Monday, 17 August 2009

You've either got or you haven't got style

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin teach Bing Crosby about Style

Just because I left a patriotic place at 0630 in the morning, having emptied all their barrels and my wallet in the process, did not mean I would not be fit for duty the next day at 0730.

Green Face more than Green Arrow would have been a more suitable name for me and God only know what London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook BNP and MEP Andrew Brons BNP made of the mad Welshman who accompanied by Anthony, a Wales BNP cameraman, intruded on their peace.

But both of these gentlemen have something special. They have style, they have class and like the Chairman they have the "Common Touch" with the BNP membership that was, as far as I could see, perfectly genuine. Neither knew me from Adam.

Richard Barnbrook says he has a thick skin.
He needs one in City Hall, where he is surrounded by
insanity, depravity and corruption

Digging deep, Anthony the cameraman and I forked out £20 to Adam Walker who was blocking the entrance to the "Champagne Event" and dressed like tramps we entered the realm of the high and mighty of the BNP hierarchy.

Now these events are not my usual thing but I wanted to talk to a couple of people and so in we went and enjoyed a very pleasant buffet and a nice glass of orange juice that might have been used to create a passable Bucks Fizz had there been a drinks licence for us to actually have champagne to go with it. For spiteful legal reasons we were not allowed any champagne and for legal reasons, I will not tell you whether we did have any or not.

But we were not there to enjoy ourselves. Our first target was Richard Barnbrook, dressed in one of his many suits of sameness and so easily picked out of all the other "men in suits".

He certainly had dress style but did he have the "class" to match it. At first for one minute, I thought No. Read on, read on.

Approaching him, I asked if it would be possible to have a couple of photo's taken with him, gently pushing past he excused himself by saying "Just one minute please and I will be right with you" and off he rushed. I thought, Hmmm, last we will see of him then but of course as usual I was wrong.

For as good as his word, I heard him make his excuses to another gentleman and promptly returned to the scruffy pair of thugs in the corner.

After the photos were shot, we spoke about many things and his work in London. Now I am not going to go into those subjects now, as I intent to write a lot more about Richard in the future.

For now I am writing about senior BNP members who have style and class and Richard appears to have that in trumps.

In my past life, I have interviewed hundreds if not thousand of people and have become pretty good at looking into a man's eyes and seeing his soul and more and Richard passed with flying colours.

His dress was impeccable, his interest in the questions genuine and he looked you in the eyes whilst giving answers. And the answers were not just rattled off, learned by heart lines, he interjected his own views into his replies. I give Richard a 10 out of 10. He has Style. Thank you Richard.

Andrew Brons never needed to learn "Style"
He was born with it

Now for another man with Style and Class. Right from the off I knew where I stood with this man for I was once in the other party also - twice in fact. Andrew Brons MEP BNP.

For whilst I was looking into his eyes as he was answering my questions, he was looking into mine. What he made of me I have no idea but I was most impressed with him.

Again another man who will not let us down in the dress stakes or as a future government minister or any government role he chooses for himself. He is capable of doing any job.

Articulate and clearly thinking before he responded to my questions, I felt immediately at ease with this fellow member. Again I will write more about Andrew in the future. Another 10 out of 10. Thank you Andrew.

Now, just as in real life there are winners and losers, so to in the "Style and Impress a member" stakes there are those who will not score so high.

But the two gentleman above are in a Class of their own.

More "names" and more results tomorrow.

You've either got or you haven't got style.
(If you got it, you stand out a mile.)
A flower's not a flower if it's wilted,
(A hat's not a hat till it's tilted.)
[You either got or you haven't got class.]
[How it draws the applause of the masses.]

We should all remember that anyone can buy the appearance of Style but real Style and Class comes from within. Because the simple truth is "You've either got or you haven't got style" no matter what you wear or what you drive.