Monday, 31 August 2009

Moslem riots in Luton

Moslem rioters took to the streets of Luton yesterday after rumours of a protest march by white people concerned with the Islamification of their Country.

The Dhimmi police who had done nothing to prevent the same moslems disrupting an homecoming parade of the Anglican regiment from Afghanistan earlier this year, reacted in a typically cowardly fashion by banning peaceful patriotic protesters from the town.

Then attempting to suck up to the Moslem Colonisers, they drafted in extra police to "protect them from far-right protestors". Notice how anyone who objects to having their land stolen from them is referred to as far-right? These days being called far-right is a complement.

Of course it all went wrong for thick plod. The moslems in Luton are now in sufficiently large numbers that they can determine who goes where and who rules the streets - promptly gave the Old Bill a slap by attacking them with missiles, including fireworks against the mounted police who were also deployed. Only the rapid arrival of more police and horses saved the day by all accounts.
Divisional police commander Chief Supt Andy Frost said he was disappointed with the reaction of the small minority who attacked his officers.

He said: "I am extremely disappointed that some members of the Asian community have used today as an opportunity to commit disorder and undo much of the excellent work that has been done by both the police, council and community leaders to ensure today passed without incident.

"There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park.

Dumb stupid cop. "no apparent reason". These people always have a reason. This was not a "spontaneous" riot. These guys are well trained and disciplined. They do what they are told. They are rattling their swords to scare more concessions from the terrified and petrified Establishment.

Soon these riots by the moslems are going to get larger and more violent. If you want to see which way things are going, just look over the channel to France. Cars torched, businesses burning as they expand ever outward whilst enlarging their beachheads and ethnically cleansing "their new land".

Related Stories

Bus attacked and whites driven out of town.
Two weeks ago The Press reported how three white boys, one aged 12 and two aged 14, were set upon by a gang of Asian youths nearby.

The teenagers were confronted and asked why they were walking through Savile Town. One boy was struck on the side of the head, causing his ear to bleed.
The Dudes Jihad works Both Ways site as some good images.

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That last refuge in the shires

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

Some have asked why I called my last post "A letter to Tory England". I did so, because it is aimed at those living in the villages and Market Towns of so called “Middle England” and because they are primarily white and primarily they vote for the Conservative party. Yes, there are Labour voters in the countryside, as there are Tories in the cities, however, if one were to strip away the large urban areas of Britain (dream on) and leave only those parts of it I am addressing there would a huge and permanent Tory majority, at least there would be until everything begins to crumble.

The “Tory England” in my earlier post has not yet suffered as a result of immigration to anything like the same degree as the rest of the country. The only immigrants who have ventured into the countryside in any great numbers have been the Eastern Europeans, such as Poles and Lithuanians, who are largely inoffensive and are more likely to integrate into an area rather than causing the area to adapt to suit them, although that may be changing with the arrival of those whom the media like to call “Romanians”.

Also, as they are white, unless one speaks to them, which can be avoided reasonably easily, it is even possible to pretend they are not immigrants at all. In any event those who are likely to be in competition with them for low paid jobs probably don't vote Tory.

On the other hand. most third world immigrants do not tend to be country lovers and have so far gravitated to the large cities and urban areas where they already have established communities, and, of course, there are larger stocks of public housing. In reality the only time you will see a black person in the countryside is in a dairy product commercial on the TV, in order to provide the requisite diversity before rushing back to the city as soon as the camera stops rolling.

Asian business is starting to make an appearance in the shire towns, in the form of curry restaurants, Asian shops or small businesses, and, even in the shire towns overseas qualified doctors are cutting swathes through the elderly population. However, these towns and villages are still massively white, and what diversity there is, is of a level most of us could live with, if we didn't all know where it inevitably leads.

That will not last of course, for a start the fanatics who run our country will not allow that sort of segregation to continue and they will find ways of importing diversity to the shires, but that campaign hasn't started yet, and so far the shires still provide a temporary refuge from what is to come.

Until the inevitable end does come, that flaw in the English character which would rather not make a fuss takes control, and whilst they do not have to confront a problem it is easier to ignore it. I don't think they are “Blissfully unaware of the problem”, as a correspondent at my own blog asked, after all many will have moved away from the urban areas because of the problem, but whilst they can't see it, it is easier not to think about it. Also, if they rely on the mainstream media they will know very little about what is really going on.

Some may even believe that mass third world immigration is a good thing and greet it with pompom waving enthusiasm in the way that only an ideological fanatic or one who is not forced live with its results can do. Some welcome it because they profit handsomely from it but they are a small cynical minority, The other 90% would rather not take a stand on a subject like immigration for the single reason that like most of Britain they have been cowed into obedience by the “R” word. They were conned into believing that talk of “Immigration” made the Tories the “nasty party”, a devastatingly clever trick which still effects Tory party thinking today.

I have never voted Tory, but I know how Tories think. It is because of that word, and because they do not yet have to confront the consequences of the greatest betrayal our nation has ever seen, they can contemplate voting for a man who would sack any member of his team expressing support for that great and rare Tory, Enoch Powell's views on immigration. This despite the fact that, within a generation from now, when Tory England has finally suffered the results of their actions, as they surely will, a Tory voter who does not support Powell's views on immigration will be a rarity indeed.

Of course, then it will be too late, and there will be no satisfaction in saying they got what they deserved, because we will all have paid the price.

What can you do in 30 minutes?

Up later than usual at 0630 I find that I am in darkness, as is my surrounding district. There is some kind of power failure and an early morning walker tells me it is going to be out for a few hours as a result of some new building work???

This is bad news. Powering up I find that my dodgy laptop battery informs me that I have 45 minutes left to to live on the internet but that warning means nothing - it usually goes long before then.

What about the planned articles? What about the new site update? I really want to update the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site with the information you have send me but I am like a guy in a space capsule whose life support is about to run out. I need the net like a crack addict needs their crack. Even an hour from my machine has my hands shaking and the sweat dripping from my face. Cold turkey here I come.

First, get this article out explaining reason for lack of early morning output. Then what? Power down,, go for a walk and fire up in another hour to check mail or use up all power and then sit in the dark to wait until the Sun of the power company rises again? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Make a note to self about finding out about cost of extra battery or backup power supply.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

A letter to Tory England

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

I visited where you live this week. I took the train from Marylebone and travelled away from London through stations with names like Seer Green, Gerrard's Cross and Beaconsfield, and I watched the world around me change, becoming something I once remembered it to be. I know where you live very well, as it is where I come from, but ts a different world to where I live now, yet for how much longer?

