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Which Side are you on?

Foreword by the Green Arrow.

My job is to bring you news in which you may be interested. Sometimes I will agree with articles that I copy to you and other times I will not. This article is posted purely for information purposes and I have no comment to make. The following is taken from the NF News.

By “The Patriot”

("This article is not stated NF policy but we think that under the present climate of oppression, it is very relevant and pertinent to the threats by Marxist New Labour and its quangos to shut down British Nationalism - including the NF)

On 02 September 2009, a day after the 64th anniversary of the start of World War Two, Nick Griffin, MEP, Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) and two other BNP officials must attend a court hearing concerning aspects of their membership rules and Constitution.

That hearing will, ironically, be the second major test, after the European Elections which saw the BNP gain two MEPs, of the BNP's ability to wage, win and emerge all the stronger from a literal Battle for Britain.

Having bombarded its members and supporters with dozens of bulletins and funding appeals bearing images of Winston Churchill and Polish RAF 'Battle of Britain' fighter aircraft, the BNP has, for months past, used the slogan 'Battle for Britain.' Now it must again, but on home soil, stand firmly beneath its flags and banners and four-square behind that slogan in a struggle for its own survival and for the survival of racial Nationalism across the UK.

In various conversations, the following questions have been asked: "How should we deal with the issue of offering the BNP moral and spiritual support and what forms should such support take?" and " What long-term measures should the NF initiate as preparation for future legal harassment and OUR survival."

My response can be summed up in a few words: whatever support can be practicably offered to and, in a comradely spirit, be accepted by the BNP and, for our future survival.... Europe.

We might, with a vengeance, hate, despise and want rid of the European Parliament, the EU and their assorted lackeys but it is a wise politician who, when necessary, uses the tools, resources and legal devices of ...indeed, is willing to work with political 'useful idiots' whose raison d'etre, as Lenin said to his fellow radicals, might be anathema to us but with whom we can temporarily strike up seeming but easy to disengage from alliances which ensure our survival on the road to Power.

In case ZOG DOES come after the National Front, our movement's senior officers should contact our Continental comrades seeking case law precedents which have allowed our European Nationalist comrades and their parties to survive and transcend similar harassment and which our legal supporters and their researchers can bend to our needs and apply to UK trial proceedings...

This is a war of survival and in such a war we must resort to such guerrilla tactics.

We must be willing and ready to cite, be ready to call into a UK national or European court, spokesmen of selected UK ethnic associations which by definition and virtue of their titles exclude Whites. We must, as above, shamelessly utilise the knowledge, resources and energy of such 'civilian' bodies as can be made use of in our forward and upward journey towards Power.

I venture further and say that the National Front should call for a national, all-party, demo and stand with the BNP outside the court on 02 September.

Even if the BNP legally caves in that day, the NF, as the remaining sizeable representative of the State-abandoned White masses, should exploit the publicity offered by that hearing and any subsequent hearings.

The NF should both turn up in large numbers to support Nick Griffin and the BNP as a matter of principle and, also, grasp the guaranteed Press and Media opportunity offered by the trial to remind the masses that we are still out here, forever alert and calling on them them to rally, find courage and join the NF as the only viable UK White Nationalist alternative to the BNP.

If, as could happen, we are ZOG's next target...if we, too, find ourselves in court and, likely, facing jail sentences, we can but hope that the BNP membership, too, finds courage, spirit and the long-term awareness needed to convince them that in standing united outside with us, as we take our turn in that court house in support of the NF, they are defending both the 14 Words and the great vision which prompted John Tyndall to found their party.

I make no apology for my speech-like response to the debate about what the National Front and other White Nationalist organisations and lone Believers should say and do regarding the BNP's legal arraignment.

If we ourselves are not seen by the public and the rest of our movement to be passionate and radically bold in our defence of the very essence of our principles and beliefs then how can we expect them to place in us their trust, their hopes and their mandate to build for and with them a better future?

The BNP will have its own supporters outside that 02 September court room. So, too, should the NF.

On such a crucial and future-shaping issue this must be a case of United We Stand and let's all of us stand steadfast, resolute and loyal on the frontline of this intensifying Battle for Britain.

14 Words

“The Patriot”

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