Friday, 21 August 2009

Soldier’s Mother banned by Post Office !

Cardiff, August 2009.

Mrs. Davies’ 21 year old son is a soldier in a Welsh Regiment which recently began an eight month tour of duty in Afghanistan. For many Mothers with sons on active service for their country, it can be a constant worry until they return safe, and whilst TV news of ‘another soldier has been killed yesterday’ may cause many of us to mourn their loss and curse dishonest Labour politicians, for a Mother it can be a heart-stopping moment. It is of great significance then, to be able to go to her local post office to send her son a parcel from home.

Except that for some people now living in this country, such as Mr. Khan, the owner of Mrs. Davies’ local post office in Wilson Road, Ely, Cardiff, they clearly don’t share the same values or principles as the British. When Mr. Khan asked Mrs. Davies where her ‘boy’ was and found out that he was serving in Afghanistan, something he clearly didn’t approve of, he banned her from his shop and post office and instructed his staff to refuse to serve her. This public humiliation in his shop took place in front of witnesses and left Mrs. Davies astonished, frustrated and upset. Even a neighbour who later offered to post her parcel was refused.

In today’s multi-cultural, politically correct society, Mrs. Davies didn’t know where to turn. The post office and the shop at the end of the road is a vitally important service to the local community and she was bewildered at being made to feel an outcast in her own country by an immigrant who was in a position of having the power to do so.

It was suggested to her ‘off the record’ to contact the BNP as being the only people to offer her support. We won’t tell you just who suggested this as you’d be surprised and it would cause quite a problem where he works, but Mrs. Davies subsequently contacted South Wales BNP with the story of her situation and the film-clip of the interview with Mrs. Davies is shown below.

We tried to contact Mr. Khan to ask for a statement by telephoning him at his post office premises on 029 -20591511, but apparently he is away in India at the moment. We spoke with his manageress though, a June Thomas who is carrying out his instructions in the meantime, but she just said, ‘No comment’.

We don’t know why Mr. Khan should feel he has any authority at all to dictate to British Mothers in this country that they are not allowed to post parcels to British soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Maybe you should ask him for yourself.

Whatever is said about Blair’s illegal warmongering in Iraq and Afghanistan, one thing is for sure, these conflicts involving our British soldiers are different from anything before.

In previous wars, wherever they may have been, at least when our boys returned past the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ they knew they were home and safe amongst their own people. They could depend on the support of their own people and that the home fires would be kept burning in their absence.

Now of course, in nuLabour’s Britain, in 2009, things are different.

It’s one thing that in Afghanistan the enemy include Taliban fighters with Yorkshire and Midlands accents, even perhaps with the odd Aston Villa tattoo. It’s another thing too, when wounded British casualties arrive back at Selly Oak NHS Hospital (because the military hospitals have been closed down) to be verbally abused by similar people to those that wounded them in the first place. Or when the same type of people blowing our troops to bits with roadside bombs in Afghanistan, can be found at home fast-tracked into positions of authority and power, such as magistrates, politicians, police, teachers and even sub-postmasters. Large tracts of inner-city suburbs and elsewhere have become foreign, alien communities demanding ever more political influence and power within British society.

What on earth have we allowed our country and ourselves to become ?

Footnote by Green Arrow

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