The air is fresher where you live, the land is cleaner, prettier, older and when I visit I find I still can hope.

As I travelled through station after station not only the landscape and air began to change but so did the people, they became whiter, and seemed more at one with their world than those where I had left that morning. They seemed, more relaxed, more confident and certainly more friendly and I knew why, for they are English, this was still England and it felt as if it would last forever.

I left the train and walked through your world, past tea shops, antique markets, estate agents and village greens to the two hundred year old church where I joined those who had come to celebrate and bury a much loved old Englishman. As I looked around the church at the sea of white faces and heard them sing the hymns that Englishmen have sung for hundreds of years, I felt again that this was England and that it could last forever.

Yet, it is deceptive where you live, it is somewhere you can pretend what's happening isn't and can feel that all is well whilst still knowing deep down that it is not.

Not everyone there is white, there are some black and brown faces in Tory England, but only enough to add interest and a hint of the exotic, they are not amongst you in sufficient numbers to overwhelm or frighten you, or change the face of where you live forever, well not yet anyway.

Where you live multiculturalism can seem to mean little more than having easier access to chickpeas and couscous while watching that nice George Alagiah read you the news in the evening. It does not yet mean social decay, gang crime, gang rape and that crushing sense of alienation within your homeland which has become the lot of so many of your not so far away urban brothers. To you, ethnic mixing means Jemima Goldsmith in a designer Shalwar Kameez divorcing Imran Khan and still remaining a social princess, not a battered, hollow eyed white girl condemned to grinding welfare with an ochre coloured child in a borrowed stroller.

Those changes will come, but they have not quite reached you yet.

Maybe you really believe that it never will or that there still will be enough leafy glades and white avenue ghettos to outlast your grandchildren, provided that is they can cope with the commute.

Whilst you don't have to see the destruction or have to live amongst it you pretend it isn't there or believe the politicians who speak of urban enrichment. Those of you who work in town, need only bury your heads more deeply in your paper whilst the train carrying you to the still largely white financial heart of the city hurtles through those failed but fast expanding experiments like Ruislip, Neesden, New Cross and East Croydon. Yet, how much longer can you ignore them?, for they exist and are coming your way.

Others once felt like you, at other time and in other places, Malaya in the years before the war, the white highlands of Kenya in the 1950's or the white cockney East End of London must have once felt permanent, secure and as if they would be there forever, but they are gone, and will never come back. You live in that same dusk, but there is only so long that you can ignore the darkness to come.


After the funeral I mingled amongst the guests and mourners drinking Earl Grey tea and eating egg or cucumber sandwiches. The widow, a dying breed of lady, greeted me as “Darling” and and I marvelled at the beauty which so many seventy year old English woman of her type possess. It was beauty she had passed on to her lovely grandsons, charming, handsome young white men, one in the army, another a doctor, married to white women who don't yet see the need to dress as trash.

Do they know what they have lost, what has been stolen from them and their children, does their delightful grandmother know that the land of her birth is no more? If they do, they will not say so, as if, like the wolf at the door, to acknowledge it is there means it will finally come in.

That is the problem with where you live, it is an illusion, and one which is rapidly fading. With luck some parts of it may last another fifty years, but you have signed away your home by pretending it will last forever and ignoring the truth which is rushing your way.

Are you blind, are you foolish or just too afraid, for when night falls on Tory England where will you go?


When it came time for me to leave, I did not want to. I wanted so much to stay in the comfortable fantasy world you live in, where everything was familiar and I could pretend that England still existed and would be there for ever. I understand why you live there, why you choose to ignore reality while you still can, but it is just a dream.

When I left you I wondered if you would still be there when I returned, I could not be sure, for, if you continue to ignore the truth, as you do now, you will not be there forever.


Liars, Buggers and Thieves

Where have they all gone?

Visiting one of our sister sites, The Liars, Buggers and Thieves blog, I noticed that I had not updated it for several months.

Now it used to be that my search engines regularly popped up a message notifying me that yet another councillor of the Lib/Lab/con alliance had either been arrested for some crime or other. These days I am getting nothing about them.

Well I totally refuse to believe that all the crooks, corrupters and perverts in the Establishment parties have turned over a new leaf and are now role models for the rest of us.

I suspect that the communist controlled NUJ have been instructed not to report on their misdeeds or not allowing the information to be fed into search engines by excluding key words. Easily done.

So if anyone has any information on crooked councillors could they please email links to the stories to voteforbnp at

Thank you.

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Yes, Another Sunday. Time for relaxation and a spot of light reading

by johnofgwent, Prospective BNP Parliamentary Candidate

Good Morning GA My trip this morning must wait until I get this article out.

And Good Morning To Our Readers. Now Before I start the main thrust of my article I have a special message for a couple of people. "Bigger Men and Women have tried, and some of them had guns. I'm still here and so is the car". Well actually, i tell a lie there it went to the great scrapyard in the sky a while ago but through wear and tear on its halfshafts, not through the incendiary devices some people who do not believe in Parliamentary Democracy placed around its exhaust under the fuel tank in the hope of taking it out and me with it. It was a while back, but it showed me that I must indeed be near the target if those who despise the laws passed by our Westminsster Parliament wanted me out of the way that much.

And now to my "thought for the day". The reading this morning is taken from The Pages Of Last Week's (21/08/09) Issue Of The Catholic Herald as reported in The Daily Telegraph

The article covers a book titled Reflections on the Revolution in Europe penned by one Christopher Caldwell and sold by Penguin Books at £14.99. A must-read if you can get it, if the review by Ed West a journalist whose day job involves writing for such hotbeds of revolution as The Financial Times.

Christopher Caldwell is a mild-mannered Financial Times journalist who over the past decade has covered continental Europe (France especially) and its relationship with Islam in particular.

That Caldwell is so mainstream, well-respected and analytical makes his conclusion all the more devastating - that the mass migration of Africans and Asians into Europe since the Second World War was an unprecedented, economically unnecessary and ill-thought-out plan that has had a profoundly negative impact on our way of life.

Furthermore, he says, the mass importation of Muslims at a time when Europe has lost its own faith and Islam has developed a dangerous and powerful radicalism threatens the very freedom of Europe.
PLEASE read the review and then research the background of the author of the work reviewed and the reviewer. I cannot possibly do justice to it here. Some things you have to discover the joy of for yourself.

And finally, a message to Jessica Morden in response to her letter sent in reply to mine questioning whether she held the same views on throwing eggs at protestors as the man who employes her as Parliamentary Private Secretary, the odious exponent of south african terrorism Peter Hain. And my message is "Anytime, girl. Looking forward to it in fact". Unless your boss would prefer to have his boys sent round to shut me up. You know my address, it's on all the letters I sent you ....

