Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Peter Mandelson and the Marxist Tories

The "Face of Evil"

By: Tim Heydon

‘The Osborne argument’
(that the Tories are the true Progressive Party) ‘is an audacious attempt at political cross dressing that will convince few genuine progressives’. – Lord Mandelson

When George Osborne, the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, proclaimed that the conservatives were now the real ‘Progressive Party,’ the odious de facto New Labour deputy leader, the slippery, scheming, lying (Lord) Peter Mandelson’s repost might be viewed as another comically amusing revelation of the mans hypocritical and repulsive character, given that he must surely know, the Cameroon Tories really are every bit as Progressive as are New Labour. Why so? And why is it such a big deal for parties of the left, the Tories included, to claim the mantle of being ‘Progressive?’

Progressives see their ‘One world ‘ Utopia as ultimately a synchronised blend of races, cultures and religions boiled down and brought into being by ‘reason’ through science , technology and education. It will be (they assume – the details are necessarily vague) a sort of coffee -coloured ‘people – smoothie’. Since complete integration economically, racially, culturally, religiously and in every other respect will have been achieved, there will be no differences to promote resentment or hostility, so all will live amicably in complete concord and justice.

For most sensible people, however, this Progressive ‘Utopia’ or anything approaching it is a vision of a kind of hell. One not so brutal as the Second World War and its horrors, to be sure, but in a slow way just as deadly. It is a vision of a vast, rootless and atomised crowd of strangers in which the deep human need for roots, identity and belonging would be suppressed in a sea of never –ending sameness.. The restless human need, best expressed in nations, to be different as w ell as the same, would be considered a crime or an illness. This ‘Utopia’ would be a choice-less prison stripped of alternatives, numbing to the spirit and to hope and without escape. It would subject to norms of crushing mediocrity where living for today and guzzling consumerism would be the highest good and the only inspiration. Most likely, it would be at the mercy of a remote and incontestable government ruling through Stasi –like control.

The reality of the progressives’ dream is so juvenile in its lack of any grasp of reality or of what truly makes people tick, and likely to be so awful as a result , that it is no surprise to learn that it is founded on a long-defunct cult founded by men who went quite literally mad. And this cult was based on a fundamental misconception of history and of human nature. Progressivism originated in the 18th Century with the Marquis de Condorcet (1743-94), who wrote a famous essay in which he asserted the perfectibility of human nature . He asked, will not the growth of knowledge demonstrate that ‘the moral goodness of man is susceptible of indefinite improvements and nature links together truth , happiness and virtue by an indissoluble chain?’ Richly ironically, de Condorcet perished in prison, put there during the French Revolution which celebrated ‘Reason.’

De Condorcet’s follower, Count Henri de St Simon (1760 -1825), argued that the chaotic state of society was due to the fact that it had not absorbed the lessons of Science. Progress was a by-product of Science as it advanced. Every society must move from a religious to a metaphysical view of the world and then to a Positive, scientific view. In each of these stages, knowledge becomes more definite and more systematically organised ( this is important for state control).

But St Simon was wrong. There is no fundamental opposition between religion and science. And the scientific determinism which is used to attack, say, the miracles of the New Testament, is outdated. Quantum Mechanics say they are perfectly possible. Further, rather than modern science rising inevitably on the grave of religion, in fact modern science is a creation of Christianity, an argument first put forward by Alfred North Whitehead, co-author with Bertrand Russell of Principia Mathematica and accepted by most scholars today. So there is nothing inevitable about the rise of Science. And while it is true that organised religion has declined partly as result of popular misconceived views about Science, the religious impulses remain as strong as ever. .

And although the Progressives were unaware of it, not only is Modern Science a function of Christian ideas, but their idea about progress to the coming Utopia also derive from Christianity - from Jesus’ teaching about the coming Kingdom of God of justice, brotherhood and peace.

The Kingdom of God is first a spiritual realm which one can enter only if one acknowledges that though one is capable of good, one’s nature naturally inclines to evil, repents and turns to God. Through faith the individual will then make the world a better place.

Progressives though perverted this teaching of ‘Progress’ to mean pretty much its reverse.

Rather than sinful but repentant people making the World better, a better World, they said, can make people good. Humanity, they claimed, naturally inclines only to the good. Our minds are fundamentally Progressive. If we are bad it is because we have been made so by human institutions. We can and will be made good, simply by the changes which will be brought about by the inevitable advance of scientific knowledge. Naturally the idea that people can be made to be ‘good’ has proved irresistible to individuals whose primary impulse is the urge to boss others about.

This Progress is said to operate in history through technology. For the first Progressives it was the then-new railways. For Lenin it was Electricity. For the globalising, free-trading Cameroons it is the Internet.

These technologies produce new modes of existence which force a convergence of values and increasing organisation. This process, they believe, must end in a truly scientific world which will be united in a single economic system bringing maximum benefits A universal civilisation will dawn, governed by a secular, all- embracing morality which has become science, as objective in its results as physics or mathematics. The moral and political conflicts of the past will disappear and, since there is no conflict there is no need for power and the state will wither away. These ideas became the core of Marx’s conception of communism.

The historical sociologist Liah Greenfield has observed that ‘Curiously Marxism, abandoned in the lands traditionally dedicated to it is remarkably similar to the Anglo-American view of the world,’ (Quoted by John Gray; ‘Al Quaeda and what it means to be Modern’). ‘Progressive’ liberals, leftists, globalising free-marketeers like Cameroon or whatever, share a Marxist belief in the fundamental importance of economics and the inevitable advance of ‘scientific’ knowledge which will lead to a One World of peace and plenty and maximum human happiness.

Cultural differences, everything particular and human to a society, are mere surface manifestations which will either shrink into insignificance or disappear. It is because they share these false Marxoid beliefs that the major Parties treat ancient communities and way of life with total contempt and seem so very similar..

St Simon, who spent years in a hospital for the insane and his disciple Auguste Comte (1798-1857) who was eventually pronounced incurably insane by a psychiatrist, founded a Progressive ‘church’ which would preach the tenets of the new religion of Scientific ‘Positivism’.

This cult had its own priests, vestments, altars, hymns and calendar. There were sacraments, including an equivalent of Baptism, requirements as to prayer, and so on.

So there we have it. The people who rule us, and who will rule us, Progressives all, are the slaves of a dead cult based on a perversion of Christianity, ignorance of history and a false view of the malleability and perfectibility of human nature.

That the ludicrous ideology that the human mind is naturally progressive and that the advance of science brings goodness should have survived the scientific slaughter of the World Wars, the Nazi death camps and the mass murders of the Gulags at the behest of scientific Marxism shows the depths of delusion that ‘educated and ‘knowledgeable’ leftist are capable of. These ideas have only ever had a fringe appeal to the European right.