Saturday, 22 August 2009

Australian Protectionists applaud BNP’s success

Good luck to the APP

Foreword by the Green Arrow Sorry I am late posting this article from our kinsmen down under but I thought it worth posting as it shows we are not alone in our struggle to save the white race from its planned genocide.

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman Mr. Andrew Phillips today congratulated the British National Party for their stunning electoral victory in the recent European Parliamentary elections.

Despite a barrage of media smears, lies and physical attacks, members of the BNP have shown immense stoicism and tenacity to take 2 seats in the European Parliament” Mr. Phillips said. “Retired lecturer Andrew Brons won in Yorkshire and Humber region while full credit must go to BNP Chairman Nick Griffin for his victory in the North West region”.

The APP intends to invite one of the new BNP members of the European Parliament to Australia on a speaking tour to spread their message of group cultural rights for everyone, including Australians of European descent and pass on their winning tactics and campaigning techniques to those Australians wanting to fight the institutional racism currently endured by Australians wanting group rights.

Australians of European descent are the only group excluded from having any “group rights” under the present multicultural regime.” Mr. Phillips continued, “Currently , groups can set up an Aboriginal TV/radio organisation, Asian students body or an African cultural association, each one feeding off taxpayer funding with government departments bending over backwards to accommodate their needs – but if anyone sets up a “Euro-Australian rights group”, it would immediately be attacked as racist. White Australians are the only group attacked for organising for the rights and interests of their own people.”

Like the BNP, the Australian Protectionist Party seeks to bring some balance back to the current sad state of affairs by ending the current hypocrisy and discrimination exhibited by self-serving parliamentarians acting against the national interest”.