So another Sunday

So it is another Sunday and another one of our soldiers is dead. Another mother sobs and another new widow weeps and holds her children close. Meanwhile, in the rest of the news;

The United Nations wants to teach children as young as five to be taught about masturbation and the European Union thinks that fathers do not spend enough time playing with their daughters clitorises.
"Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex,"
And the perverts in "The Establishment", ignoring the wishes of the people, just as they ignored the wishes of the people and voted for young boys to be sodomised at 16, say they will make the teachings compulsory. Please read this link and this link and this link where a brave BNP councillor takes on the paedophiles in his local "authority".

The enrichers continue to "enrich" our young girls by raping them at every opportunity - when not indulging in one of their favourite "Asian games" of throwing acid at those they hate.
Ashok Mahajan smuggled the corrosive substance into the Royal Courts of Justice in a plastic medicine bottle and lobbed it over the opposing legal team after losing an appeal hearing in October.
And those whom their brain washed Cult followers think have dishonoured their women.
The man, 24, was suspected of having an affair with a married Muslim woman. She has since been warned her life could also be in danger

Her alleged lover is fighting for his life after a masked gang stabbed him twice and forced him to swallow sulphuric acid.

The assailants also poured acid over his body and are feared to have beaten his face with bricks, leaving him blind in one eye.
All rather depressing really when you think that so many people are still voting and supporting the crooked, corrupt and perverted "Establishment" that brought these horrors to Our Country.

Recommended Reading

Sweden. Help Children masturbate

Blair covered up Paedophile Network - You must read this - please.

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Which Side are you on?

Foreword by the Green Arrow.

My job is to bring you news in which you may be interested. Sometimes I will agree with articles that I copy to you and other times I will not. This article is posted purely for information purposes and I have no comment to make. The following is taken from the NF News.

By “The Patriot”

("This article is not stated NF policy but we think that under the present climate of oppression, it is very relevant and pertinent to the threats by Marxist New Labour and its quangos to shut down British Nationalism - including the NF)

On 02 September 2009, a day after the 64th anniversary of the start of World War Two, Nick Griffin, MEP, Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) and two other BNP officials must attend a court hearing concerning aspects of their membership rules and Constitution.

That hearing will, ironically, be the second major test, after the European Elections which saw the BNP gain two MEPs, of the BNP's ability to wage, win and emerge all the stronger from a literal Battle for Britain.

Having bombarded its members and supporters with dozens of bulletins and funding appeals bearing images of Winston Churchill and Polish RAF 'Battle of Britain' fighter aircraft, the BNP has, for months past, used the slogan 'Battle for Britain.' Now it must again, but on home soil, stand firmly beneath its flags and banners and four-square behind that slogan in a struggle for its own survival and for the survival of racial Nationalism across the UK.

In various conversations, the following questions have been asked: "How should we deal with the issue of offering the BNP moral and spiritual support and what forms should such support take?" and " What long-term measures should the NF initiate as preparation for future legal harassment and OUR survival."

My response can be summed up in a few words: whatever support can be practicably offered to and, in a comradely spirit, be accepted by the BNP and, for our future survival.... Europe.

We might, with a vengeance, hate, despise and want rid of the European Parliament, the EU and their assorted lackeys but it is a wise politician who, when necessary, uses the tools, resources and legal devices of ...indeed, is willing to work with political 'useful idiots' whose raison d'etre, as Lenin said to his fellow radicals, might be anathema to us but with whom we can temporarily strike up seeming but easy to disengage from alliances which ensure our survival on the road to Power.

In case ZOG DOES come after the National Front, our movement's senior officers should contact our Continental comrades seeking case law precedents which have allowed our European Nationalist comrades and their parties to survive and transcend similar harassment and which our legal supporters and their researchers can bend to our needs and apply to UK trial proceedings...

This is a war of survival and in such a war we must resort to such guerrilla tactics.

We must be willing and ready to cite, be ready to call into a UK national or European court, spokesmen of selected UK ethnic associations which by definition and virtue of their titles exclude Whites. We must, as above, shamelessly utilise the knowledge, resources and energy of such 'civilian' bodies as can be made use of in our forward and upward journey towards Power.

I venture further and say that the National Front should call for a national, all-party, demo and stand with the BNP outside the court on 02 September.

Even if the BNP legally caves in that day, the NF, as the remaining sizeable representative of the State-abandoned White masses, should exploit the publicity offered by that hearing and any subsequent hearings.

The NF should both turn up in large numbers to support Nick Griffin and the BNP as a matter of principle and, also, grasp the guaranteed Press and Media opportunity offered by the trial to remind the masses that we are still out here, forever alert and calling on them them to rally, find courage and join the NF as the only viable UK White Nationalist alternative to the BNP.

If, as could happen, we are ZOG's next target...if we, too, find ourselves in court and, likely, facing jail sentences, we can but hope that the BNP membership, too, finds courage, spirit and the long-term awareness needed to convince them that in standing united outside with us, as we take our turn in that court house in support of the NF, they are defending both the 14 Words and the great vision which prompted John Tyndall to found their party.

I make no apology for my speech-like response to the debate about what the National Front and other White Nationalist organisations and lone Believers should say and do regarding the BNP's legal arraignment.

If we ourselves are not seen by the public and the rest of our movement to be passionate and radically bold in our defence of the very essence of our principles and beliefs then how can we expect them to place in us their trust, their hopes and their mandate to build for and with them a better future?

The BNP will have its own supporters outside that 02 September court room. So, too, should the NF.

On such a crucial and future-shaping issue this must be a case of United We Stand and let's all of us stand steadfast, resolute and loyal on the frontline of this intensifying Battle for Britain.

14 Words

“The Patriot”

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Dhimmitude; the Death of Europe

By Albion

Having our laws decided by politicians in Westminster who were elected to represent constituencies north of the border but who cannot represent them in their own parliament might appear to a time traveler to be pretty bizarre, but having our laws decided in Westminster in coalition with a consortium of foreign governments might call into question whether treason has been committed. If Henry the Eight decided treason has not been committed, so be it. So it is with our politicians.

The crime of Treason had to be struck off the statute books before Treason could take place. This was done with the stroke of the pen when the British public were in deep slumber and many of them are still unaware what skulduggery has taken place. It will take many years to discover to what extent and depth this treason went.

As regards Great Britain’s future; an interesting but at present a most unlikely scenario would be if the yes votes in the European parliament for entry of a new EU member by countries such as Slovakia, Moldova, Latvia and Lithuania were enough the swing the final vote to allow the entry of Turkey into the European Union. This in turn would then allow, in theory, a large proportion of the Turkish population, many who would be Muslims, entry to the UK.

