Monday, 17 August 2009

On the buses with the UAF

A great tip from Green Arrow & Derby Patriot !


What would we do without the U.A.F eh? Thanks for the free lifts from various locations including "Harwich", well appreciated ! Thanks to these kind people, members were able to make it to the 10th Anniversary Red, White & Blue Festival. A great weekend had by ALL. Thanks to ALL those within the BNP, the activists & members for all their hard work and of course the UAF for laying on the free bus services.
Members identities hidden for the usual reasons (i.e UAF thuggery).

Sorry I was not able to make the 10th, beyond my control, really pissed off too, missed a lot of friends !

Footnote By Green Arrow

Hilarious Dude. Sorry I missed you brother - next time. You would have loved it.

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