Friday, 20 February 2009

BNP Election Success in Swanley, Kent

by johnofgwent

I usually leave the election results postings to GA himeslf, but it's quarter to six, the new job means I'm trapped in a hotel on what is a stinking midden of a building site on a marshland where the morning air reeks of a mixture of rotting vegetation and something resembling chicken manure in what is most definitely the arse end of the otherwise magnificent city of Edinburgh, and I'm bored.

So it was with some delight that I found, whilst peering through the overnight unmoderated comments, a one-line reference to the Swanley Council Election. And then another with a link to a news item on the official British National Party site.

Read the details for yourself there if you wish, but in essence the British National Party Candidate has triumphed in what is reported to be "the safest labour ward in kent". Figures from the count are reported on the official party site thus:-
  • Paul Golding (BNP) 408
  • Mike Hogg (Labour) 332
  • Tony Harry Searles (Conservative) 247
”This is an outstanding result,” said Councillor Golding, speaking exclusively to BNP News after the result was announced. Councillor Golding pointed out that this victory was the first BNP breakthrough south of the River Thames and thanked to the volunteers who pitched in to help this vital campaign.

Again according to the official party website
"The ashen-faced Labour team stormed out of the counting hall as soon as they could. Only the Tories, who had been friendly throughout the day, stayed behind to congratulate Councillor Golding on his election victory".
Which, just as with the debacle of the not-so-illustrious Weyman Bennett (whose organisation wouldn't know an election if it bit them on the bum) throwing a strop on live talk radio as reported in an earlier blog entry, shows up the real attitude of the left to the process of democracy in action, does it not.

I spent a good half hour digging round the 'net vainly seeking additional verification of this election result. I noted for example that whilst the British National Party candidate was happy to state his case to, and offer debate with, anyone with the means to get online at the "" site, the other two candidates did not get round to making their case there despite the site's organisers, in the best tradition of electoral fairness, making approaches to both those candidates in the hope of promoting the election and the participants.

I noted also that few of the online sites run by the local and national press who carried stories of the calling of the election have yet got round to covering the result. I wonder if any of them will bother to cover the result at all.

EDIT ADDED 21-02-09 by johnofgwent. I may owe the BBC a small apology for casting their impartiality into doubt. Or maybe Rod Liddle and his lefty pals read The Green Arrow Blog and wish to deny me the ability to say "I told you so". Either way, I took a wander over to the BBC News Web Site yesterday afternoon, and if you pick the menu item England from the menu on the left, and then go to the drop-down list titled "News Local To You" at the top right and pick Kent from the list of regional choices, you find this page titled "BNP Unseats Labour In By election" is the top story. Enjoy it while you can for god knows it is well deserved.
However, I have a message for the newly successful Mr Golding. Get your celebrations over and done with quickly, for there is work to do. Whilst I was digging round the news sites to see if any had bothered to cover this hard won and well earned result, I noticed that GEC Alstom are seeking to gain planning permission for an accomodation barge to house what the GMB Union fear will be yet another wholly foreign workforce taking the jobs from british workers in the construction industry denied the chace even to apply to do the work for the successful prime bidder.


The Green Arrow said...

Good morning JOG. Well done. It was great to fire up the machine and read your report on our win.

I have fond memories of Edinburgh from my time at HMS Lochinvar.

I imagine you flew up, in my days it was the long train ride to and from Waverly Station that was sometimes as much fun as a night out down Rose Street.

Come back soon friend.

Anonymous said...

So all the smears, including the recent Vera Lynn story, have had no effect whatsoever.

In fact, I have a theory that negative publicity is good for the BNP because:

(1) People distrust the MSM, so they will immediately go to BNP websites to check out the story. There, perhaps for the first time for many years, they will see THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - which in a blinding flash sets them free from the web of LibLabCon lies.

(2) MSM smear attempts show that the Establishment are scared of the BNP. This makes the BNP look like a credible opposition, rather then a fringe group which some potential voters may have previously regarded it.

Anonymous said...

Seems the intelligent voter has become more so with this result.

Well done guys.

Do you have any coment Mr Weyman Bennett? No? I didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Well Done

ivan said...

Morning all

What great news to wake up to as i prepare to go out on a morning of leafleting in rural South Staffordshire.

Thanks johnofgwent you have made my weekend


wellard67 said...

The tide is now turning. We must keep the pressure on the enemy and bring them to task at the euros

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Ivan, Harry, wellard.

Yes it is good news and the tide is turning.

Anon is onto something with his theory. Today all the news sites across the world are carrying the Dame Vera story.

Shameful how they try to use a 91 year old woman to attack us.

But those people who read the article across the world then visit the site and discover the truth. Great for us, because if the "establishment" are seen to be lieing over something so small in the scheme of things, people will question what else they are lieing about.

By the way their is more to do with this story about Vera then people think. It is about changing the law on copyright music so record companies can continue to rip of the public for another 50 years after a song as gone out of copyright.

Anonymous said...

Copyright has always lasted 50 years after the author/artist's death, and has recently been extended to 70 years.