I point this out as many of these 71, 892,808 (July2008) of the Turkish population, a figure that would have surpassed 72 Million by now, a figure the British government should be somewhat nervous about when and if Turkey joins the Federation. Interestingly the population of Turkey in 1994 was 61.2 Million so in 14 years 10 million Turkish babies entered the world, so at that rate by the end of the century the population would have to exceed 100 Million.

Now most intending immigrants from Eurabia would unlikely head for Slovakia, Moldova, Latvia or Lithuania but rather to the UK purely as a result of the generosity of the British Government which is legendary in many parts of the Third World and its effect now strikingly apparent by the demographic make up of many of its towns and cities.

Why our Head of State, Government and Upper Caste Politicians, Judges and Bureaucrats would sell their country to an unelected group of diminutive, silk suited, smooth talking, European political fraudsters who strut the world stage like Peacocks and decide our future disturbs me greatly.

Treason and Sedition are the vehicles that drive the fire sale of this country and the expression that springs to mind is, it is helped by “an inside job”

Eurabia is a ‘concept’ created by a writer called Bat Ye'or. A lot has been written about this concept. Bat Ye'or focused on the rapid transformation of Eastern Christian lands into Islamic territories, concluding that corruption and division among Christians contributed and may even have afforded Islam certain models of legal control of subjugated populations; she suggests that Yugoslavia is an example of the long-term scars of dhimmitude, where Christians were under that status for centuries. Lebanon was once a Christian country but the advance of Islam has changed the cultural and religious face of that country as surely as it will change the face of Europe.

We see this dhimmitude subservience throughout the European countries and our own Government department’s right down the local council level and even observed by the police force. Cultural suicide is another expression that springs easily to mind.

If Eurabia one day encompasses the whole of Europe and a large part of Arabia which might include Egypt then does that mean the acceptance of The Moslem Brotherhood which is at present banned as a political party in Egypt might be accepted in Great Britain, a country which is known to give precedent to all minorities over its own people.

I have a feeling our government and the European architects have not thought this one through. It is a time bomb that one day will explode and we will see the dilution and the final scattering of the European nations.

The relentless march of history has seen this planet witness the displacement of peoples on a massive scale before and the next transformation of Europe is only another minor hiccup and it will be duly noted as just another entry into history’s leather-bound encyclopedias...............Albion


Protest will soon be made illegal.

By Dowlish

Following Luton council’s example in having stopped a perfectly legal demonstration against the colonisers of our country, Birmingham City council is on the way to doing the same thing. Soon all protest will be illegal. Mark my words.

This report from the Birmingham Post
Calls to ban a rally against Islamic extremism planned for Birmingham next week have split the city council’s political leadership.

Tory cabinet equalities member Alan Rudge, who was due to hold talks about the event with West Midlands Police today, has “deplored” the march by the English and Welsh Defence League but stopped short of calling for the demonstration to be banned.

Liberal Democrat deputy council leader Paul Tilsley, however, fears the march through the city centre by the right-wing group and a counter-demonstration by the left-wing United Against Fascism will lead to serious trouble and wants the police to stop the event from taking place on September 5.

In an unusual development, Coun Tilsley admitted he was “holding separate conversations” with the police and would not be joining Coun Rudge at today’s meeting.

He fears a repeat of violent scenes earlier this month when the two groups clashed in Birmingham’s central shopping area, resulting in police in riot gear making 35 arrests for alleged public order offences.
Note: the two groups didn’t “clash” in Birmingham. A group of “British” Asians organised by the UAF attacked the perfectly legal demonstration. See here for example, and here.
Police do not have the power to ban all protests, but can ask the Home Secretary to ban a march – when protestors are moving – if they believe there is a serious risk of public disorder.
West Midlands Police have, so far, been reluctant to take such a course.
Luton has already barred the English Defence League from holding marches for three months, an example that Coun Tilsley believes Birmingham should follow.
He said: “The situation in Birmingham is potentially far more inflammatory because of the numbers of people that could be involved. Luton is a very small place compared to Birmingham.
“We have a reputation in Birmingham for getting along and existing peacefully, not for having demonstrations.”
Note: There is no “getting along” in Birmingham. The “black man has the upper hand” as one wise man warned in the late 60’s. It is only “inflammatory” because the immigrants choose to make it so.
Coun Rudge, who was unavailable for comment today, has written to all city councillors setting out his views on the demonstration.
In the letter, he said: “I deplore the demonstrations held by both the United Against Fascism and the English and Welsh Defence League."
Note: Councillor Alan Rudge is in the Birmingham City Council Cabinet as “Equalities and Human Resources” representative and a CONSERVITAVE. I quote his comment “I deplore the demonstrations held by both the United Against Fascism and the English and Welsh Defence League”.

Maybe he should communicate his disgust at UAF to his party leader DAVID CAMERON who is a still a main signatory of the vile UAF.
“Demonstrations of this nature merely seek to cause disunity and conflict between and across our communities often for political gain.
I am determined that scenes of this nature will not be repeated on our streets and I have written to West Midlands police in order that we can work together to prevent any further scenes of this nature.
“Together with the police and our other partners we will endeavour to continue to maintain the excellent community cohesion we have and ensure all communities continue to live, work and enjoy our city together and cohesively.”
Really, believe me, the way this is going is that all protest against the invader will be banned. Do we really have to wait that long?

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Friday, 28 August 2009

Why thinking people are voting BNP

This is a must watch video.

Please go here, rate and leave a comment. It is excellent.

I just want to add something and it concerns some of the comments received about this video. All agree it is superb and should be seen by the population. So far fine.

But a few people have picked up on spelling and grammatical errors. Now I am a fine one to talk about spelling and grammar but my excuse is, I left school in 1964.

But what some older readers must realise, is that the guys making the videos and writing the articles of today are the product of the education system that was designed to turn them into dumb unthinking creatures.

Fortunately some of them got through the system without being brainwashed. I think we can forgive these people their spelling and grammar mistakes. It is their generation they must get the message out now. OK M8?

Hat Tip: Roger Phillips

Update on Alien Abduction of Moslem

Looking at them just makes me laugh

I have been reliably informed that the Police handling the case of the supposedly abducted Moslem preacher have refused to speak to representatives of the British National Party despite the fact that the area in which the supposed event took place is represnted by BNP councillors.

Now just a few points about the alleged abduction – the man lives on a very busy road and 4x4s don’t have boots – they have hatch-backs that can be clearly seen into.

