Saturday, 21 February 2009

Peter Hain seems to be having an "imodium moment" over the BNP Election Victory

Get used to the colour, Peter

by johnofgwent

Well, well, well.

Now I've said for quite a time that the easiest way for the so-called "mainstream" parties to crush the British National Party's appeal amongst the voters is to go out amongst the voters, listen to what they say, and prepare policies that adddress their concerns. And you would have thought that the stupendous rise in popularity of Mr Michael German and pals (now of the so called Liberal Democrats but then just plain Liberals) in the Cardiff area off the back of their "concern" for leasehold reform which was pooh-poohed by the tories and labour alike would show you the way to do it

But just as leashold reforms were of no interest to Labour and Tory then, so today's problems as seen by the real elector are of no interest to any of the mainstream parties now.

So it amuses me greatly to see that fastidious follower of procedures that respect electoral prudence Peter Hain having what looks to me to be a moment of serious need for imodium over the BNP Election Victory in Swanley.

He is quoted as saying The UK's main parties are "complacent" about the British National Party. he told "The Independent" that Britain's recession offered "fertile" territory for the BNP and went on to say "Everybody across the political spectrum - especially the Labour Party - has to prioritise beating the BNP with a vigorous strategy based on grassroots politics"
Yeah, Right On Peter. Only one problem. YOUR NEW LABOUR PARTY has about as much chance of having something in common with the grass roots electorate as we are of seeing you in the orange suit I feel so fetchingly matches your complexion that I felt you should be pictured modelling it for us. Indeed, when Lord Ahmed comes up for his moroting conviction in a little while, perhaps you and he can do us a remake of Godber and Fletch. But I think not, somehow. Ronnie barker was a true comedian. You're just a cheap laugh


Anonymous said...

Spot on.
I only caught the last part of Hain on the car radio. In the past I may have ended up ranting in anger as I drove along, to the bemusement of other motorists I expect. Hearing Hain today I could only laugh at his desperation, probably equally to the bemusement of other motorists.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon. I too had problems picking myself up off the floor after hearing him.Mainly because I couldn't see the chair I'd fallen off through the tears of laughter.

Honest to God if Hain is the last best hope for the Labour Party then Gordon ought to borrow Ian Duncan Smith's Officer's Revolver and use it to put us all out of our misery

Salford Supporter said...

Interstingly enough - given that the BNP have been accused of 'stirring up xenophobia' in our support for the Brtish Jobs for British Workers disputes - it is being reported in the press (today's Observer, I think ) that even Hain does not believe reassurances that British workers are not being undercut by the imported foreign workers.