Sunday, 22 February 2009

First Peter Hain Panicked. Now its Jacqui Smith's turn.

Is this woman waking up to the reality that her days in power are numbered ?

by johnofgwent

It's been quite a week for imodium sales. First Peter Hain realises the game is up and all is lost and launches himself into a frenzied declaration that anything and everything must be done to stop the British national Party at all costs regardless of all other issues and difficulties.

Now it's Jacqui Smith's turn. Over here on the BBC News website I see she has been forced to reach for the sticking plaster in the hope it can stem the flow of blood from the multiple stab wounds her government have inflicted on the british economy. In a thinly veiled, and pitiful, attempt to make out they were in favour of the British National Party stance all along, Jacqui is now bleating that Labour must do something about immigrant workers taking british jobs.

Speaking on "Andrew Marr's Political Showcase For Andrew Marr" today she said ...

"Immigrants should not be able to take a skilled job in the UK unless it has been advertised to British workers" and went on to say "I'm proposing, for example, that it shouldn't be possible for somebody to come into this country to take a skilled job unless that job has been advertised to a British worker through Jobcentre Plus."

An interesting idea, which should work well at keeping out such people, since a brief tour of "Jobcentre Plus" shows more than 100 jobs available in Cardiff right now, but the teensy weensy problemette is that fifty of those are for the same five £6.50an hour cleaning jobs advertised by fifteen different "temping agencies". There is ONE "skilled manual" job for a "Testing Electrician", and that's yer lot.

Further more, it seems that in a spectacular waste of our tax money, this bimbo who is too scared to walk to her sister's London Home at night despite being paid rather a lot for a single room there, has gone out and ...

... ordered an investigation into the impact of the arrival of families of immigrant workers.

Listen, bimbo. Save your pennies. If you don't like what the British National Party and the UK Independence Party are both telling you about that very subject, then why not finally listen to what the House of Commons Scrutiny Committee formed back in the late nineties told you after they finished their review ofthe imapct of your catastrophic - and illegal - "fast tracked visas".

But it gets better. Not interested in approaching the problem of the elephant in the room with the words "FREE ENTRY AND WORK FOR ANY EU PASSPORT HOLDER" tattooed on its arse, Smith insists that ...

... her latest action to do something about the 3.8 million people working in the UK last year who were not born here is to demand that any "skilled worker" coming here from outside the EU will need to have a masters degree and have earned a salary of at least £20,000 or local equivalent will make sure our points-based system(of opening the doors to all and sundry) is responding to the current economic circumstances.

But anyone who has any knowledge of the professional jobs sector knows this is just bollox. Pop over to jobserve and enter the single word "graduate" into their search engine and you will pull up six pages of jobs each paying over that to a rank amateur with the ink still wet on their "bachelor's degree in mickey mouse studies". Lots of those, like the jobcentre plus "jobs" are repeats put in by multiple agencies of course, but in a country where the National Minimum Wage is £5.76 that means the government's idea of a "professional skilled person" is one earning slightly less than twice what MUST be paid to a McJobber operating a "ground cow grilling machine".

And anyone, and i mean anyone who has ever seen a cv from the indian subcontinent knows every one is nothing but a long list of one "academic achievement" after another, followed by course after course after course. Not a moment's actual experience gained on the coalface in the white heat of dealing with a customer amongst the lot of 'em. Which is why I have spent half my professional career cleaning up the mess they have made.


mark said...

So will Jacqui be addressing the "no jobs if you're English" fair from Manchester City Council?

Councillor Abid Chohan said: "This new jobs fair aims to ensure that all sections of Manchester’s black and ethnic minority communities are represented in the workplace so that employers can build skilled teams that recognise and celebrate diversity."

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for us, the left have a huge inbuilt disconnect, it's similar to the blind spot in the mirror of your car.

The left are not called loony for nothing, it's in their DNA, disconnect is hardwired into their system.

That's why they keep repeating the same actions when every one else sees it as insane.