In exceptional circumstances it can be made perpetual, as in the bequeathment of the rights to Peter Pan to Great Ormond St Hospital.

Anonymous said...

GA, Ive just sent this text message to all in my phone list.

"BNP take safe Labour seat in Swanley Kent. This was a rock solid seat for Labour but no match for the BNP hammer of truth. People are waking up to the truth real fast. Join the dots, join the party, see the real picture.
Pass this on to all your mates now."


Update. 3 replies back saying text passed on. and another reply!!!
Wow, why did I not do this sooner? Join the dots, join the party, see the real picture.

ProudGeordie said...

Fantastic news to wake up to well done to you and your team. We should all prepare ourselves for an onslaught from the media, this will shock the lefties into a renewed vigour.

Onwards and upwards

Keith in Brum said...

I got up this morning feeling all depressed and miserable after being accused of being a facist and traitor in the pub last night.

Then I read this post and now suddenly my day is made! I feel great now.

Great news!

Anonymous said...

great news! However expect a real effort from the liblabcontrick to BAN the BNP. I'm sure it will happen,the smear campaign is not working. We need to be prepared for it when it happens.
PS I'll be out leafletting again this Sunday even if its chucking it down!

Anonymous said...

Well done Paul. Glad you proved me wrong!

Mike E

odin said...

[quote]Do you have any coment Mr Weyman Bennett? No? I didn't think so.

Harry [/quote]

Belated comment from Weyman ”Racist fascist, lampshade racist, Nazi & it’s a fact that Mr Griffin was convicted of race hate for a crime that is not a crime in this country, fascist Nazi racist ho & lampshade”

:) :)

Anonymous said...

Dont think of us losing in any way Urban11, negative thinking is as productive as positive thinking, same energy different result.

Keep positive at all times, banish all thoughts of negativity. Negative thoughts are the seed of the weeds, gloom, depression and loss, insecurity, weakness, the cry of a beaten and lost soul.

Positive thoughts are the seeds of the roses, clean invigorating air, a sparkling stream full of energy and life, sunshine, the happy carefree laughter of children, security, strength.

More and more people are waking up every day to our positive message Uban; take your strength and energy from that, the more we put out our positve message and the people take it on board, the more powerful we become as an idividual and a party.

We are already a powerful force to be reckoned with; important and powerful. This is what scares the pants off the troughminsters.

We can reach out to and into the minds, hearts and souls of the people with our message because we are the people, our message is right and true, that is our strength, our fortress.

The lib/lab/cons are not the people, they feed off us the people, they see us as a dripping roast in terms of money and power etc. for themselves. Taking but not giving by nature. They seek to drain our lives of all they can take from us, life and liberty.

We on the other hand seek to give life, liberty, share and empower with the people of this country because we are and of the people. It's who we are that makes us strong. Join the dots, join the party, see the real picture.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Got up this morning. Skype message waiting for me from my brother - telling me about the Swanley result and that he could find no mention of it in the Guardian online.

My brother is an Australian in Cairns.

We have people noting our progress from all over the world.

My brother is currently in the process of getting his British vote. I don't know who he's going to vote for - he hasn't actually said, and it IS secret, after all - but I think that's another vote for us. His will be a vote in Wales.

His stepson has also expressed an interest in registering to vote here.

Times get interesting.

Urban - correct as usual. The party leadership should by now have everything in place to just press a button and a new party springs into existence with the membership and connections of the old one ... exactly as Vlaams Blok did (now Vlaams Belang) when the Belgian establishment parties gave them a stuffing.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for workers losing their jobs to those housed in these accomodation barges.
BUT if it brings home to people the need to vote BNP it may be worthwhile in the long run

Anonymous said...

I want one in my town to vote for !!!

Anonymous said...

But Thringstone - third.

Free speech anyone?

I doubt it!

Such a sad person, Paul.


Anonymous said...

Harry - I think Bennet was crying and I couldn't hear what he said but I think he was still mumbling about 'nazi, fascist, racist, thugs, nazis' something like that...blablabla body is listening to you.
Bennet is crying into his cornflakes and still mumbling 'nazis'. It will be a shame whne the state will no longer fund him and his lie machine organisation- who will buy his cornflakes then?

Anonymous said...

Labour councillors elected for years on very low turnouts and little evidence of work for local people.

No lib dem focus team to pick up anti establishment angst.

Local Head Teacher writes to parents to complain about BNP candidate.

European court awards Mr Islamic hate figure compensation for three years detention without trial on day of election.

Only surprise is Labour came second

Elsewhere Lib Dems picked up the disilusioned Labour vote, such as Downham where two Lib Dems were elected and the BNP got less than 10%.


Only surprise is Labour ca

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

When BNP wins, the MSM including BBC will switch so fast to saying they always said this, it will be mind boggling.

When BNP wins, the Blair consultancy will be saying these were the same policies Blair wanted but lacked the support for.

Blair will offer seminars to LibLabCon on how to BNPize yourself and be the authentic voice of indigenous Britons.