Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Lords above the Law

They all need the chop and she needs to abdicate
to anyone who calls a spade a spade

It seems that certain "elites" in our bleeding country are way above the law when it comes to paying for their crimes.

TV Executives who defrauded the public of millions of pounds in "fixed" quizzes and contests get a paltry slap on the wrist and carry on as usual, writing off their fines as legitimate business expenses. In a decent society, they would have been imprisoned for a very long time as a warning to other corrupt organisations.

Then we have the ignoble Lords, who betray their high offices by accepting bribes to change the law of the land in favour of those who would exploit us.

Despite photographic and video evidence, it seems that the four lords a laughing, are not going to be investigated into allegations of bribery.

The Metropolitan Police said that it would not conduct a bribery inquiry into the Labour peers who were caught on film apparently indicating that they would accept payments to amend legislation on behalf of lobbyists.
The Yard said it had considered whether a criminal inquiry would be “the best use of resources” when parliamentary privilege created “very clear difficulties” in obtaining evidence. Sources said an investigation could have tied up ten officers for a year and produced no result. “It would have been a wild goose chase,” said one.
Difficulties in obtaining evidence? They have high quality sound and video footage? No, the fix as gone in and the Old Boy network reigns supreme and that is why there is no real outcry in the Main Stream Media coverage of this cowardice on the part of the police. Because the media are also part of the "establishment" and receive massive tax concessions for toeing the "establishment" line.

The whole "establishment" is rotten to the core and now only a revolution by the British People will be able to put things right and bring back honour and integrity into our political and business world and restore the rights of the people.

Well so long as the sheep people continue to vote for the "establishment" in the form of the Lib/Lab/con alliance, they will continue to be sheared.

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Depressing. All very depressing.


Anonymous said...

On top of everything else that I've read and that has happened this week, this was the last thing I needed to read.

Last week I was highly optimistic about halting the detsruction of our nation by defeating Islamic jihad and re-building Britain from there.

This week has made me realise that the dire situation we are in is far more desperate than I had previously thought - and I thought that was bad enough.


Anonymous said...

Rotten to the proverbial core

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Sweep the whole bloody lot away. OK, we are a couple of hundred years late but lets follow the French and send them to the gallows. In-bred cretins, traitors to their ancestors and "Our Gracious Queen " did nothing and does nothing to uphold the rights of "her loyal subjects". Rule over us? She is not fit to rule over her family let alone the rest of us. And the "new" lords are even worse than the ancient lines. We dont need them, get rid.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting, i remember the whole establishment took the high moral ground and demonised Anne and John Darwin in the press because they were involved in some insurance scam for £250,000, peanuts compared to the fraud commited within our sleazy establishment, they won't tolerate it from the peasants. The House of "Lords" is definately above the law, look at "lORD" Ahmed, do we think he will go to prison for killing someone by dangerous driving ? It will be interesting to see how he is sentenced, because a girl in very similar circumstances to Ahmed (texting while driving before fatal car crash) was sentenced to 21 months a fews ago, whats the bet he gets a slap on the wrist to ? politicalMIZZ