Monday, 24 August 2009

A quick word about the new GA site.

by johnofgwent

........... and that word is arrrrrrrhggggggghhhhhhhhh !

God I feel better now. Well Actually No I dont.

Bloody Intense Bloody Debate (words tail off to frothing).......

Right here's the thing. And now yes this is an appeal to the technically minded amongst us. For lots of reasons that every software engineer will understand, every one of them related to "I do not want fifty different varieties of software going fifty different ways" I was exceptionally keen to fit a content management system to the site. And for a dozen other reasons I settled on joomla. It's "open source" which means it's got thousands of people working on it all over the planet and none work for Bill Gates. It's got nothing to do with Microsoft. It is incredibly flexible. And it's free (largely because it's got nothing to do with microsoft).

But migrating a blog from blogspot with intensedebate comments is looking to me to be a bloody nightmare not least because the only blogging system "officially directly supported" by intense debate is wordpress which - trust me i have used it - is very pretty but nothing like as flexible as joomla's article management system.

So come on all you techies out there point me in the right direction. Which way should I jump ? Or should I abandon the whole idea and leave us on blogspot at the mercy of google's politically correct elite ?