Monday, 24 August 2009

Councillor Kevin Edwards is the PPC for Aberavon

BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards and Nick Griffin MEP BNP Chairman

Right, where now where were we? That's it. The BNP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Aberavon has been announced and I am very pleased to let you know it is Councillor Kevin Edwards.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Kevin on several occasions and working with him on several projects that advance the cause of the BNP in Wales and believe that he is an excellent choice.

Now I had hoped to include a video I once had of Kevin speaking on the streets of Neath, when Peter Hain had announced that that town was a no go area for the BNP - well Kevin proved him wrong on that score when he and a score of other Welsh Activists turned up whilst the communist Hain was out with a gang of thugs forcing Hain of the streets of his own constituency by asking him "Where did the money go Peter?".

In the absence of the video, that may yet turn up, you can read more about some of the work that Kevin has done for his constituency and the BNP by following this link here. Kevin now has his own blog so why not pay him a visit and wish him well for the future.

Proud to call you kinsman my friend. You will make a fine MP.

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