Thursday, 20 August 2009

Patriot Products and Diane Leech appeal

Patriot Products was launched at the BNP 10th Red White & Blue this year.

The product range can be seen by following this link.

You can read all about the appeal mentioned in the above video by reading this previous article from this site and are reminded that the action being carried out by Dianne Leech is an ongoing action.

You are also reminded of the new initiative to help our homeless ex servicemen in this article here that is giving details of the Soldiers off our Streets campaign. Please pass their link on to whoever you can. Thank you kinsmen.

Talking about appeals. I would like to thank both C and T for their kind donations to the ongoing running costs of the Green Machine. You have my word that it will be used to further our cause.

However, I hope you do not mind if I use some of the funds to purchase an electric kettle. I function better with lots of coffee and somehow coffee made in a microwave does not taste the same.

Talking about microwaves, do not attempt to warm your hands in them or hard boil eggs. Just does not work. Although when the egg exploded as I opened the door and covered my face I could not help laughing whilst wiping my glasses clean. I sometimes wonder about my inability to cook and sense of humour.