Sunday, 23 August 2009

UK Border Agency Finally Expells Illegal Workers

By The Informer

The cowardly maggots of the UK Border Agency have finally come to grips with the problem of millions of illegals swarming into our country.

They swooped into the Brewery field, Bridgend and found a virtual nest of illegal immigrants.

These illegals were promptly given a deadline to leave the country without leave for appeal until they land in their home country, attend properly to their personal circumstances, or properly bid farewell.

They were also banned from re entering Britain for 10 years

Grand stuff you may believe, but all is not what it seems.

The six victims and their families and children were not the detritus of some failed distant country at all.

They were all professional Rugby League players, white and Australian.

In picking on these honest, taxpaying, non dependent, and non claiming sportsmen the Agency have without question shown their true colours.

They are racially biased against white people who probably originate from these British Islands in the first place.

Who actually originated this disgraceful act?

Does this now set a precident, I ask?

Should the Australian Cricket team be dumped out of the country?

Should all international sporting events be cancelled in case someone decamps?

Or should we shut down this Agency and re-open the customs as they used to be?

This utterly despicable action is not only irrational, it is calculated for sure.
We white Britons and our close antipodean relatives are victims of the very laws that should be used to defend us.

This is not the only case of this type. There are thousands of examples.

The main question is; 'why have the media not covered this'?
And secondly. What would have been the reaction if the players were from Africa or Pakistan?

And again where were the plethora of immigration lawers that come out from under their stones whenever a non white illegal is found?

Think hard about this all of you.

This is just one more tactic to destroy our culture.

We are being taken over by the worlds great unwashed.

Most of you readers will actually do nothing.

Bl**dy well get out there and tell the public what is happening. Until the numskulls realize it we are doomed.

We Must Resist!!

Now, not tomorrow!!