When the liberal left embarked upon the multicultural agenda to destroy Britain and replace its people, they never gave a second thought that one day they would be sussed, rumbled, found out, and they would be seen as naked as the Emporer in Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale.

That moment has arrived. Duh.

I think it is true that they never thought beyond the destroy bit. Perhaps they thought once the detested British had been dealt with then everything would be the promised Utopia of La La land.

However did Britain allow such a bunch of misfits to get their hands on the levers of power? It simply defies explanation.

Have we yet reached the tipping point? I don't think so, we have a way to go yet. Many voters see the conservatives as their salvation and vote accordingly.

Britain has yet to go through more truama in the form of a Cameron government, which come to think of it has a silver lining as it will give the BNP much breathing space to be ready for the challenge.

Anonymous said...

So she really had nothing to say

Anonymous said...

This fat expense fiddling cow has been called a thief at least twice by a daily Backstabber journo in the last few days. Each time he issues a challenge for her to sue him. The pathetic tories looked like paragons of virtue compared to this bunch of traitors.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Hain, Cruddas, Smith etc paid a fraction of the attention on their own party's problems rather than interfering with the democratic, lawful BNP, then maybe their party wouldn't be in such a god dam mess, no matter what Smith says in regard to British workers the fact is she can't deliver her promises, the only solution is to vote in a trustworthy nationalist party who can and will put the British people first not last like her treasonous Government, its a no brainer. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

jacqui and the rest of them are so scared of theBNP coming to power it is funny. They know they will be made accountabel for what they have done. Many of them will go to prison after thier treason trials. Many of them will have all their assests confiscated. I can't wait. No wonder they are so scared and are trying every trick in the book to stop the BNP. Their clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

Look at that finger and that dace ... very defensive and passive aggressive

Bert Rustle said...

The UK's Guardian Newspaper addresses Not enough cooks, primarily Bangladeshi. The comments are illuminating.

Reportedly, In the UK poor immigrants pay thousands of pounds to a restaurant owner to obtain a job offer and hence a visa for UK entry. Once in the UK, they can work anywhere. The restaurant owner then states that Mr X was unsatisfactory and advertises the job again and another poor immigrant pays thousands of pounds to obtain a job offer.

This is fraud, selling UK residence. It is the same as a company issuing shares, as this reduces the per share value of the existing shareholders.

In the USA, the granting of a H-1b visa can be worth $100,000. See Citizenship … an Indian engineer who obtained an H-1b visa, which confers a 50-50 chance of obtaining permanent residency, could expect about $50,000 in additional dowry revenue--which suggested a value of about $100,000. A National Academy of Sciences report put the cost of each immigrant to the US economy at a similar value of $100,000—using a fundamentally different methodology. …

Also here … First-World countries like the US have a history of fairly uniform rights of citizenship. Citizenship has been coupled in recent decades with substantial growth of the welfare state and an increasing wage differential between wealthy and developing nations.

That means US citizenship (or legal permanent residency) has real economic value. If one could purchase US citizenship or residency on the open market (as is possible with some countries), its value would be substantial.

We don’t really have "markets" in U.S. immigration rights. But India does. In the Indian dowry market, an Indian IT worker can expect the dowry from the bride's family to double when he acquires an H-1b visa (which also confers barely a 50% chance of attaining citizenship).

The bride’s family is paying for US citizenship for their grandchildren—and a chance for other family members to take advantage of chain migration practices.

In raw terms, this means a young H-1b applicant can expect an additional $50-$70,000 soon after obtaining an H-1b visa.

In turn, this means that the H-1b expansion legislation granted corporations the chance to lure employees with the equivalent of a $50,000 sign-on bonus—using a publicly provided resource. ...

Anonymous said...

News just out this morning.
Kinda compounds the smith/labour lies.
And to think that labour were once the champions of the British working man.
Thank God for the BNP.

Are you managing to avoid the romanian beggars that have come to enrich Edinburgh JOG?