The part of the forest to which he was allegedly taken wasn’t a remote part but was pretty much the nearest bit to where he lives and adjacent to houses and pubs – loads of strollers, dog walkers etc.

Incidentally the picture above, was taken after the first so-called incident when his house was supposedly fire-bombed (a couple of weeks before he opened his door to two strange white men brandishing knives!!!!!!). Pull the other one fella.

Abdurahman Jafar, chair of the Muslim Safety Forum, which advises the police, also linked the attack on Ramjanally to the BNP campaign.

"The campaign of terror has followed a campaign organized by the BNP whereby they delivered hate literature to locals citing the small Friday prayer sessions as evidence of how 'the Islamification process is almost complete'.

Glad to see the police had time to talk to the Muslim Safety Forum, wonder how many of them are councillors for the area. About time we had a White Defence League.


The BNP Forum - From Simon Bennett

Dear Members,

As you will no doubt be aware, the official members forum has been closed.

Whilst it was always planned that they would be closed at some time soon, the recent server migration somewhat forced the issue as it would have involved a great deal of time and effort to re-instate them for the short term due to a transfer problem. I do appreciate that the suddenness of the closure may be seen by some as unceremonious or perhaps even abrupt, but please let me assure you that this was not the intention. It was just the circumstances beyond our control, and in an ideal world would not have happened that way.

However, the decision has been made to keep the forums closed and they will not be returning. As for the reasons - I can be very clear on this, it had been discussed at great length for many months and it became clear that the forums were counter-productive and offered no real benefit to the party on the whole. Although a closed forum, they were by no means secure and gave a false impression to many that assumed they were. They were also a hot-bed for gossip and distraction and took a great deal of time away from many good activists and members by having to moderate them.

The decision to close them was not mine to make, but supported by the entire party leadership.

We have had a Social Network in place on the main party website for almost a year now which offers many, many advantages and benefits to members and activists. This system is not a closed shop, it is wide open to the public and to date has attracted virtually no problems from our opposition. The system does not need a team of moderators as it is moderated by our own members - each and every one of you. Any unwanted attention is usually reported to me and deleted in under a minute.

This social networking system is the latest in Internet communication / networking software and will offer many fantastic advantages to our cause as it develops over the coming months and years. I would urge you all to at least give it a try.

Many thanks for your time and understanding,

Yours sincerely,

Simon Bennett.
British National Party Webmaster

Footnote by The Green Arrow

As I have said before, neither nature nor politics like a vacuum and so the Green Arrow Forum is accepting new members daily. Only criteria for membership is that you must either be a BNP Member, supporter or broadly support the aims of the British National Party and its Chairman Nick Griffin MEP BNP.

I am grateful for the new members who are populating the News Area with information that is of interest to the Nationalist Community. Two items of which I found there today were used to update the Green Arrow sister site - The UK Enrichment News.

Please keep the news coming in as the new Home of the Green Arrow and Friends site will be publishing 24 hours a day.

I am also pleased to announce that a more formal channel of communication is now in place between this BNP supporting site and the Party itself.


Moslem - BNP ate my hamster then kidnapped me

Jackanory, Jackanory, Jackanory

Well you all know the story now about how a so called Moslem community leader was kidnapped from his home at knife point and ordered to stop holding indoctrination sessions for the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and how the fourth estate have latched onto it.

To me though, it seems all they have done is latched onto a wet leprosy case that is going to contaminate them and reveal themselves to be the dupes of a self promoting moslem. Good.

But I must confess I found his story hilarious. Not since Jackanory went off the air in 1996 have I enjoyed a tall story so much.
Mr Ramjanally, a married father of one, was at home alone at 12.15pm on Monday when his doorbell rang.

He said: “When I opened the door, two white men just grabbed me by my wrists and pulled me outside. They put a knife upon my stomach and said to me, Do what you are told or you will get hurt'. I was scared.

They forced me into the boot of a 4x4 and one of the men held me with a knife to my chest. They drove me to Epping Forest and one said, Do it here'. I thought that my life was over.”

He added: “They walked with me deep into the forest and said: We don't want the Islamic group in Loughton. If you don't stop, we'll come back'. Then they disappeared.

The men did not say anything about the BNP or who they were. But it is only the BNP who want my Islamic group out of Loughton. I believe the BNP campaign has inspired the violence.

This whole story reeks of fantasy. Lets go through it and see what we can make of it.

This man would have us believe that two men called at his home, not knowing how many other people would be present - in moslem homes there are usually a LOT of people - and dragged him from it in broad daylight when even all of those on benefits in the area would be up and about to witness this event and take their number plate.

Drive him to Epping Forest, passing God only knows how many CCTV cameras and then take him walkabout in an area that is full of dog walkers, people dogging, UAF supporters lurking in bushes and people like the the disgraced Labour MP Ron Davies having some fun with friends they met in a near by public convenience?

Now kidnap is a serious offence - the penalty for it can be as long or longer than for murder. They do not physically attack him, break a few bones but just warn him? No. Just too tall a story to swallow but there will be the usual dhimmi cretins who do swallow this tripe.

Then I think we get to the heart of the matter. The story teller informs us that although these people did not show them their BNP membership cards he accuses the BNP of being responsible before going on to say that he was in terror for his life?

Well take a look at the image at the top. Does he look like a man living in terror?

Forget the two silly, grinning plastic policemen??? standing either side of him. Remember this is supposed to be a serious offence, so why does it look like they are having a great time of it?

Because they are having a great time. Already the enricher can see invites onto chat shows where a sympathetic interviewer who will be thinking "This man is a complete fraud", will ask him how he felt and give the moslem a chance to increase his fame and attack the British National Party at the same time.

The interviewer will nod in agreement and turn to the sheep audience and say some such crap as "What a brave man" before pressing the "applaud" button concealed out of sight. The grinning story teller will then ask Max Clifford to be his agent and ask if he can get him on Big Brother. All so predictable.

And over in the moslem newspapers, their writers are bigging this story up large by adding "facts" that right wing supporters of the BNP are stockpiling rocket launchers, grenades, heavy weapons and small arms. What planet or moon are these people from? But of course it helps to keep their followers in line and in fear.

No, I suspect the police will investigate. They will find nothing on the cameras, they will find no witnesses, they will find no tyre tracks. In short they will find zip and the case will then close because the whole story is nothing more than a pack of lies put out by a person whose cult tells him it is right to lie to the non believers.


Our good friend Harbi informs me of the following:

The police have issued Mr Ramjamally's description of his abductors and their vehicle.

They were coloured (green), unarmed (but had five tentacles) , eyes on stalks and they were driving a Transgalactic Megawarp Turbosaucer.

