Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Council of Europe shows itself to be the paedophile's friend

fancy a couple of bevvies in prague, craig ?
I'll pay for your flight there any time.

by johnofgwent

Seasoned readers of my own blog will know my feelings towards this man, but more so towards the un-nanamed, un-shamed nonce lovers in Gwent MAPPA who placed him with several of his nonce pals in a house with panoramic views of what to him and his pals must have been "totty on a plate" on offer every time the crossing lady made the children attending the infant and junior schools up the hill wait while they stopped the traffic.

So any time Craig Sweeney or his pals fancy a pint or six on the town in downtown Prague, city of sin and booze a'plenty (according to the people I know who came back from hen and stag nights there, anyway) I'll be delighted to stump up his Ryanair Fare. One way, anyway.

Why would I do this ? Because the Czech's have a pretty unique way of dealing with scum like him.
Surgical castration.

But not for much longer, it seems. For the Council of Europe have decided that the Czech way of dealing with those who have committed repeated sex offences is a complete infringement of their human rights and must stop immediately.

Read the details of this charter for nonces rapists and flashers here

Speaking for myself - and probably also speaking for mothers and fathers of three to six year olds up and down the land, I demand to know when The Czech Republic will next get the presidency of the EU and use it to impose their law on us.

Because I'd vote for it. How about you ?


odin said...

Yes, I would vote for that JOG, my old dad used to say cut their nuts off, they won't want to do it any more!

Anonymous said...

Sorry JoG but vote to castrate a human being who is also a paedophile is something I find totally unacceptable.

Human beings who are paedophiles don't deserve such a punishment. Instead they should be executed by lethal injection.

A paedophile who has been castrated remains a paedophile - albeit without "lead" - a threat to our weakest and most vulnerable members of society.

A dead paedo can't hurt kids ever again. It's time this human rights bollocks was F**KED RIGHT OFF and replaced with the moral courage that shows without compromose that we simply will not tolerate the abuse of vulnerable, innocent children.

Molest our kids or beat up on them and YOU CHOOSE to be executed by the state if convicted in a court of law. End of errand.

To paraphrase a very good popular slogan the BNP have coined:

"When we say don't harm our kids WE MEAN IT."


ProudGeordie said...

I'm with you brother. They are the kinds of laws I could live with being imposed on Britain.

I would probably go further than just chemical to be honest, but I can tolerate a little liberality in the law!

Simple Simon said...

Yeah, cut their nuts off!
And the hands of thieves!
God, those Muslims have got the right idea, why can't we have Sharia law over here?

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

Actually the current president of the EU is the Czech Republic, january-June 2009. The Council of Europe is a different organisation and includes all 47 states of Europe including Russia and Switzerland. This is the organisation responsible for the European Human rights interpretations.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Actually John, I think you'll find that as you read this, the President of the Czech Republic IS the President of the European Union - Vaclav Claus. A man we like very much for his refusal to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.

Keith from Brum said...

They say "... has serious physical and mental consequences" for the bastards!

What about the "serious physical and mental consequences" it has on the children they rape?

I think they should be hung by the balls on the nearest lamppost. A meat hook sounds like just the right thing to do it with. Even that's too good for them.

Wellard67 said...

John- Im with anon on this one- In my opinion this warrants the death penalty. They still pose a threat to children after castration so the death penalty is better option in all such cases

Anonymous said...

Simple Simon: there is a vast difference between theft of material objects and sexual violation and molestation. Both are wrong but the latter is hugely more wicked. Rape (and all sexually related sins) is a violation of the integrity of the person akin to murder - the ultimate violation. It is simple justice (not Muslim madness) to consider appropriate penalties - castration may be an option, but considering the spiritual murder these criminals (rapists, pedophiles) commit maybe it should be hanging.

Simple Simon said...


Interesting that you should equate rape to murder in this context - I don't hear many rape victims claiming that they are no longer living an enjoyable and fulfilling life, or that they have been dehumanised or are 'spiritually dead'. My (albeit, anecdotal) experience from talking to rape victims is that they want to affirm themselves as the same loving, living person they always were, and that the violation of their sexual freedom is just an incident unconnected to who they are. Rape is something which happens to a person, rather than a person becoming a rape victim.

Anonymous said...

Simple Simon: I can't view rape as so inconsequential. I know that if I was sodomised, I should like the perpertrator to be hanged. It wouldn't "fix" things for me, I should still feel damaged and outraged - but that's why the perpertrator should no longer live. I would expect women to feel the same about being raped. It is not simply a "violation of sexual freedom" that merely happens to you. It ought never to happen. It is an outrageous attack on personal integrity.
Well, we differ. Keith_SA