Sunday, 30 August 2009

Yes, Another Sunday. Time for relaxation and a spot of light reading

by johnofgwent, Prospective BNP Parliamentary Candidate

Good Morning GA My trip this morning must wait until I get this article out.

And Good Morning To Our Readers. Now Before I start the main thrust of my article I have a special message for a couple of people. "Bigger Men and Women have tried, and some of them had guns. I'm still here and so is the car". Well actually, i tell a lie there it went to the great scrapyard in the sky a while ago but through wear and tear on its halfshafts, not through the incendiary devices some people who do not believe in Parliamentary Democracy placed around its exhaust under the fuel tank in the hope of taking it out and me with it. It was a while back, but it showed me that I must indeed be near the target if those who despise the laws passed by our Westminsster Parliament wanted me out of the way that much.

And now to my "thought for the day". The reading this morning is taken from The Pages Of Last Week's (21/08/09) Issue Of The Catholic Herald as reported in The Daily Telegraph

The article covers a book titled Reflections on the Revolution in Europe penned by one Christopher Caldwell and sold by Penguin Books at £14.99. A must-read if you can get it, if the review by Ed West a journalist whose day job involves writing for such hotbeds of revolution as The Financial Times.

Christopher Caldwell is a mild-mannered Financial Times journalist who over the past decade has covered continental Europe (France especially) and its relationship with Islam in particular.

That Caldwell is so mainstream, well-respected and analytical makes his conclusion all the more devastating - that the mass migration of Africans and Asians into Europe since the Second World War was an unprecedented, economically unnecessary and ill-thought-out plan that has had a profoundly negative impact on our way of life.

Furthermore, he says, the mass importation of Muslims at a time when Europe has lost its own faith and Islam has developed a dangerous and powerful radicalism threatens the very freedom of Europe.
PLEASE read the review and then research the background of the author of the work reviewed and the reviewer. I cannot possibly do justice to it here. Some things you have to discover the joy of for yourself.

And finally, a message to Jessica Morden in response to her letter sent in reply to mine questioning whether she held the same views on throwing eggs at protestors as the man who employes her as Parliamentary Private Secretary, the odious exponent of south african terrorism Peter Hain. And my message is "Anytime, girl. Looking forward to it in fact". Unless your boss would prefer to have his boys sent round to shut me up. You know my address, it's on all the letters I sent you ....