Friday, 28 August 2009

Why thinking people are voting BNP

This is a must watch video.

Please go here, rate and leave a comment. It is excellent.

I just want to add something and it concerns some of the comments received about this video. All agree it is superb and should be seen by the population. So far fine.

But a few people have picked up on spelling and grammatical errors. Now I am a fine one to talk about spelling and grammar but my excuse is, I left school in 1964.

But what some older readers must realise, is that the guys making the videos and writing the articles of today are the product of the education system that was designed to turn them into dumb unthinking creatures.

Fortunately some of them got through the system without being brainwashed. I think we can forgive these people their spelling and grammar mistakes. It is their generation they must get the message out now. OK M8?

Hat Tip: Roger Phillips