Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Dear Green Arrow

"Mr Trotsky, I would like you to meet Mr Ice Pick"
"Mr Ice Pick, I would like you to meet Mr Trotsky"

Of course one of the benefits of being the Green Arrow is the large amounts of email I receive keeping me up to speed on what is happening around Our Country, BNP activities and of course what the reds are up to. All good material to be put through the blog grinder and passed on to the readers.

Now, I have mentioned before how boring the reds can be with their late night phone calls, the false blogs and posting of personal details and so it always nice to receive original death threats. But do I get any these days? No.

Take the latest one I received this morning via email and send by some loser who signs himself Leon Trotsky, who sent me a google map of a location a hundred miles from where I really live, with the simple message, "See you soon". Not if you go there mate you won't. LOL.

What sort of threat is that? Lousy. But he did give me a laugh with his email address:


Well he has a lot of work to do that is for sure. There are thousands and thousands of BNP members now and more join our ranks every day. Better get started Leon. You will need to kill about a 100 a day, 7 days a week to have any real impact on the membership figures.

Should I treat this losers email as a serious threat? Is it even worth reporting as net abuse? Maybe, maybe not. What I have done, is replied to the email address pointing out to him that I also happen to own an Ice Pick and look forward to meeting him very soon, we will then be able to resolve our differences once and for all.

Leon Trotsky was of course assassinated with an Ice Pick. But you already knew that:)

Good Morning BNP.

By the way if you wondered(if you did wonder - you are very strange) what happened to the Ice Pick that was used to kill Trotsky, wonder no more.