Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The London Patriot does it again

Do not watch the video yet guys. Read the article first please and leave the video as the final treat. It is superb.

I first wrote about the London Patriot here in this article back in February of this year and boy have they gone on from strength to strength. They are to be honest, the bees knees and a model for own server as opposed to blogger sites to follow. I know exactly whose format the new Green Arrow site will be modelled on. OK you can watch the video now and whilst watching and listening have a little think about what you see.

So what did you see? A man singing? Or did you see more?

Did you see a real leader, who took the time out to visit his troops bivouaced in The Flag Camp that surrounded the main area? I saw it.

That man singing must have been exhausted after the day he had had but he did not retire at the end of the day to his hotel or wherever he was staying, kick his boots off and sit down and enjoy a well deserved drink.

He did what a cavalryman does at the end of a long ride, he looked after his horse first. He visited his troops. Because call them activists or whatever you like, now in this war for Our Country they really are troops and he took time out to walk amongst them and I curse myself that I was not there with them but tucked up in a nice bunk bed. That will not happen next year I promise. I will be with the rest of the army. Under canvas.

Again, I urge our senior officers to demand that Our Chairman, Our Leader, takes an holiday so that he may relax with his family who support him so well. They also deserve some of his time. We owe them that at least.

I am going to listen to him sing again and next year I will know the words and stand next to him and sing them also. I will also learn the words to Jerusalem so he never sings alone again.

Please go here, read the splurge on the right, then rate and comment the excellent London Patriot for bringing us this superb piece of film that will be a part of Our History.