During the abduction they subjected Mr Ramjamally to an in-depth examination, which he found most enjoyable.


Thursday, 27 August 2009

So where is Richard Barnbrook LAM BNP

So where is Richard Barnbrook?

In an article I wrote earlier today, entitled Where as Nick Griffin MEP BNP Gone, I asked what I thought was a reasonable question.

Whether the public reply I received from Simon Bennett was reasonable or truthful I will leave you to decide for yourself.

"The Links to Nick, Simon And Richard's blogs were removed for two reasons:

Firstly to speed up the "landing page" - as it was overloaded.

Secondly, because I don't want new visitors immediately navigating away from the main party website so soon after arriving.

Seems to make perfect sense to me.

GA, what's got into you lately? You seem to be on a one-man crusade to rubbish the BNP website and spout all these ridiculous conspiracy theories."

Right we shall have to go through this step by step. My last job as an IT Manager was as the Release Manager for an extremely well known On-line Bank. I have been in IT for over 30 years and so I have a little bit of an idea about how things in the IT world hang together.

The three files you refer to are tiny containing just links. They take no time to load.

Now your assertion that you do not wish "new visitors" navigating away straight after landing is clearly wrong. Research as shown that people visit a site for news and articles first, only when they have finished reading, do they then "look" for links to follow.

But assuming that you were correct in what you say - and you are not - that does not answer my question as to where the link to Richard Barnbrook has gone. Why has it been removed?

Finally I find the last piece of your comment very peculiar.

GA, what's got into you lately? You seem to be on a one-man crusade to rubbish the BNP website and spout all these ridiculous conspiracy theories."

Where have I rubbished the BNP website and where have I spouted ridiculous conspiracy theories?

All I have done is ask questions that many members of the British National Party have been asking and unable to get an answer - or at least a truthful answer.

I refer you to your public comments on Intense Debate with regards to the closing down of the BNP Forum. Which of the many "answers" that you published was the true answer?

Finally, the reason I resigned from the Party was to be free to ask these questions. It is not disloyalty to the party to ask questions or to point out where we have dropped the ball or indeed to point at people who are holding back the growth of the party because they are either incompetent - not a crime - or for reasons of their own.

The times have changed Simon. People now have the means to communicate instantly and believe me they do.


The New Green Arrow site already under attack

Click to enlarge then right click to download

The new Home of the Green Arrow and Friends site is already under attack by the communists who understand the importance of Patriotic Internet sites in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the true British People. The following story has just been filed by John of Gwent.

I don't need any fancy statistics to see GA and I have managed to bring ourselves to the attention of the cyber-nutters.
A brief trawl through the site logs shows a bunch of lemmings in taiwan seem to want to persist in hitting us with all manner of attacks targeted at Bill Gates' WinDoze.

Good luck with that one, chaps, this site - indeed the whole room the server is in - has not seen fit to soil its infrasctructure with that man's crap for over fifteen years.

I also see a few spirited souls trying to destroy the site by running the "install" script that came with it. Denise, Atreus and Weyman you really MUST get round to training your cybertroopers to READ the manuals.

The content and forum software does not START if the install direcoties are still there. But nice to see you can spell phpMyAdmin.

I could go on but it is nice to see we have clearly been noticed by the opposition.

However if that is the best they can do, it's damn good job I have a day job to go to, because if I were retired like the scum IFA's told me I should now be, I'd have all day on my hands, and the opposition's servers would be down in flames.

Should I start a league table of the IP addresses of the biggest losers in the hacker stakes ? What do our readers think ?

Some of you might like to have the free new site Wallpaper for your machines. These were created for us by our good friend Stuart. Thank you Stuart.


Intense Debate problems

Had a lot of emails about comments vanishing in our articles.

This is a problem with Intense Debate and I am hoping that the problem does not follow us to the news site we shall be moving to shortly.

If any person has found a solution to "reindexing" or whatever is required to sort out the ID problems with blogger I would be grateful if they could email me.

Also if anyone knows of a superior comments product for use on the new site, I would appreciate information on that also.

The new site is up and running but is not "officially" open.

You do not have to Register to read the site - the login register is for the writers and news suppliers.


So where as Nick Griffin MEP BNP gone?

Have you seen this Chairman?

Can someone please explain to me where the links to the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP have gone from the front page of the BNP Website?

Being a lazy sort of person, I have never got around to bookmarking his site. Come to think of it, I never got around to linking Andrew Brons MEP, Richard Barnbrook LAM or Simon Darby, the Deputy Leader of the BNP either.

When I wanted to visit their sites, I would just follow the links from the main BNP Website. Well that will teach me to be lazy, because all their links have gone.

I am sure there is a very good reason for it and that this is a temporary state of affairs. At least I hope so.

Of course had the BNP not removed the BNP Forum they could have made an announcement there saying why the links were being removed and when they would be going back up. Oh well we all have to learn the hard way.

If anyone has any information as to when those links will be returning I would be very grateful.

All of the first three are still available on the page of any news item you click on, I found Richards with a quick Yahoo search. For the record so you can book mark them they are below.

Hat tip: ExpatNorge

Nick Griffin MEP

Andrew Brons MEP

Simon Darby

Richard Barnbrook

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Will the real Anjum Alam Khan stand up.

I had been over on one of the red rubbish sites reading their clearly fabricated version of events regarding the incident in Ely, Cardiff, where a mother was banned from her local post office, when she attempted to post a parcel to her son serving in Afghanistan, when a little bell rang in my mind.

The owner of the Post Office is one Anjum Alam Khan and I could not help but wonder how many Anjum Alam Khans there actually are in Wales. Then I cast my mind back to something I had read over on the Law Society Gazette. That was also about a guy called Anjum Alam Khan who lived in Cardiff.

By all accounts Anjum Alam Khan used to be a solicitor but was struck off for:
Failure to deliver accountant's reports -- failure to keep properly written-up accounts -- misuse of client money
Its seem that Khan, along with two other solicitors in a partnership were found guilty of unbeffitting conduct in that:
  1. they had failed to deliver accountant's reports to the Society, contrary to s.34 of the Solicitors Act 1974;
  2. they had failed to keep properly written-up books of account, contrary to r.11 of the Solicitors Accounts Rules 19 86;
  3. they had continued in their failure to keep properly written-up books of account, contrary to r.11; and
  4. they had improperly withdrawn money from client account, contrary to rr.7 and 8 of the 1986 rules, and had used it for their own benefit and for the benefit of others not entitled thereto.
Hmm. Pretty damning charges to be found guilty of, especially when you consider the sums of money involved.
A further inspection was carried out in October when payments totalling £863,000 (some relating back to July 1986) had not been allocated to any client ledger and receipts totalling £636,800 (some relating back to June 1986) were also unposted. A shortage on client account had been replaced before the inspection.
So I was just wondering if the Anjum Alam Khan, struck off solicitor was now Anjum Alam Khan Postmaster?

