Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Day After Tomorrow: Something big is about to happen.

Something bad this way cometh
By Sir Percival

I don't know if you have ever watched a rather dreadful film called "The Day After Tomorrow" in which global climate change causes a sudden (within 48 hours) ice age which oddly enough only effects the northern hemisphere, specifically Western Europe and the USA. It ends up with millions of Americans seeking refuge in Mexico realising just how wrong they all were all along bla, bla, bla, bla.

Well if you haven't seen it don't bother. The only reason why I mention it is that the film starts with a series of apparently unconnected weather events (a killer hail storm in Tokyo, snow in Bombay etc) that forewarn of the disaster soon to be unfolding, but nobody is willing to put two and two together and save the planet (yawn).

Here is a short list of apparently unconnected events and predictions recently published in the mainstream media that only those with the brains of a house fly would fail to piece together.

1) UK retirement age could rise to 70 - Times Online

I've always been told that one of the main benefits of mass-immigration, if not THE main benefit was to help the ageing indigenous population pay for retirement. That is, importing millions of young immigrants would mean that the proportion of those working to those retired would increase and therefore ensure that a reasonable retirement for the poor old Brits would be achievable.

The big problems with this is that:

i) many of the imported immigrants don't actually work and end up draining money out of the system to pay for their benefits instead of it going to the old folk,

ii) if they do work it is generally at the lower end of the pay scale over which the tax take is minimal (pushing Brits out by undercutting wages causing them to have to claim benefits which could be put to better use),

iii) if they do earn any money, they send it out of the country,

iv) young immigrants become old retired immigrants.

The fact that the retirement age is set to 68 and may have to rise to 70 shows the abject failure of immigration as a solution to our pension crisis, confirming what most people already realise: that mass-immigration is the biggest disaster in this country's history.

2) Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent - Telegraph

Immigration numbers have taken on such large proportions that many of the countries of Western Europe will be changed beyond recognition in the next 20 years. It is expected that within that time muslims will make up 20% of Western Europe's population and more in Britain. And that's just muslims. If you take all immigrants (and British born children of immigrants) whites will be a minority in Britain within 20 to 40 years.

This process won’t stop after that time, after then whites will just become an even smaller minority.

If you see what impact immigration is already having on our society, particularly in the inner cities with rape, murder, drugs offences, gang warfare, alien traditions being imposed on us and even sharia courts, imagine what it would be like if immigrants formed an even larger proportion of the population or even a majority.

It’s too dreadful to contemplate yet it WILL happen unless the BNP come to power, because not one of the current main parties will even recognise the threat, let alone plan to do anything about it.

The population is also expected to reach 77 million (some estimates are much higher) within 50 years. Most people realise that a population of about 50 million is the maximum sustainable in Britain. Jonathan Porritt puts the figure at 30 million.

3) Food crisis could force wartime rations and vegetarian diet on Britons - Times Online

“The British people face wartime rations and a vegetarian diet in the event of a world food shortage, a new official assessment on the UK’s food security suggests today.”

This is absolute nonsense. Britain is 73% self-sufficient in food production and we have one of the best climates for agriculture in the world, and even with projected climate change (if it actually happens) it still would be. We should be aiming to provide sufficient food for ourselves. This would be easily possible if we didn't have to provide for 15 million or more imported immigrants.

The fact is there is a very good chance that mass immigration will be the cause of food shortages. It's not too far fetched to say that white children could literally go hungry to put food in the mouths of immigrants.

The same principle applies to power production, infrastructure, provision of water, housing, schooling, health provision etc. Put simply, if there were no immigrants, there would be plenty to go around.

This is just a short random selection of the mountain of evidence that "something big is about to happen". Will the establishment join the dots? Will they face up to reality and take the decisions that need to be taken? Don't hold your breath, even with the Tories it's more of the same.

The truth of the matter is that they want this to happen, that at least can be the only logical conclusion to their actions and policies. The fact that they will try to suppress ANY protest or debate which is critical of their multi-cultural plans just confirms this. Recent events in Birmingham have shown the ruthless violence they will use to silence freedom-of-speech.

Simply by writing this article which I have deliberately kept mild they would call me a racist, fascist, Nazi. An accusation which in their world is in need of no further proof. The sheep people are likely to believe them and they can effectively ignore me and carry on.

So be it. Something big IS about to happen, and they will reap what they sow.