma of the past.

But then I'm not a member of the party which constitutionally grants the Chairman "ultimate
and final authority upon any decision"
(CONSTITUTION OF THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY Ninth Edition, published September 2005).

Anonymous said...

No Unilateralist, it is not a case of "I think you mean", how dare you, liberal elitist thinking again? you polish your Common Purpose graduation certificate regularly?
The British Constitution, more widely recognised as Common Law, states that all laws passed must be made before the people, and for the people of this land. Aiding and abetting any organisation which uses taxes raised in this country to implement legislation made abroad is treason. The American Constitution was based on ours.

And while we are at it, recently a very brave lady passed away who knew more about our legal system than most, and she spent her last years fighting for the right to stop paying illegal taxes which were being used unconstitutionally to aid the setting up of the EU in our country.

No I am not a "Uni" person myself, although like to think that I have the ability to think "laterally".

And as for the comment about Nick Griffins "final authority", well no political party's policies have the 100% agreement of its members I'm sure, but I think you will find the BNP to be a damn more democratic than most, have you looked at Nu Labour recently?

Wolfblood said...

Oooh, that Unilateralist, ..
........ oooooh, get her! ;-)

defender said...

Perhaps the BNP will ask the people if they want something like that done.
BNP or not, the constitution is above politics, and any changes need to be OK by the voters in a referndum as an option for major changes, such as we actually have but for political expidency they over ride. Hence no referendum on the EU never mind that our law requires it.
This lisbon thing is in my opinion illegal, the queen has not kept her oath to the people who "granted" her the position of monarch, defender of the faith and the rest.
I do believe the act of treason has going on for a very long time.
my point of view is that for us to be in the EU needed a referendum. If the voters voted fairly and squarely to go in, that would not have been much of a problem for me, its the barefaced trechery which I find intolerable.
Never mind the fact that it is a organisation whose best interest is not Britain.

Anonymous said...

could anyone explain to me how the labour party and the conservative party are marxists?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Could anyone explain to me how the labour party and the conservative party are Marxists?

23 February 2009 19:35

I'll have go.

The political world’s project for the new century is Globalisation (NWO)

Why Immigration?

Immigration is Multiculturalism; it is also referred to as Cultural Marxism. (PC)

Cultural Marxism (PC) is the brainchild of a Marxist group called the Frankfurt school. Germany 1930's

Cultural Marxism has gained control of every Western nation, from Canada to New Zealand.

Multiculturalism is the battering ram Marxists are using to destroy the West. Us!

Both Conservatives (Right) and Labour (Left) are joined in a loose association with media, banking, and corporate business and are all signed up to multiculturalism (immigration) to destroy old Britain and its people. (Western civilisation)

In other words, Right and Left of the political class (with media, business and banking) have done a deal to take over Britain (read world) later to be absorbed into the communist EU) (read world.)

To sum up.

Marxist Communism rules ok!

Political choice is a scam to keep us happy.

Politics is moving toward a New World Order. (Globalisation)

The NWO (Globalisation) will be run by the UN, WTO, IMF and loads more NGO’s who in turn will receive their instructions from the Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations and other such bodies.

There will be no nations, no borders. Just one happy Marxist global village.

Remember the Pepsi advert?

Blair’s new Labour was communism from its beginnings, note how many members of new Labour were ex Communist party members or held such opinions.

Cameron’s Tories are liberal left (cultural Marxist) socially, neo-Liberal economically, and neocon on foreign policy. Not conservative at all!

Ask yourself. Why has Cameron’s Tories done zero-zilch to challenge Labour’s progress over 11 years?

Bottom line

After the collapse of Soviet Communism in 1989, Capitalism had won the war of ideas and had no more enemies.

The closet Western left had other ideas and over the years regrouped into what we now know as cultural Marxism. These new Marxists had simply substituted immigration for the working class.

The new left (Cultural Marxism) and Capitalism formed an understanding (deal) on how to share the world’s social (cultural) wealth between them.

The left, (Marxist) would not threaten the right (neo Liberal capitalism) provided they, (left) could create unhindered, their World view of La La land Utopia. (Communism)

The right agreed on the grounds that they, (right) could take the profits unopposed.

There you have it, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.46
Reading the GA post do you STILL believe all this is ridiculous scaremongering. They will take all our assets and military foeces, and it acutally states we will have no say and can be ignored !!

Anonymous said...

I see the Beymann Wennet appreciation society is out in force on this board, all 2 of them. Mind you at least THEY are semi-literate and able to argue their case, however ill informed. Perhaps they should go on radio and debate instead of their comical mentor.

Anonymous said...

Meibion Glyndwr...also known as the Viet Taff!