Thursday, 20 August 2009

Manningham belongs to Muslims.

It is his town now - even if he is in jail

"Manningham belongs to Muslims. We don't want whites.
We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out."

Those were the words shouted out by Amir Rehman before he stabbed and slashed 51 year old white man, Ronald O'Connor as he walked to a shop to get a loaf of bread.
The court heard that Rehman, of Lumb Lane, Manningham, was described as in a frenzy, “like a crazy man, out of control,” as he tried to slash Mr O’Connor’s face. The palms of Mr O’Connor’s hands were slashed as he tried to defend himself.

Prosecutor Richard Gioserano said: “Rehman was swinging at him over and over again with the knife. Mr O’Connor was in great pain and in fear, literally, of his life.
Forget the paltry sentence of five years. That is nothing. The real story is what the madman said. "Manningham belongs to Muslims." It does. It is lost to the True Brits, the rightful owners of the place. Lots of places now belong to Muslims and you better realise that.

Because if you do not open your eyes then the whole bloody country will belong to them and sooner than you think.

Kosovo is coming and there is nothing you or I can do about it but to build bridges and bonds with your kinsmen all over the country, because we are going to have to fight whether you like it or not.

Well go read the article. I wonder what colour the school children were, that this stinking enricher and his gang robbed as they went to school?

Try not to laugh hysterically when you read the pansy Judges comment "seemed to have a racail motive". I hope they have his head first.