Thursday, 5 February 2009

North Shropshire BNP presents a short recruitment film.

Here is a nice, short little recruitment video I received from North Shropshire BNP. Took me ages to download to check out but it was worth it. Sound could have been a tad higher in my opinion but there you go.

However as a result of it, I did wind up with egg on my face. Literally. Watching my connection creak was boring so I thought I would take time out to do myself an egg sandwich and use the micro to speed up the process. Not being a fussy eater I prefer food to be fast, any other kind just sucks up time in preparation.

Cracking the egg into a cup, I punctured the yolk and threw it all into the high power micro for 30 seconds. If I did. Ping went the micro, I opened the door, peered into the cup just in time for the egg to explode directly into my face. Hilarious. Fortunately I had my reading glasses on, a quick scrape of of my face and onto the bread and bingo, I was fed and back on the job in no time. I am more dangerous to my own health than the reds will ever be with all their threats to burn me alive.

Bloggers live like Spartans. So long as that is the only egg I wind up with on my face, I do not mind.

Whilst here, I am grateful to Harry for pointing me in the direction of the rather nice poster below that was taken from the excellent Man of the Woods site.
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Just updated Liars, Buggers and Thieves and again had immense difficulty in tracking down the miserable miscreants party. Lib Dem as it turns out. It must be official policy not to let the public know this for some reason. I wonder why.


odin said...

A very good vid! I have sent it on to my friend!

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

How to choose your party.

(1) I am a total PC coward.

Then you should choose Labour.

(2) I am not sure if I am a coward or not.

Then you should vote Conservative.

(3) I am not a coward and I'm not taking this anymore.

Then you should join the BNP.

Now isn't that simple?

Anonymous said...

Inspireing, reality, not the lies deciet, spin and hate of the pack of three LibLabCons

A few more family memebsr are to vote in the EU elections because they do ntop agree with current Global policy of the Labour EU cartel

Anonymous said...

Have your say on more terrorists coming here.

Here is a link to an EU Parliamentar inquiry as for whether we Europeans favour reception of the Guantanamo detainees after their release

You can give your view on this blog. And I think it is very important that so many as possible give their opinion on this unique occasion.

For it is probably an EU tentacle to see the opinion of the Europeans as for the muslim immigration to Europe..
Anders euro-med

Anonymous said...

Good video but the music and singing were at odds with the spoken words. Now Im going to be constructively critical.

Id suggest they re-do the video with instrumental only backing track and at a lower volume so we can hear the very positive message clearly. And thats what we are about and should be about 24/7 getting a clear positive Nationalist message across to those crying out to hear it.

Its all too easy to get into a "creative masterbation" message, ie. that which only pleases the creator/s of the message. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to reach, give him/her the message loud and clear so that an informed, positive and educated choice can be made.

Grumpy old git today.


Hope that lad goes far.
That was an honest,short and concise video.
Every year gets closer and the feeling grows that we can win our parents hard fought sacrifice for our islands.
Slowy but surely and steady away.

JPT said...

Phil Reddall in the vid, excellent man.