Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Crime Ridden Cities - Tories and Labour equally to blame

"How 'cool' am I?" - Not very.

By Vortex

Most political commentators have reached the conclusion that there is virtually no difference between the Labour and Conservative parties. Together with the Liberals (now of course the Liberal Democrats) they have been responsible for the dramatic changes that have taken place in the UK since the 1950s, that have utterly changed our society.

They have overseen the triumph of Liberal attitudes starting mainly in the permissive sixties right through to the obsessively politically correct climate we have the dubious pleasure of living in today.

Together they are just as culpable in the explosion of sexual immorality, degeneracy, decadence and violence that has gripped the nation and turned many of our major towns and cities into no go areas. Places where decent people fear to tread and law and order has effectively broken down.

It is strange and somewhat annoying to hear Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary saying that while “violent crime has risen up to 70% since Labour came to power, including gun crime and fatal stabbings, meaning a US style culture of violence” has come to Britain, somehow the Tories have played no part in that. This was quoted in The Times of 25 August, which also stated that “Britain’s inner-city streets resemble the violent districts of Baltimore as portrayed in the US television drama The Wire, the Conservatives claim”.

Let us be absolutely clear that the blame lies with the old gang parties, their media allies and big business backers who have benefited financially by it. It was also the deregulation in the City that led to the rampant consumerism and materialism that accelerated under Margaret Thatcher’s premiership that added fuel to the fire of moral decline.

Remember the Yuppie “culture” and the “greed is good” philosophy so amply portrayed in the hit film Wall Street starring Michael Douglas?

This has spawned the current generation of feral youth, immoral, rootless and shiftless that has no sense of identity save that of “gang culture” and the obsession with looking “cool” and “hard”.

This has also been referred to the MTV generation. Where pop music and reality television play their part in the dumbing down of society and children grow up with no idea of their history or affinity to their own people..

The antidote to all of this is a mixture of a return to certain old standards and the introduction of new innovations to create a better and more wholesome society.

We need to start with education and of course a real return to the three R’s not just playing with rhetoric about the issue like the Tories do. As for Labour, yes I would say they are the worse of the two but the Tories are a very close second.

We need to provide extra sporting facilities and not only stop the selling off of playing fields but provide more.

We need to provide assistance for working mothers to be able to spend more time with their young families by means of effective tax cuts, and we need to return to family values, respect for older people, society and each other.

We need stiffer sentences for young offenders that really do deter anti-social behaviour and we need to applaud and reward hard work and service to the community, not raise on a pedestal degenerates who wallow in their own excesses.

The only political party with the will and desire to effect these necessary changes is the British National Party. The rest are either in denial or part of the problem.