Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Searchlight Cymru - The Postmaster and the BNP

Ok - I have repeated it. So sue me. Go on. You know you want to.

Well for once I am flummoxed. Completely and utterly flummoxed and am unsure as to just how to respond to an email I have received from Darron Dupre, the Secretary for the communist run Searchlight Cymru organisation that now acts as the spokes-party for "The Establishment" parties in Wales via a Unison Trade Union address.

In a strangely polite letter for Searchlight (which makes it kind of scary and sets alarm bells ringing), Darren informs me, that I and the BNP have got our facts wrong about the shameful incident in Ely, South Wales, where a mother was prevented from sending a parcel to her soldier son who is serving in Afghanistan.
Will you and your colleagues have the courage to put up your hand, accept you got this one wrong and apologise via websites and blogs to a hard working member of the community who is simply protecting his staff from abuse and who supports our troops? You might even call him a patriot if he was white???? As it is, you are supporting the rights of anti-social members of the public who are not supported by the local community.
Also in the letter Darron, does at least acknowledge that the British National Party is a party that condemns violence by saying "some of the idiots who support the BNP" might be incensed into acts of violence by the above video. And what does he mean by "anti-social members of the the public"? Does he mean the few remaining white people in Ely?

Well Darron is right, the BNP does condemn all violence and would condemn and renounce and denounce anyone who does support violence for whatever reason. So will Darron also condemn the violence of Ken Livingstone and David Camerons UAF Claw Hammer Gang and get the communist crook Gable to stop the targetting of BNP supporters on their red rag sites? I doubt it.

But to return to the letter and the story. This is the opening line of the letter in which Darron makes a big mistake by making me dig a little deeper into this incident.
The Truth is that the BNP forgot to ask the most basic of questions: was there any history or why were you banned from sending the parcel
First he admits that Mrs Davies was banned and therefore prevented from sending the parcel but implies that there was also another reason for the ban other than the fact that he stated in front of witnesses that it was because her son was in Afghanistan. So what could that other reason be?

Could the Mrs Davies in the above video be the same Mrs Davies who suffered financial loss as a result of what seems to me, very dodgy dealings involving the use "chip and pin" technology, when paying by debit card in a supermarket in the same street as the Post Office in Wilson Road, Ely and is Mr Anjum Alam Khan the owner or manager of that shop? Why she is and yes he is.

Personally, I find it very strange that a shop stores a customers credit/debit cards details for over two months before putting them into the system. How does a customer know that a bill has not been "enhanced" during that time?

So could perhaps another reason for the ban be that it was Mrs Davies who had the courage to speak out to the press about this very dubious practise of storing customer details longer than most people would consider acceptable and the hardship it caused to local shoppers? No Darron, I suspect it is you who have not done your homework on this one.

And that fact that may cause the "local" MP that you mention in the final part of your letter some cause for concern in the future. I presume when you say "local" MP, you are referring to Kevin Brennan who is the Labour MP for Cardiff West. Again I am grateful to you - this time for bringing this parasite to my attention.(More information on this MP at bottom of article)

Now Darron, with regards to your closing paragraph and the attached statement that you wish me to publish.
I attach a statement that Searchlight Cymru and the local MP has worked on, on behalf of Mr Khan and I would be grateful if the BNP might think it appropriate to publish it in the cause of balance. As it is, when this goes National, as it surely will, you will look complete idiots especially when we gave you the opportunity to retract it.
Now I cannot speak for the BNP, you will have to contact them yourself - I can only speak for myself.

Whilst I am pleased to see that you have now dropped your "NO PLATFORM" stance and are now prepared to communicate and debate with the BNP and their supporters, I am wondering if your request for "balance" means that I will also be allowed the right to respond on your sites in the future?

As for the statement by Mr Khan, that was prepared by yourself and the Labour MP threatening legal action. Bring it on. Your weak statement and admission within it of the ban and your offer that Mr Khan will now accept Mrs Davies parcels providing someone else takes them into the Post Office confirms that I have my facts right.

Some notes on Kevin Brennan MP

Voted for a smoking ban
Voted against an investigation into Iraq War
Voted for gay rights
Voted for hunting ban

Enjoys watching International Rugby Matches paid for by the BBC (Your money)
Thought the Brit Awards were great - Paid for by the BPI
Had a fantastic weekend with his family at the Hay Festival paid for by Sky Arts

Sucked up £319,893 of taxpayers money in salary and expenses last year.

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