Friday, 21 August 2009

Plaid Communist unhappy - WHO CARES?

Laurence and Clive waiting for the gates to open

Plaid Curry Communist have spat their dummies out because the British National Party were once again at the prestigious Vale of Glamorgan agricultural show that was visited by over 25,000 visitors.

Many of whom upset a watching communist plaid supporter, by not waiting to be offered a leaflet or paper but actually queuing up at one stage to receive one.
A communist spokeswoman for Plaid Cymru said: We were very unhappy that the BNP was given official status at the show and permitted to distribute their material.

“When we protested, we were told by the show organisers that the BNP had as much right to be there as us. The concern is that the BNP is seeking to make itself appear respectable, and in future will try to get admission to the Royal Welsh and the National Eisteddfod.”

Nicola Gibson, the show secretary, said: “So far as we are concerned, the BNP is a registered political party. It is not for us to deny them the right to a stall.

Correct. Agree or disagree with the BNP - they have the legal right to go where they please, despite what the communist filth Darron Dupre of Seachlight Communist Cymru says.(Please do follow that link)