Saturday, 22 August 2009

Moslem Super Heroes - No such thing

"Comic strip land is Muslim Land Now"

Only a TV company that produces such mind numbing crap as Big Brother could be behind the plan to import the steaming pile of camel dung called Jabbar the Powerful into Our Country and use it to instil Islamic Values into our children.

Jabbar the Powerful is one of the characters from a Moslem series called The 99 that will soon be shown on British TV. Each Islamic super hero(don't make me laugh) possesses one of the Paedophile Allah's 99 attributes.

But of course just as they screw up the calendar and everything else they touch, they screw up the name of the series since in their medieval and backward cult, it is illegal to depict all of Allah's attributes - which in fact are zero - so there will only be 98 characters.

But let me help them out. Allah had no redeeming features or special attributes other than an insatiable lust for young children and a desire to hack peoples heads off for fun. The creature was a crazed psychopath who took control of any brain dead zombie moon bat he could find to follow him and swallow his porkies.

Given that anybody who watches Big Brother is already half way brain dead, it should be a huge success and you can bet that every infant school will soon be stocking the spin off toys in their nurseries.

Why do MALE followers of Muhammad exhibit almost IDENTICAL characteristics irrespective of culture, race, colour or sect?

Listen to this Video and then you will understand why the Moslems are as barking mad today as they were when Allah first took a nine year old child to his bed.