Monday, 10 August 2009

Police Invoke Public Order act for RWB

Well it looks as if all those trade unions wasting their members subscriptions by paying for the communist thugs of the UAF to travel to Derbyshire, to threaten women and children at a family event are just going to waste their time and police time. Still I suppose it is a day out for them.

The local council and police have invoked the 1986 Public Order Act to prevent protesters disrupting the family Red, White and Blue festival after more than 30 UAF thugs were arrested last year for attacking local shops and the police. As in the previous nine years, there were no arrests or any trouble at the RWB itself.

Acting Assistant Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police Steve Cotterill said.

"We have used the Public Order Act to impose a number of conditions on the protest. These will stipulate designated points of assembly, protest and times of protest. We do not invoke such legislation lightly."
The anti-democracy thugs will be banned from congregating within five miles of the event that is being held on private land, although a small number of the misfits will be allowed to march past the 37 acre site, giving a laugh to BNP Security.

Hopefully they will have learned some new chants, and changed their clothes ready for when they march past the gates singing Ebony and Ivory, which gave us all a great laugh last year.

Although why the Council and Police do not just stop the thugs coming and turn these coaches about is beyond me. One would have thought that having seen the damage and the violence of these creatures caused last year would have been enough to stop them from trying to ruin a great weekend and taking business away from the small town of Codnor.

The UAF's paid black and bloated beach ball, Dreylon Bennet says the UAF wants to disrupt the first BNP annual gathering since our leader Nick Griffin was elected to the European Parliament.

The UAF, of course, does not stand in elections. They have nothing to say and have no solutions except one. Smash the BNP - yawn. Bonnet went on to say, in a clear threat;

"We want to make their event a disaster."

This year, the 10th anniversary of the Red, White and Blue there are expected to be 2,000 members and their families attending and as happened last year, most of them not even be aware of the red rabble penned in by the police five miles away.

Now some news about this great family gathering:-

Tickets can be purchased at the gate (upon showing membership card). Single tickets are priced at £20 and family tickets at £35.

Codnor Denby Lane,
DE5 8PT.

The fun starts at 12 noon on Friday 14th August 2009 and runs for the whole weekend. The weekend is a celebration of our regional and national British culture.

You can look forward to a weekend of non-stop activities and meeting hard-working party activists, volunteers and supporters from around the country.

The main events’ field will feature regional stalls, political marquee, children’s tent, dog show, tug of war, football competition, local history displays, a Veterans Parade and lots, lots more.

Sunday morning will start with a church service, continued displays and activities and end mid-afternoon with a closing address by Chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

Camping facilities are available. This tenth anniversary event has been made all the more special with the European election victory. It is not to be missed!

Well there you go guys. You are up to speed on the RWB. Do try and make it. Excuses like having a double heart by pass that day just will not wash.