Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My problems with the EDL

Yeah - that might happen in Never Never Land but not in the UK

Now if the likes of Nick Griffin and Simon Darby do not know what to make of the English Defence League, then what chance do I?

With that in mind I am just going to make some observations of my own.

Take a look at the top image and one of the banners that were on display at the Battle in Birmingham.

Whether it was a ploy, I do not know. Personally if it was a ploy then it has backfired on the person who thought it up.

The truth is that the Blacks who were amongst the first to start the occupation of Our Country were also the first to start burning our cities and hacking people like PC Blakelock to death. Do the British not have a collective memory of our past? Do we forget and forgive so easily?

During the American Election campaign for the Presidency, a staggering 95% of blacks voted for the mixed race moslem Bannanarama Obama, who is not even American. They did not vote for right or wrong or this policy or that policy - they voted colour and their colour is BLACK.

No, I am sorry but pipe dreams like "Black and White Unite" just will not, cannot work. Nature is funny that way. Only draconian laws can make two dissimilar groups of people live side by side without each attempting to displace the other or one group fleeing. And we know who runs away in this country. The White Flighters.

In Birmingham there was a unification but that unification was one of Black and Asians, as you can see from the images below, that were taken on that day when innocent white people were attacked and robbed by the united enrichers having been goaded on to violence by the rabble rousing communist UAF.

Blacks and Asian Unite against Whites - always

But the alliance between Blacks and Asian will not last. In the not too distant future, when there is not even one hated "White Racist" left in the cities they will turn on each other. They always do and they always will. Nature again.

I have no wish to unite with this UAF supporter or his violence

So to me, looking at the above images and other images of the banners of the EDL and reading some of their statements posted there, I can see that whoever is behind them have no real idea about what is happening to Our Country and even less of an idea on solutions to the danger the indigenous Scots, English, Welsh and Irish are now in.
Latest Press Release 05/08/09

We at the EDL have always stated our position regarding racism within our group, but for the sake of those who still do not believe this, then please read.

We are a mixed race group of English people, from Business men and women, to football hooligans and supporters.

We absolutely condemn racism within our group, and have no issues with Muslims. Our issues are with Radical muslims who wish us harm, and intend to do so. Also with those who wish to turn England into an Islamic state under Sharia law.

OK, I accept that these days every statement must now start with the tired and worn out "condemn racism" words - but that should be an obvious to all and needs not to be said, its use only plays into the hands of the marxists who are "guilt tripping" the Whites with an artificial word.

But the EDL do not appear to understand that there is only one type of moslem and that is a radical one. If they are not radical then they are not moslems and condemned by their own cult followers. The rules for Islam are simple - Submit or Die. Simple as.

Now the above banner displayed by the EDL is also a big turn off. I accept that they may not wish for the support of the BNP or their membership - which again to me indicates their lack of organisational skill and ability.

But as a British National Party member, that banner is implying that the BNP is "Racist" which from personal experiences, I know that is not the case. The BNP might love their Country and their kind and they rightly object to being made the victims of slow genocide but that does not mean they hate the imported invaders as individuals or even as a race. That hatred should be directed at the traitor politicians who work for the genocide of The True British People.

Now I am going to post a rather long open letter to the EDL that was written by The Wolf over on another nationalist site. I publish it, neither in support or opposition to its contents but simply to stimulate debate.

I have a message to the EDL and in fact other

To the EDL I say this, you know we stood at your side, went toe to toe, many of us cut of by the police and forced to defend ourselves in whichever way, you know that ethnics covered all the bases and that we were massively outnumbered, yet we nationalists stood. Are we to still get this treatment, still be disparaged, then what is the point, why face that together to then act in this manner, you know that this is our country, that Europe is ours, then why disparage us for truth, why this rubbish, especially after you saw the behaviour of those others you claim you have no problem with.

You see we white nationalists recognise the futility of this multiracial experiment ,we realise that to enforce this is wrong and I know that you do to, yesterday many of we nationalists were led into a trap, cut off completely and forced to fight hand to hand, you were reasonably safe where you were. It was only when the ethnics broke through that you faced danger, we were in there anyway, Negroes prowled looking for trouble, looking for whites, they joined with the Asians against both you and us, do not hide from this do not lie to yourselves about this.

You know that all of the ethnics attacked whites, mugged many and age had no bearing, you know that parents were attacked even as they pushed their children that the non-whites took out their frustration upon all whites. Yet still this so-called anti-racism rubbish is spouted, perhaps then the Asians throwing bins, bottles and placards are merely the enemy whilst the negroes doing same are not, perhaps the large mass of negroes prowling for prey are brothers yet the Asians not, what of the fact they worked together, that the non-whites came at us as one.

Is it not time for us to stand together, for whites to say enough is enough, certainly we suffered no defeat yesterday, the police put us in danger, you will know to of the left, know their game, yet still refuse to stand together against them, already leftists from last night plan their scheme against the BNP, ethnics now empowered believe they have chance, perhaps to, the BNP may face similar danger. Last night non-whites numbered in their hundreds if not a thousand or more, we are beginning to know now how it was done, their methodology, a little too late, yet after all nationalists did not set the parameters others did.

It is quite sickening to me that others do not seem bothered, that a non-white horde has attacked our community and we stand mute, as if we can type no more, for type is all we do. Not so yet in other countries, there nationalists stand together, here even I am surprised, you know we have the power, we all could state our case put bodies on the streets and defend our people, apart we are too small, too divided yet together we have the chance. It is not over yet I feel. Although we have yet to know the machinations of the state and its militia force, from experience I would say that you join us in prohibition. Join us voiceless, last night they did what they intended, cut us off and attacked from many directions, it was I still believe a trap.

What would you have us do EDL pass yours by and leave them on the ground and you us, or do you know as I that in the frenzy we fight together, you may not believe this but nationalists do not want this distancing, do not want this division, drop the Zionism, the pro-multiculturalism rubbish and then stand. Nationalism, nationalism, will the BNP stand, will they say that enough is enough and its time, will the NF or any other, or will nationalists have to as last night contest independently, what if we had an umbrella, certainly I know this has been attempted before but whilst we play it silly the situation grows ever worse.

Is there no chance of a meeting, a meeting of all groups, to iron out difference for now and stand as one, as a group, those that desire to still create disharmony, for whichever reason, well we have the absolute power to tell them off or see them gone, it is the rank and file that make a movement, not the leaders. Who on SF will stand if asked, who will throw their hat into the ring for good or bad, who among the EDL, will stand with we nationalists, or must we flounder on separately. Will you sit typing or ranting whilst our young are battered by raging mobs, as the left direct a massive horde against whites, as children and women run screaming and move on to another subject, then know this, it is over, if you will not oppose whilst we have chance then your children and their inherit a cruel legacy.

So EDL take the offer from nationalists, it will not be offered repeatedly and let us solve the problem.

Thought provoking stuff. I only hope that in any future "protests" that the EDL do not allow themselves to be used by the enemies of the True British People.

The last thing that we need when we are are within sight of winning the people over are images of people burning Korans and effigies of Moslems.

Images like that will not win over those British People who are still not awake to the truth. All they will see and believe is what The Establishment Press will scream out to the World "BNP Thugs Incite Violence". If you see that happening, those committing those acts are not REAL nationalists but agent provocateurs - stop them.

Hold the protests, the more support the better but stay behind the Police Lines and let the communists throw their bricks and missiles and let the world see who the real men of violence are.

That said, should the reds break through the police lines then defend yourselves and your kinsmen and give them hell.