Monday, 23 February 2009

Another example of "Joined Up Government"

by johnofgwent

I don't know who coined the phrase "joined up government" but I have to say I think it would be a jolly good idea if there was some. You know what I mean, don't you ? The idea that when two politicians are thinking of laucnhing a policy, they talkto each other and have someone, somewhere, think it over to see if the two ideas will co-operate with each other, or exterminate each other.

Well, I have to say, the exterminator faction is having a field day this morning.

First port of call of the day for me (after the Green Arrow Blog and UkDebate of course) is the BBC News Web Site to see what gems and pearls of wisdom the spin doctors of Westminster are trying to force out into the public gaze - and what is being allowed to quietly slip under the radar and through the catflap.

But this morning what I found was priceless.

Over here you will see a "plea" from a shadowy organisation calling itself "the newly formed 2020 Group of building bodies, councils and unions" clamouring for action to enable the construction of 100,000 new affordable homes to rent over the next two years.

Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, except that I've never heard of this organisation before and wonder if they have any relationship to, for example, the shady-sounding accounting firm, or the so called "turnaround specialists" both of whose websites can be pulled from a google search for "2020 group" but strangely google can't pull anything for 2020 unions builders... if you can please comment and let me know.

Anyway, to come back to the point, so, this morning, we have a pressure group making its case via some Max Clifford Clone for a lot more new housing. Not that we'd need it if we did something about our wide open borders, but I'm digressing again.

No, what made me almost fall off my chair in fits of laughter was the very next BBC News page I went to read. For while under "UK Business" (for which read England Business thanks to the BBC Mentality) they clamour for investment in building projects, over in wales the BBC see fit to denounce Government Schemes to launch public sector building projects as taking tenders from "Large English firms" rather than small welsh ones.

The Welsh Assembly Government says this is because of a need to ensure value for money through economies of scale.

Yeah, right. Nothing to do with the fact that Labour is going to be wiped out in England at the next election and wales doesn't matter because Peter Hain and Rhodri Morgan feel it is their god-given right to demand they receive the loyal adulation from everyone west of Offa's Dyke .

By God are these tossers in for a shock.


dionysian said...

2020 group sounds very common purposey to me. There is a cp personality realignment course known as 2020, there could be a connection or just a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Hello dionysian.
Can you elaborate on this statement

"There is a cp personality realignment course known as 2020"
It sounds quite sinister

Have you attended this course?
or do you know of someone that has attended and did their personality

dionysian said...

Halfway down the left side 2020 is listed under programmes. All CP courses are 'correctional thinking'
as such utilizing cognitive dissonance/adelphi technique to reframe course members adaptability to socialism. Think scientology, they to know well the power of brainwashing and its affects.

I am not a CP member or grad. I am one of those that will not be deceived. I have not to my knowledge met a CP person. I do know they are engaging psycho-politics on unsuspecting and vulnerable people. This explains their paranoia of being uncovered and their secrecy in all things.