Wednesday, 5 August 2009

British National Party should launch an appeal for

Lets buy one of these for the boys for Christmas

Right that got your attention. First the pleasantries. Good morning British National Party, hope you are all well and feeling positive?

Right, thats that out of the way. We all have lots to get through, so let's roll.

During the 2nd World War, not only did the families of Great Britain rally around and donate much of their aluminium cooking utensils to the national campaign to gather in metal to build Spitfires but many villages, towns and cities would organise public collections to raise enough money to actually buy a Spitfire to donate to the Royal Air Force.

Well seeing as our traitor government sole job is keeping illegal foreign wars going and setting up Our Soldiers to be easy targets for people who naturally enough, object to foreign troops being on their soil and will not provide our troops with the equipment they need to survive out there, perhaps the British National Party should do something about it.

Now the BNP cannot stop the wars and bring Our Boys home until the sheep people who vote for the Lib/Lab/con alliance realise that they have been lied to and rally under the BNP banner but what the British National Party could do, is to to shame the British Government into sending Our Boys the tools they need to help them stay alive.

The British National Party should organise a national campaign to raise enough money to buy a Chinook helipcopter to help in troop movements in Afghanistan. If they cannot raise enough money for one of those then let us at least try and raise enough money for a decent armoured troop carrier, rather than the mobile coffin Snatch Land-rovers our troops are currently being driven to their deaths in.

Right, that is that out of the way. Pick it up and run with it BNP.

Now the next tranche of our article is also about our soldiers who are in Afghanistan and what we can do to help make their harsh lives and living conditions a little bit more bearable.

BNP activist Dianne Leech has for some time been collecting and sending the equivalent of Red Cross Parcels to our troops in Afghanistan. Proud of you Dianne. Now what can you do to help Dianne?

Well Dianne is going to be at this years Red, White and Blue and is asking all those who plan on attending to remember Our Boys and take along something from the list below for Dianne and her team to send out to the illegal war zone. No Aerosols please for obvious reasons.
toiletries toothbrush toothpate shampoo conditioner shampoo shower gel roll on deodrant razors shaving gel talcum powder medicated foot powder cotton buds wet or moist wipes eye lens claenser tissues travel wash sanitary protection face cleanser moisturizer for face and body savoury snacks include pringles various crisps nuts pork scratchings beef jerky savoury rice pot noodles noodles oat cakes crackers marmite stock cubes pkt soups sweet snacks include fruit or cerial bars friut flakes dried fruits shortbread also various biscuits eg digestive fruit custard creams ect various cakes include fruit cakes jam sponge cakes ect small tins fruit in natural juice with pull lid on jellies condensed and evapaporated milk packets made custard confectionery travel sweets toffee fudge energy sweets love hearts frit pastels starburst sweets lollipops mints chewing gum ect but no chocolate apart from mars bars or snickers clothing include socks t shirts underwear paperback books magazines for male and female puzzle books sport programes playing cards jigsawa notebooks black pens only sketch books batteries cd to watch or listen to pharmacy imodium rennies paracetomals plasters lip salve insect repellent ant powder sun cream drinks to include energy drinks friut juices high vitamin.
These donations may be left at the British Patriot Products stand which will be in the BNP Wales Marquee, where hopefully you may also find me.

Dianne will also be on hand:
"I can advise how to send parcels, please do not send aerosols or alcohol, we need items until soldiers finally leave Afghanistan so we need thousands of items to come through every day to keep parcels on the go also donations accepted to buy items. Please support our soldiers and let them know we care. Thank you. Dianne"
Now, I can tell you this. During my time overseas in the forces, there was nothing better we liked to receive from home than a surprise parcel full of goodies, nutty bars and useful items. Now being ex Royal Navy, I never ever thought I would say this but lets help make some Squaddies happy and sent them some goodies.

For those of you unable to attend the RWB, I will be adding some address details later today for you to send to the troops directly or to contact Dianne yourselves.

"Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having
been a soldier, or not having been at sea."