Friday, 21 August 2009

The Nation with an handle on its back!

Yep - that about sums us up
By Nemesis

The title might seem a little obscure to the none- B.N.P. nationalist but as Excalibur the retail branch of the B.N.P. has drinking vessels for sale emblazoned with the saying “another white mug we have more insight into what is being conveyed here than the ordinary person.

If we wend our way through the pages of British history we will find unsavoury content repugnant to many and in contrast events that extol Britishness to the highest order of virtue.

However, it should be noted that the negative aspects involved in the development of the British peoples is grossly outweighed by the positive. The strength of the British peoples is renowned worldwide. A strength that evolved from the tenacity of the fair skinned races inspired by a religion that promoted love … the religion of Christianity … a religion based on Christ a man who stood against the injustices of his time and the unjust characteristics of this world.

The Christian value upon which our culture has evolved over the last two thousand years is now sadly being exploited by anti- Christians and others that have no religious values. The British social system appears to be currently undergoing a program of foreign infiltration that is either assimilating or destroying all opposition to it. The attack upon our system is allowed to continue because to oppose it is unjustifiably portrayed as RACIST or ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

The main current weakness of the British peoples was once the strength that put the GREAT into Britain … strength formed from compassion and love from which our Christian society evolved. However, it is because of the Christian value of love that our country is now under the control of British despots and sycophants controlled by foreign powers … a country that is gradually adopting the traits of the detrimental foreign influences that undermine our system. Influences that will inevitably, if not neutralised, destroy the British way of life and place the legacy of Britain in the laps of the illegitimate.

The proposal of the introduction of sharia law into Britain is a major topic and step towards the destruction of the values of British Christianity. The religions of Christianity and Islam cannot exist side by side as the values in these religions vehemently oppose one another … one religion will have to succumb to the will of the other or both will remain in perpetual conflict.

The introduction of sharia law into Britain is a direct racist attack upon the British peoples as it threatens British culture and British Christian values the basis of the culture. The current Christian Archbishop Rowen Williams (Judging by his behaviour Rowen Atkinson would be more apt a description) has promoted the introduction of sharia law into Britain thus exposing the deep penetrating level of adverse foreign infiltration in our society.

Our main church leadership is adopting policies that will eventually destroy the Christian Church that they falsely represent. The Archbishop is acting in a way that could be considered tantamount to treason in his betrayal of Christianity and the British peoples … perhaps he should acknowledge what happened to Archbishop Sudbury in 1381:

On this day, June 14, 1381, while Wat Tyler negotiated with the king, the mob broke into the Tower of London, shouting, "Where is the traitor to the kingdom? Where is the spoiler of the commons?" When they found Archbishop Sudbury, he was at prayer before an altar with some of his associates. The rebels dragged all of them outside and down some steps to Tower Hill where they hacked off their heads as traitors. Lifting the heads on pikes, they carried them in triumph through the city

Well as Rowen promotes sharia, decapitation should not come as too much of a surprise to him.

So what is so different about sharia law? According to the sharia way of thinking, “women are born deficient and homosexuals should be thrown off mountains” (Daily Mail/ 17-5-2008).

In view of this statement around fifty percent of our population had better start wising up a bit rapidly and ten percent should learn to stay clear of mountains when in the company of Muslims.

When you add Apostasy (the killing of a Muslim who decides to try another religion) or the stoning to death of a woman accused of adultery (having their heads publicly smashed in with rocks) often merely a stitched up rape victim it can be seen that this religion wreaks of hatred, irrationality, ignorance and violence as opposed to the love, rationality and peace promoted by TRUE British Christianity.

However, the love and compassion shown by Christians towards all others of different cultures and religions really does warrant the handle on the back especially when the intention of those helped is to destroy the helper.

The love shown towards technologically backward and hate filled cultures that wish to destroy our way of life is counter- productive to our own culture. The process needs to be re-evaluated or we really will warrant the HANDLE ON THE BACK as we are relegated to second or third class people in our own country.


The Muslims often highlight the medieval barbarity employed by the European armies in the Crusades 1096- 1272 A.D. However, there is little merit in the accusations other than the actions were the medieval actions of the times … medieval actions abandoned today by Europeans but still employed by Muslims.

It should be noted that the initial Islamic expansion program following the death of Muhammad in 632 A.D provoked the medieval Crusades. The early part of the program consisted of the Muslim conquest of Damascus in 635 A.D., Jerusalem in 638 A.D., Alexandria in 641 and Spain in 711 A.D.

The initial attacks upon Christendom continued until temporary repelled in 732 A.D. by the Franks (French) under Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer). Islam continued in its aggressive expansion policy until eventually defeating the Byzantine army in the highly strategically important Battle of Manzikert in 1071 A.D.

The Byzantine Empire was the heart of Christendom. The Pope Gregory VII in 1074 called upon the Christian countries to support Byzantium. The first Crusade resulted in the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 under the main directive of Geoffrey of Boulogne who later became immortalised as one of The Nine Worthies.

The nine Crusades were a vicissitude of fortune between Islam and Christianity with victory having leaned more towards Islam by the end of the Crusades. By the middle of the fifteenth century Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantium Empire, was successfully overrun by the Muslim armies after the walls were breached with cannon fire … and still on they come.


The current Muslim aggression is seen all around us in the modern contemporary world. The slow insidious modern conquest by soft- power encroachment cultural infiltration and dominance is there to be seen.

The bombings in London that left over fifty people dead displayed the true face and intentions of the perpetrators and their kind. The rally against the return of our soldiers in Leeds by a small group of Muslims showed what side these people are on whether carrying a British passport or not.

The fact that the police allowed the protest and arrested relatives of the soldiers is another indicator of the level of foreign infiltration in our security forces. If these people really cared they would not have to do things such as blow up buses or debase military rallies. If they voted B.N.P. they would be voting for an end to the fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan thus saving the lives of people in those countries and the lives of young British soldiers.


The British peoples are being taken for mugs … if one day you find it difficult to turn around in a confined space it might be more than confinement. The majority of the British peoples are either too uninformed, misinformed or fearful to stand their ground. The few that are standing do so under the banner of the British National Party weathering all that the arrant filth of the establishment can muster. The only rational way forward is with the British National Party