Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Bridgend Patriots at the RWB

The Bridgend Patriots

I know a patriot blogger should not have a "favourite" BNP Branch or Group, especially when their own is actually up in the valleys but there is something special about the "Bridgend Boys".

Now, there is a massive amount of work to be done and I have a lot of serious articles to get out to provide ammunition for our activists on the ground and so you can expect a lot of output from this site today but time out on that for now.

For as I was about to start work, I felt I had to use up some of our precious time to view the following video as it showed images of the Bridgend Patriots at the RWB - an event I think I will be writing about quite a lot over the next few days.

Please watch the video before reading on.

Watched it? Good. Now let's talk about the people in the video, all of whom I know very well and am proud and privileged to call my kinsmen.

They are a perfect mirror image of every British National Party branch and group around the country. They are made up of people from all walks of life.

There are your intellectuals from the professions, the shop floor workers and the unemployed but together there are no differences between them. There is no "class divide", there is no "status in the local community" divide. They are all the same. People, British People, Welsh People who are united in their common struggle to take back OUR LAND for their children.

True some are more articulate than others and yes some sit silent at the meetings and say nothing. But they listen and they feel frustrated that they cannot express their anger but they know the truth. But sit with those one on one and they will tell you.

And yes some of them look hard men. But that is because they are hard men, they are fighters. The Welsh have always been fighters. When push comes to shove there is not a British General alive or dead who would not wish to have a Welsh Regiment at the weakest part of the line or on his flanks.

But I know these hard men. They do not wish to sit at home on benefits. They want jobs, jobs for men. They want to be miners, steel workers, ship builders. They do not want to work in the knicker factories or pack sandwiches for the office workers in the cities. They want their pride back as men. And if the traitors of Westminster will not give it back then they WILL take it back or die in the attempt.

Now I wanted to write a lot more about these men and what they are like but it will have to wait for now. But I do know this. These people are my friends, they are my family and they are doing their duty. Will you join us and do YOUR duty?