Monday, 24 August 2009

Soldiers Off the Street - Update

Right, Soldiers Off the Street, is another good cause that really appeals to me as an ex-serviceman. It is only by the greatest of good fortune that I did not wind up on the streets myself after leaving the forces. But that is another story for another time.

I sent them an email yesterday asking them if anything had changed since they had launched just a short while ago. Well I was very pleased this morning to receive a reply - with a quite right qualifier in my opinion - that they are totally non-political and the following information.

They now have medically trained volunteers who are prepared to help our soldiers on the streets with any drink or drug problems they may have.

They are also able to assist with any who are suffering from mental problems and now have 25 surgeries agreeing to work with them and more surgeries are being approached every day.

Other news in the email was that Ex-Army Officers are now offering assistance to help the men they formerly commanded and even the legal eagles have offered to provide legal assistance if required.

I shall be following these charitable people in their noble quest to help get Our Soldiers Off the Street.

Can I ask all sites to carry a link to them please and all readers to pass their link on to people who might be able to help them.

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