Sunday, 8 February 2009

BNP: Port Talbot, South Wales

Well done to the guys and girls spreading the truth about the British National Party in Port Talbot today(7.2.09.)

The South Wales BNP working as a true team and enjoying the encouragement from the Wales Organiser. Well done to one and all.

Well sorry for the delay in getting this out guys. I actually received the link to it early yesterday evening(as the guys promised) but so bad was my connection speed that I could not even respond to mail let alone use blogger and so gave up in disgust and despair for the day.

But as Scarlett said: "Tomorrow is another day" and so it is and here to, is the video.

So you have seen the clip and are saying something along the lines of "nice but so what?". Well I will tell you what. It shows to all who view it, that the British National Party are not the monsters described in the state controlled press and that the British Public are prepared to listen to our policies or at least to read them.

It also shows to new activists that passing the truth out on the streets is no "big deal" and that a BNP stall is not a little fort surrounded by hostiles but a welcome site to most people.

Good news for Peter Hain though, what with the boys being in Port Talbot he did not have to go through another day of humiliation at the hands of the BNP. But do not worry Peter, we have not forgotten you. We will not do that until it is you who are "thrown out of town".

For a full report on the Day of Action in Port Talbot please go to the West Wales Patriot site.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed. Go on Wales.

Yes the BNP arent like the media talk about, they are some of the best people I have met genuinely good and grounded ..

I sent my niece a BNP leaflet and when I met her she yes I agree with it! (refering to too much immigration and all that causes )
As does my family that has a history going back (my grandfather and great grandfather were involved in Steel industry and shipping) This traditional labour voteing family had stopped voteing labour when labour lost interest in the working classes of this country

Mnay now are to vote BNP no matter what the lies the three parties shreik