Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The trouble with Hitchens

A lesson in life for Peter

I meant to write about this yesterday but thought I would pass on it as the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, Simon Darby had already pointed to the article written by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Backstabber.

In Simons response to the article, that you should read before continuing here, he suggests that Peter Hitchens would be welcome within the BNP if he were genuine in his beliefs. Perhaps I am too cynical but I do not trust Hitchens one little bit.

Hitchens is an egotist of the highest order. Arrogant, conceited and always writing about himself(pot-kettle GA) and why he is always right. And he shows it again in the article, in which he attacks the British National Party.
This, by the way, sums up quite clearly why I shall always loathe the BNP, why I am not a secret supporter of it suppressing my views to save my job (as some of its members madly believe) and why I would never have anything to do with it, will always oppose it and would probably have to fly the country if it ever came to power.

I differ fundamentally from it and draw my ideas from another tradition. I am, in a way, flattered by the way such people have adopted issues which I have been warning about for many years. They realise that these are important and that many people are concerned about them. But I think they have adopted them for propaganda purposes, not because they really care about them or have serious remedies for them.
You see how he is flattered by the way such people have adopted issues which he has been warning us about for years. Arrogant twat. The British Nationalist movement in one shape or form have been doing this for decades.

It is Hitchens, who like Littlejohn, jumped onto the back of the BNP train to earn a very good living repeating the words of the British National Party whilst denouncing them in the next sentence. Traitors within is what they both are.

But the bit that really gets my goat, is the last sentence. He feels that the BNP have only adopted their policies for propaganda purposes and not because they believe them.

Such is his ego that he thinks he is the only person in the Country that really cares about it. He makes me vomit.

He is just a waste of space plonker who does very well at running with the hare whilst baying with the best of the hounds at the nasty BNP.

Then again Simom Darby is probably more pragmatic than I. In the coming months the BNP are going to have to accept into it a lot of people like Hitchens and Co who will profess to have seen the light.

I suggest these people who are Councillors and Journalists come early rather than late, otherwise they will never be allowed on the train.

Bit of other news, thanks to the writings of John of Gwent and Mister Fox, the Green Arrow and Friends blog made the front page of UKTabloid today.

Good also to see that the site is getting a lot of readers over from the Gruniard thanks to being linked to in an article about the BNP they published earlier this week.

Can I have more NO PLATFORM please.

LORD AHMED - Isn't he due for sentencing today?


Anonymous said...

Hitchens, Phillips, Littlejohn and the Mail are serious fifth columnists, common purpose.

The media (press) are in the vanguard of the establishment which is in the throes of handing us over to immigration.

The contempt with which they must veiw their readers is beyond contempt.

I can't help thinking the NWO is stepping up a gear.

Just don't buy their newspaapers.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. These traitors will become ever more prominent as our popularity increases.They will pour out their bile by the bucketful on the orders of their masters. I am suprised that no one has yet commented on the article from Melanie Phillips in Mondays Daily Mail, the headline for which read "The odious BNP is only gaining ground because voters feel so utterly betrayed." She is another of the social commentators who profess to condemn modern Britain and modern politicians, gratefully accept most of our parties ideas and attitudes which they present as their own, and then, when it comes to the crunch, pen hate-filled articles to try to prevent our progress. They are, or have been, very effective and we will see much more of them as we gain converts. But the fact is that a sizeable proportion of the British electorate is now awake and thinking for itself and these traitors have less influence than usual. I have emailed Hitchens, Phillips and Littlejohn on various occasions and asked them why, if they feel so strongly on the nations predicament, will they not form their own party of like minded folk and set themselves against the BNP at the polls. Never one word of reply of course for they value their lucrative jobs even though their innermost thoughts tell them loudly that they are simply low traitors with even less integrity than the politicians who have brought our country to its knees and handed our enemies the keys to our front door. These people should be within our ranks, fighting from the front for what we believe in but they never will be for their convictions are not backed by courage, we, the humble Britons who growingly make up the BNP, have more courage and integrity in out little fingers than these maggots will ever have and in the end, we will make it not only without them, but in spite of them.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9.28 - you can read the assessment of Melanie Phillips by the articulate Lee John Barnes on his blog:

Anonymous said...

Well I think this is brilliant GA, it's more publicity for the BNP but what has surprised me are the comments. Have you read them?

Hitchens is getting a kicking, please read the comments, this was unthinkable 5 years ago and it shows how much the BNP is coming on.

Cracking stuff and although I fear the media are going to attack us in a major way before June, those comments show how the game has changed now we have the internet.


Anonymous said...

Can only reiterate what Reconquista has said, the comments are the key. The question is why are they being allowed? Particularly good ones from a Swede & a Jew to name but two.

Anonymous said...

Melanie Phillips is quite funny she says "the odious BNP are only gaining ground because people feel utterly betrayed" but that is for the most part how Governments come into office, i remember the Sleaze and Corruption in John Majors party, everyone was sick of it at the time, Tony Blair was not voted in as such but Major voted out. Joe Priestly has done a fantasic critique of the likes of Littlejohn, Hitchens etc etc, its called the "The Littlejohn Syndrome", i recommend you read it if you have not done so already, you can read on digg or the BNP webside, it really is very insightful.politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Pete's replied at 2.39 pm. I think he's insulting us but I'm too stupid to know. Anybody help me out? :-)

Anonymous said...

If Melanie Phillips think the BNP are 'odious', what word would she use use for the terrorists and murderers we have in our midst.
These pathetic attempts try to turn indigenous Brits against the BNP are of no use any more. The public want action and at the moment the action they want is only offered by the BNP !!