Friday, 27 February 2009

Fingerprints, Minorities and Bleeding Heart Liberal Whingers

I think the words are "you're ******* nicked mate".
by johnofgwent

It must be a slow news day. Or maybe this is the best the liberal whingers can do against rising protest that the police are having to cut their cloth according to our means to pay their bills instead of their desire to go off and have a gay old time under a rainbow.

Because it's time to brace yourselves for "son of sus laws:the protest continues"

According to the online section of the British Imperialist Propaganda Machine PC Plod and his pals are using new "mobile fingerprint scanning technology" disproportionately against blacks and asians". The bleeding heart liberals complain that out of 29,000 people stopped and"invited" to confirm their identity with this scanner - or get a ride to the station in a black maria if they refuse - 14% were asian, and 16.5% were black, 53% were "white" 12% did not record their ethnicity and 4% were "other".

And the "left whingers" are complaining because the proportionof blacks and asians stopped and checked is out of proportion to their numbers in society ?

Yeah right.

Question One. Where were these checks made and what is the ethnic makeup of the local population there.

If the police are checking out black ghettoes, or all-muslim no-go-areas like the one in which a certain asian Hobby Bobby apprehended two white christian evangelists for the crime of preaching the good news of christ jesus their saviour, one must not be too surprised at a conspicuous absence of "white honkeys".

But Question Two is more to the point. The bleeding heart whingeing liberals complain of disproportionality in the ethnic mix of those stopped compared to the whole population. But we must ask is it disporportional to the ethnic mix of burglars, rapists, muggers, stabbers, shooters and paedophiles in those areas.

For as a police spokesman said in defence of stop and search ...
"when looking for people suspected of robbing a betting shop and making their getaway by jumping a high chain link fence and sprinting across a rubble-strewn building site, one need not bother questioning the town's population of eighty five year old zimmer-frame using pensioners, need one".


bill.p said...

If this gadget can take your finger print and match it against the national data base to prove that you are who you say you are, then surly if your finger prints are not on file, they will be now.

Whats next,a mobile DNA profiling gadget?

Could this be the excuse to get everyone"s finger print on the EU data base?

Anonymous said...

Now it's funny you should mention that.

They are rolling out mobile labs in india.

bill.p said...

Lol "JOG",...I can foresee loads of fact finding missions by a lot of MEP"s and of course our gravy train travelling MP"s.

Anonymous said...

The PC police force, to busy trying to outdo each other in the quest for most sought ater title for the leftists, "The most Politically Correct police force in Britain", its no bad thing that the police are short of cash, they won't be able to come up with stupid initiatives like circus style stllt walkers and police cut outs to "deter crime".politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that the 'liberals' complain about the disproportionate numbers of asians and blacks being fingerprinted, in relation to their percentage of the overall population, but strongly support a disproportionate number from ethnic minorities when it comes to jobs. They can't have it both ways