Thursday, 27 August 2009

The New Green Arrow site already under attack

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The new Home of the Green Arrow and Friends site is already under attack by the communists who understand the importance of Patriotic Internet sites in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the true British People. The following story has just been filed by John of Gwent.

I don't need any fancy statistics to see GA and I have managed to bring ourselves to the attention of the cyber-nutters.
A brief trawl through the site logs shows a bunch of lemmings in taiwan seem to want to persist in hitting us with all manner of attacks targeted at Bill Gates' WinDoze.

Good luck with that one, chaps, this site - indeed the whole room the server is in - has not seen fit to soil its infrasctructure with that man's crap for over fifteen years.

I also see a few spirited souls trying to destroy the site by running the "install" script that came with it. Denise, Atreus and Weyman you really MUST get round to training your cybertroopers to READ the manuals.

The content and forum software does not START if the install direcoties are still there. But nice to see you can spell phpMyAdmin.

I could go on but it is nice to see we have clearly been noticed by the opposition.

However if that is the best they can do, it's damn good job I have a day job to go to, because if I were retired like the scum IFA's told me I should now be, I'd have all day on my hands, and the opposition's servers would be down in flames.

Should I start a league table of the IP addresses of the biggest losers in the hacker stakes ? What do our readers think ?

Some of you might like to have the free new site Wallpaper for your machines. These were created for us by our good friend Stuart. Thank you Stuart.