I am sure someone will tell me if they are one and the same.

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Typical BBC Reporting

Click for larger image

Ok, the story here is not the dreadful attack on a man being stabbed after been lured to a location to look at a car he saw advertised on Gumtree. The story is the way the attack was reported. The above image is taken from the BBC site. Go here to read the story.

Click for larger image

Now here is the same story reported honestly on Yahoo News. Notice anything?

I tell you this. We do not know the half of it. The BBC license fee should be abolished or a national campaign to boycott the License Tax be organised.

There is a site here that you might be interested in visiting.

Hat tip: P


BNP support for Three Owls Bird Sanctuary

Ooops - look like they have already lost one.

Now this is an interesting story that I can use to make a very good point - well at least I think so. You might disagree and I am equally sure that you will tell me so.

The Chairman (I can't say Our any more) of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP has pledged his support as an MEP for the Three Owls Bird Sanctuary in its battle "against red tape emanating from Rochdale Council".

The comment from the sanctuary manager Nigel Fowler shows how the fact that the BNP having elected representatives at the highest level now means the Party has finally been accepted by all except those who wish to destroy the patriotic party.
Asked if the BNP was the sort of organisation the sanctuary should accept support from, sanctuary manager Nigel Fowler said: "We do not discriminate against anyone who wants to support Three Owls Bird Sanctuary. We have support from other organisations and individuals who will be controversial to some but we are grateful to anyone who wants to help us in our fight for survival."
And the point it makes? Well there are some people who think that the British National Party should not stand in European Elections but should concentrate on just UK Elections. To me this thinking is clearly flawed.

By helping the Three Owls Sanctuary, Nick Griffin MEP, increases the party's profile in that area and that can only be good for the BNP candidates who will standing in that region during the General Elections. That is just one reason why we must contest any and all elections wherever possible.

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UNISON - Black Members Meeting

Click to enlarge image

I wonder what would happen if white members of the Trade Union Unison were to put out a leaflet announcing a "White Members Group Meeting"? They would be expelled the trade union and damned as being "racist".

So any white Unison trade union members like to try and hold such a meeting?


Searchlight Cymru - The Postmaster and the BNP

Ok - I have repeated it. So sue me. Go on. You know you want to.

Well for once I am flummoxed. Completely and utterly flummoxed and am unsure as to just how to respond to an email I have received from Darron Dupre, the Secretary for the communist run Searchlight Cymru organisation that now acts as the spokes-party for "The Establishment" parties in Wales via a Unison Trade Union address.

In a strangely polite letter for Searchlight (which makes it kind of scary and sets alarm bells ringing), Darren informs me, that I and the BNP have got our facts wrong about the shameful incident in Ely, South Wales, where a mother was prevented from sending a parcel to her soldier son who is serving in Afghanistan.
Will you and your colleagues have the courage to put up your hand, accept you got this one wrong and apologise via websites and blogs to a hard working member of the community who is simply protecting his staff from abuse and who supports our troops? You might even call him a patriot if he was white???? As it is, you are supporting the rights of anti-social members of the public who are not supported by the local community.
Also in the letter Darron, does at least acknowledge that the British National Party is a party that condemns violence by saying "some of the idiots who support the BNP" might be incensed into acts of violence by the above video. And what does he mean by "anti-social members of the the public"? Does he mean the few remaining white people in Ely?

Well Darron is right, the BNP does condemn all violence and would condemn and renounce and denounce anyone who does support violence for whatever reason. So will Darron also condemn the violence of Ken Livingstone and David Camerons UAF Claw Hammer Gang and get the communist crook Gable to stop the targetting of BNP supporters on their red rag sites? I doubt it.

But to return to the letter and the story. This is the opening line of the letter in which Darron makes a big mistake by making me dig a little deeper into this incident.
The Truth is that the BNP forgot to ask the most basic of questions: was there any history or why were you banned from sending the parcel
First he admits that Mrs Davies was banned and therefore prevented from sending the parcel but implies that there was also another reason for the ban other than the fact that he stated in front of witnesses that it was because her son was in Afghanistan. So what could that other reason be?

Could the Mrs Davies in the above video be the same Mrs Davies who suffered financial loss as a result of what seems to me, very dodgy dealings involving the use "chip and pin" technology, when paying by debit card in a supermarket in the same street as the Post Office in Wilson Road, Ely and is Mr Anjum Alam Khan the owner or manager of that shop? Why she is and yes he is.

Personally, I find it very strange that a shop stores a customers credit/debit cards details for over two months before putting them into the system. How does a customer know that a bill has not been "enhanced" during that time?

So could perhaps another reason for the ban be that it was Mrs Davies who had the courage to speak out to the press about this very dubious practise of storing customer details longer than most people would consider acceptable and the hardship it caused to local shoppers? No Darron, I suspect it is you who have not done your homework on this one.

And that fact that may cause the "local" MP that you mention in the final part of your letter some cause for concern in the future. I presume when you say "local" MP, you are referring to Kevin Brennan who is the Labour MP for Cardiff West. Again I am grateful to you - this time for bringing this parasite to my attention.(More information on this MP at bottom of article)

Now Darron, with regards to your closing paragraph and the attached statement that you wish me to publish.
I attach a statement that Searchlight Cymru and the local MP has worked on, on behalf of Mr Khan and I would be grateful if the BNP might think it appropriate to publish it in the cause of balance. As it is, when this goes National, as it surely will, you will look complete idiots especially when we gave you the opportunity to retract it.
Now I cannot speak for the BNP, you will have to contact them yourself - I can only speak for myself.

Whilst I am pleased to see that you have now dropped your "NO PLATFORM" stance and are now prepared to communicate and debate with the BNP and their supporters, I am wondering if your request for "balance" means that I will also be allowed the right to respond on your sites in the future?

As for the statement by Mr Khan, that was prepared by yourself and the Labour MP threatening legal action. Bring it on. Your weak statement and admission within it of the ban and your offer that Mr Khan will now accept Mrs Davies parcels providing someone else takes them into the Post Office confirms that I have my facts right.

