Saturday, 28 February 2009

Before you vote for The Establishment, remember this

The mobile coffin called a Landrover

I am not going to get into the illegality of the Afghanistan war but I would just like to point out a couple of things that have been going through my mind for awhile now.

I find it strange that we the taxpayers of this country can find BILLIONS of taxpayers pounds immediately, to bail out the global bankers who are playing their part in the genocide of the True British People but cannot find the money to help protect the lives of our soldiers in the "establishments" illegal wars.

I have been searching and reading for days now about the numbers of British deaths brought about by the use of Snatch Landrovers, that our troops refer to as mobile coffins.

And in all honesty, I am amazed at the betrayal of the soldiers under their command by the Senior Officers who put politics before honour and their men.
British troops will continue to be sent out on patrol in Iraq and Afghanistan in vulnerable 'Snatch' Land Rovers because there is nothing better available, senior commanders insisted today.

Responding to a growing wave of criticism and demands for a public inquiry, top brass mounted a robust defence of the lightly-armoured truck, insisting it was often the best vehicle of choice.

Commanders said larger and more heavily protected trucks were too cumbersome for built-up areas, or caused too much damage to roads and property, alienating local civilians.
You can read the full article first if you wish, but this is what I have found from reading information on a number of sites.

Over a quarter of the current 149 death toll of British Soldiers in Afghanistan have been caused by improvised explosives devices (IEDs). Roadside bombs and mines to you and I.
Three British soldiers patrolling in southern Afghanistan were killed by an explosive device on February 25.
And having just checked, I find that the three soldiers who were recently murdered by our government, were traveling in a Snatch Landrover(Mobile Coffin).

International Military Forums are amazed at the pathetic protection of these vehicles that might be OK to visit a supermarket in or take the kids to school in but certainly not for use in a war zone.

For our military leaders to say that there is nothing better is a lie. Much better would be squadrons of small helicopters, that they say we cannot afford. And to worry about the locals concerns about roads is pathetic. It is not British Troops planting bombs under those roads it is the locals themselves.

The Reva. B******s to the bankers and send these to our troops now

But if we will not give our troops more helicopters, then we should at least provide them with the vehicle of choice of the American Special Forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Reva, which is available now from a British Company and has a unique hull design that deflects 80% of an explosion away from the vehicle.
The REVA was evaluated by the US Army in Iraq and Integrated Convoy Protection (Pty) Ltd was awarded a contract to supply a substantial number of REVAs for deployment there. The ongoing success of the vehicle in operations and exceptional performance in protecting the lives of civilian and military personnel resulted in further contracts, not only in Iraq but also for US Special Forces operations and most recently for the Royal Thai Army. Currently more than 200 REVAs are being utilized in Iraq.
Digging further, I find the following that was taken from a statement released by the Ministry of Defence late last year in which the MOD say they are going to spend £700 million on new armoured vehicles.

And what is the replacement for the mobile coffins? Just a slightly bigger coffin with a bigger engine called the Snatch-Vixen that as already been slated in military circles. Just what is the relationship between the government and landrover that puts British Troops lifes at risk?
3. Snatch-Vixen - Snatch’s running gear, chassis, engine, and other automotive components have been modified to give the vehicle more power and the ability to carry a greater load.
By greater load, do they mean more troops to be blown to bits?

If you continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con alliance, you are voting for illegal wars, the deaths of more of our soldiers and for a government that will not even give them the equipment they need to survive.

In voting for the "establishment", you are just voting for more money for the global bankers and corrupt politicians who are shearing us like sheep. And perhaps that is all we are.

For those interested in seeing more images and details of the Reva.


defender said...

A much needed post GA. My youngest son nearly bought it due to driving one of those in the badlands, when he was in.
Both of these links are worthy of accurate information

Both by Richard North

Then again, perhaps you already do.

Anonymous said...

When driving my cab in London a guy got in who turned out to be a Captin in the Para's. He was telling me that in Afganistan they were welding metal plates to the body work of the Landrovers to try and gain a little extra protection.
I think saying it makes me angry would be an understatement.
(by the way i took him to a Katie Melua concert where she had given out 100's of free to tickets to service personel who have been seving in Afganistan etc so kudos to her)

defender said...

GA the concern I have over the Afgan thing is that there is NO easy way out of a place. If ever there was a place on earth not to get trapped in its Afganistan.
Looking at the region on a map, how on earth would you get out, cant go over Iran, Russia wont be too helpful, Pakistan is not really that safe. Even if we got out through pak heading south, the nearest stratgic place is Diego Garcia, 2500 mikes away, one runway.
Capacity to do such an op of this complexity dont exist. How do you get a division out in good order under these circunstances.
CAP would be needed to the last, that can only be navy air, we aint got that. No chance to get the heavy kit, just man portable stuff.
Yanks would be tied up doing their thing and so will the others.
This will not be a dunkirk situation

defender said...

more here today

Anonymous said...

I believe Tata Motors, sister company of Indian company Tata Steel own Land Rover.
Perhaps some contractual document may exist tying our government to keep buying Land Rover for the forces?

Musn't upset the Indian chappies by buying elsewhere could we?


tonydj said...

My Brother-in-Law, while serving in the South African defence Forces in the 1980's was in a RATEL Personel carrier which was blown up by a landmine.

He survived and is still alive and well.

The Ratel is designed to deflect the blast of the landmine by the angular shape of the vehicle bottom and not by excessive weight of Armour.

So the technology of defeating the mine has been with us for ages thus negating the "Too heavy for the roads" arguement.

Also the SA Govt had more respect for their lads in the front line t han do our Govt

tonydj said...

Sorry, that should have read BUFFEL and not RATEL.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Several of my old mates still in, bought their CBA vests on ebay !!. Not worn out graded websters old tat, but brand new complete with SAPI plates, still nicely wrapped.

So the MOD can offload crucial equipment on to the surplus market at a fraction of what it cost while our squadies die for the lack of it..

Unfathomable, you bet it is.