Friday, 21 August 2009

Cardiff Soldiers Mother Banned By Post Office!

I have taken the following text from the Derby Patriot to avoid duplication of work. Thank you Darby. Darby Patriot also goes on to make a few suggestions. Please visit and bookmark.

On August 18th 2009, Mrs Davis attempted to send her 21 year old son, who is serving in Afghanistan, a parcel from a Post Office run by a Mr Khan in Ely, South Glamorgan, Wales.

Mrs Davis' son left for Afghanistan at the end of July for a six to eight month tour of duty. He has only been able to call his mother once in the weeks since he left.

When Mrs Davis went to her local Post Ofiice to send her son a parcel she was told she was banned because her son is fighting with the British Army.

Now this is a distressing story and one that we are going to be hearing a lot more about.

Let us just remind ourselves of a few facts. Put aside the main one, that Our Soldiers should not be fighting an illegal war - they are still Our Soldiers and should be supported. They only do their duty.

  • Moslems insult and threaten our wounded soldiers in mixed ward hospitals.
  • Moslems disrupt the welcome home parades for Our Troops. Not their troops Our Troops.
  • Moslems celebrate the deaths of our dead heroes on their chat sites and forums.
And now they carry their attacks on Our Country and way of life a step further by attacking the parents of those who fight for Our Country. Enough really is enough.

Now the BNP Wales Team who carried out that interview with Mrs Davies did not say it but I can. I have done a little digging of my own into this Mr Khan and he appears to be one very dodgy character.

I have heard rumours of the misuse of "Chip and Pin" in his shops. I have even heard rumours of him being a Solicitor who was struck off. Whether these are just malicious rumours made up by residents angry at his actions in this matter, I have no idea but intend to find out.

If anyone has any information on this man, be it fact or more rumours, please email me the details at All information received will be treated as confidential.

Let us hope that the BNP main site picks this up and runs with it today - not tonight but today.