Friday, 21 August 2009

Swansea BNP at the Vale of Glamorgan Show

I like Laurence - like me, he is anti-establishment

There is no doubt about it, some British National Party branches run on Duracell batteries whilst other branches run on regular.

High Noon in the Vale of Glamorgan

Take Swansea BNP, whilst I am many others were still recovering from the Red, White and Blue, Swansea were quickly back in action and doing their duty at the at the Vale of Glamorgan Show held in the grounds of Fonmon Castle nr Rhoose airport.

"Don't let him get away Clive"

Our boys were there in force. There was Laurence, Tim, Anthony, Sion and Clive handing out lots of Freedoms and leaflets as well as answering questions from the public. By all accounts they also got a bit sunburnt on what was another good day of action for Swansea BNP. Wish I had known, I would have liked to have joined them.

Now one last image and this is my favourite and was taken at the Red, White and Blue. Do not ask me why it is my favourite. I honestly do not know. Perhaps it is the Welsh Flags, the Welsh Cakes and the rolling pin or perhaps just the lovely blue eyes of the little angel behind the table. I do not know - I just like it. It seems to say something about the real BNP people.

Sandra Bennett - wife of Clive "Cowboy" Bennett

Thank you for the faggots and peas Sandra - they were delicious.