Some notes on Kevin Brennan MP

Voted for a smoking ban
Voted against an investigation into Iraq War
Voted for gay rights
Voted for hunting ban

Enjoys watching International Rugby Matches paid for by the BBC (Your money)
Thought the Brit Awards were great - Paid for by the BPI
Had a fantastic weekend with his family at the Hay Festival paid for by Sky Arts

Sucked up £319,893 of taxpayers money in salary and expenses last year.

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Crime Ridden Cities - Tories and Labour equally to blame

"How 'cool' am I?" - Not very.

By Vortex

Most political commentators have reached the conclusion that there is virtually no difference between the Labour and Conservative parties. Together with the Liberals (now of course the Liberal Democrats) they have been responsible for the dramatic changes that have taken place in the UK since the 1950s, that have utterly changed our society.

They have overseen the triumph of Liberal attitudes starting mainly in the permissive sixties right through to the obsessively politically correct climate we have the dubious pleasure of living in today.

Together they are just as culpable in the explosion of sexual immorality, degeneracy, decadence and violence that has gripped the nation and turned many of our major towns and cities into no go areas. Places where decent people fear to tread and law and order has effectively broken down.

It is strange and somewhat annoying to hear Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary saying that while “violent crime has risen up to 70% since Labour came to power, including gun crime and fatal stabbings, meaning a US style culture of violence” has come to Britain, somehow the Tories have played no part in that. This was quoted in The Times of 25 August, which also stated that “Britain’s inner-city streets resemble the violent districts of Baltimore as portrayed in the US television drama The Wire, the Conservatives claim”.

Let us be absolutely clear that the blame lies with the old gang parties, their media allies and big business backers who have benefited financially by it. It was also the deregulation in the City that led to the rampant consumerism and materialism that accelerated under Margaret Thatcher’s premiership that added fuel to the fire of moral decline.

Remember the Yuppie “culture” and the “greed is good” philosophy so amply portrayed in the hit film Wall Street starring Michael Douglas?

This has spawned the current generation of feral youth, immoral, rootless and shiftless that has no sense of identity save that of “gang culture” and the obsession with looking “cool” and “hard”.

This has also been referred to the MTV generation. Where pop music and reality television play their part in the dumbing down of society and children grow up with no idea of their history or affinity to their own people..

The antidote to all of this is a mixture of a return to certain old standards and the introduction of new innovations to create a better and more wholesome society.

We need to start with education and of course a real return to the three R’s not just playing with rhetoric about the issue like the Tories do. As for Labour, yes I would say they are the worse of the two but the Tories are a very close second.

We need to provide extra sporting facilities and not only stop the selling off of playing fields but provide more.

We need to provide assistance for working mothers to be able to spend more time with their young families by means of effective tax cuts, and we need to return to family values, respect for older people, society and each other.

We need stiffer sentences for young offenders that really do deter anti-social behaviour and we need to applaud and reward hard work and service to the community, not raise on a pedestal degenerates who wallow in their own excesses.

The only political party with the will and desire to effect these necessary changes is the British National Party. The rest are either in denial or part of the problem.


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Trevor Phillips Declares War on BNP!

Arch-leftwing Lenin-admirer Trevor Phillips and his gang of tax-eating jobsworths have started legal proceedings against the British National Party over our long-held and cherished "British-only" membership policy.

Despite the fact that our existing membership criteria has been in force for nearly 30 years, the absurdly named "Equalities" Commission has only just decided that our reasonable, legal and totally understandable membership rules are "illegal" and contrary to the "Race Relations Act".

The BNP and their Chairman Nick Griffin are resolved to fight this nonsense with every resource and every drop of energy available. The reason that the Equalities Commission has decided to pick a fight with the BNP now is because of our recent success in the European Elections. It is a politically motivated action that they hope will destroy our movement. We will not allow this to happen!

The treacherous British media and political establishment have become panic-stricken over our inexorable march into the political mainstream. They have tried every trick in the book to halt our growing success. Now they are resorting to fake legal warfare against us just before the coming of the General Election.

What is most sickening regarding this latest attempt to destroy Britain's patriotic political alternative is the stinking hypocrisy that accompanies it! There exists in Britain hundreds, possibly thousands, of organisations that cater for and advocate the interests of their own racial, religious or ethnic groups. None of these groups have drawn any opprobrium from the 'race relations' industry. The only ethnic organisation Phillips has attacked is the British National Party, which fights for the rights of the native British people.

The fightback starts today! Below you will find a long, but partial, list of ethnic-minority organisations that exist to promote the interests of their own kind. We need you to do the following:

Link this article to everyone in your address book to point out the outrageous travesty that is taking place and to alert their attention to the huge number of ethnic-minority organisations that are similar, if not identical, to the BNP.

Copy the list below and visit the website,, and write a personal letter to your local councillor, MP, MEP, MSP, or your Northern Ireland, Welsh or London Assembly Member, pointing out the stinking hypocrisy of the latest attempt to destroy the BNP.

  • Black Police Association
  • Black Londoners Forum
  • Black Information Link
  • Operation Black Vote
  • Muslim Council of Britain
  • Black Heritage Organisation
  • The Voice - newspaper
  • Board Of Deputies of British Jews
  • Jewish Telegraph
  • The Black Police association
  • Black people's mental health association
  • Black and Asian therapists online
  • National BME mental health network
  • Federation of Black housing organizations
  • The Black Londoners forum
  • Positive action in Housing
  •,Asian modelling service
  • Society of Black lawyers
  • Society of Asian lawyers
  • Ethnic media Group
  • Al-Nisa Muslim Women's Group
  • Al-Nur Muslim Women's Association
  • Antrim Chinese Community Association
  • Barnardos Chinese Lay Health Project
  • Chinese Welfare Association
  • Sussex Black police Association
  • The National Black Writers and Artist Association
  • Black students Association
  • UK Black teachers Association
  • Black UK online
  • UK Asian business directory
  • Asian People's Disability alliance
  • Asian arts agency
  • Black Enterprise awards
  • Natwest Bank (Asian Entrepreneurs Unit)
  • Asian Voice
  • Black training and enterprise group
  • UK Black Pride
  • Ethnic Minority Foundation
  • Oshwal Elderly Welfare Association
  • Ethnic Minority and Black Regional Action for Community Empowerment (EMBRACE)
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Elders Group
  • Latin American elderly project
  • The Black Fundraisers Network
  • Black Arts Alliance
  • Southall Black Sisters Black student union
  • Dudley Black regeneration council
  • Black Professional Events
  • Black Health Agency
  • National Association for the advancement of Black people
  • African Caribbean Development agency (ACDA)
  • African caribbean education and training services (ACETS)
  • Afrik-African International Network
  • Asian mens group
  • Somerset Black development agency (SBDA)
  • Black families education support group