Monday, 17 August 2009

And whilst some were lurking some were working

John Oliver - Gwent BNP
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I just had a load of images of the RWB send into me by Anthony, the cameraman for BNP Wales and the one above brought back some memories of the young man in the image, who I had never met until Friday, when we started the long trip North together.

It is young John Oliver from Gwent BNP and seeing his image reminded me of all the other young BNP members I saw on the stalls over the weekend.

In fact although I played a small part in selling raffle tickets and helping out on the British Patriot stall, it was John Oliver who really worked hard. It seemed wherever I looked or wherever there was work to be done, he was there.

Later I was to discover that he is also the Fund Holder for Gwent which I thought to be excellent news. The sooner we get young men like Oliver understanding responsibility in the groups and branches the better.

I regretted on the way back that we were not sat together so I could have questioned him on a number of subjects

John, pleasure to work with you. Well done.