Wednesday, 19 August 2009

In praise of UKTabloid

Good morning BNP, Gruniard readers and red shite. I have a secret I want to let you into. I have decided to be more aggressive and more pro-active in my writing. I am fed up with sitting in my trench and I am going to go over the top on almost everything I write, until I either reach my target or get stopped. There, I have told you but keep it to yourself. Now on with the article.

Every morning I have my routine for starting the day. I will not go into detail as I have given it out before. But there are a few, a tiny few sites that I make a priority to read before I do anything else.

And the first site I now read is UKTabloid. I know the first name of person who runs it and I know exactly just how limited his resources are but have never communicated with him.

The guys is a machine. He is The Terminator of the many news sources that are available to all Nationalists.

By 0400 every morning his site is there ready for us bloggers to grab the information we need to carry the fight to our hated enemy - The Establishment who are the tools of The New World Order.

The man behind UKTabloid, is one of the great unsung heroes in Our revolutionary movement to take back Our Country and I for one salute him.

In my opinion(and I have an opinion on everything and everyone) all British National Party Leaders, Officers and Members should be instructed to make UKTabloid required reading every morning.

If they do this (and by now all should be able to read between the lines of the fourth estate lies) then they will be up to speed on what is happening around Our ripped apart Country.

When I speak to my kinsmen doing similar work - I do not have to waste time pointing them to a link to read something - they have already read it - we are in sync - we are effective - we are a team.

And all this information gathered in your minds or stored away on your hard drive will be useful in the future. You might not be able to put your hands on the information immediately but at least you know it is there for you to go find. I have had to do this thousands of times when writing articles. You can do the same.

Now about the main site, which is about the last site I visit before starting to write. There is an excellent article there by Peter Mullins, the British National Party spokesman on defence. I recommend you read it.