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Shahid Malik, David Copeland and the BNP

"We must stop the BNP Terrorists" - Shahid Malik

Right, sorry about this but you are going to have two watch two videos of the the corrupt and crooked Shahid Malik MP.

In the top video, Malik attempts to draw attention away from the violent actions around the world and in Our Country by the moslems, who are currently slowly but surely taking it over by out breeding us, threats of violence, violence and Saudi Arabian money that we allowed them to amass, by making references to David Copeland and linking that sick man to the BNP.

So first the truth about David Copeland - please feel free to use this information wherever you may find it useful.

The Strange Case of David Copeland

In the spring of 1999 a series of bombings by David Copeland, in the Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho districts of London, left 3 dead and many people horribly maimed and injured. Searchlight has always associated Copeland’s previous membership of the BNP to these acts, and thus created a cause célèbre for the far left and de-nationalists.

At the time of these bombings Gerry Gable, the Director of Searchlight, was working as a special adviser to the Metropolitan Police Service Racial and Violent Crime Task Force (under John Grieve) – an organisation set up a few months before Copeland’s bombing campaign.

It is therefore interesting to note Searchlight’s own links to Copeland. A Searchlight infiltrator of the BNP (code named ‘Arthur’) had befriended Copeland after Copeland had moved to London: “One of Searchlights infiltrators in the BNP codenamed 'Arthur' got to know Copeland. He's given Panorama a statement and we've agreed to conceal his identity.

(Actor's voice) ‘When I first met Dave in the summer of 1997 he'd just joined the party’… Arthur, Searchlight's informant, filed regular reports with Gerry Gable”. Searchlight were therefore well acquainted with ‘Dave’ [Copeland] and had his original London address, place of work, and photograph all on file.

In Searchlight’s web site we find the following statement: “David Copeland brought havoc to London when he set off three nail bombs in 1999. He was a BNP member and activist in East London.

This, of course, is both untrue and intentionally misleading. However such is the determination of Searchlight to incite hatred against the BNP that the use of such ‘disinformation’ and crude black propaganda techniques is seen as perfectly justifiable.

Copeland was a deeply disturbed young man (immediately obvious to everyone who met him, including, presumably, the Searchlight agent ‘Arthur’). Copeland joined the BNP (in May1997) simply because he believed the lies told by the media and the political State about that organisation (Searchlight, again?).

However he quickly became disillusioned with the BNP’s commitment, as a political party, to democracy and non-violence, and would later comment: “It was funny to hear that people are arguing about me being a member of the BNP. I must admit that I was a member for a few months and didn’t take it seriously. I went to a few meetings …

In a formal report by the psychiatrist at Broadmoor, prepared prior to Copeland’s trial, it is observed that: “He went to some of its [the BNP’s] meetings but did not like their adherence to democracy.

Copeland left the BNP some 8 months later. Over 14 months were then to elapse before Copeland joined the extremist National Socialist Movement (NSM), and a further 4 months before beginning his bombing campaign in London.

In a book published in 2003, by Graeme McLagan (BBC Investigative reporter) and Nick Lowes (co-editor of Searchlight magazine), Copeland and his bombings are described in some detail.

In terms of providing a comprehensive account of events, and of Copeland’s state of mind, this BBC/Searchlight book is a reasonable effort. However, as in many of the journalistic ‘investigations’ by Searchlight, the attempt by these two writers to provide an insightful analysis of these appalling events fails abysmally. Their central thesis – that (white) violent psychopaths find a natural home only within (white) nationalist parties, and that this therefore characterises the ideology of all such parties

– is not only desirably simplistic, but demonstrably wrong. It is also a racist argument. History shows us that psychopaths can exploit almost all forms of ideological thinking (political and religious) and promote aberrant forms of social groupings within which they can realise their fantasies – sometimes with murderous results.

In Britain we have had particular experience of this in the last few years. This is neither a monopoly of white people, nor of nationalist aspirations – despite the strenuous efforts by Searchlight to make it appear so. Given their own ideological roots, Searchlight should know this.

In their eagerness to promote their central thesis, the authors’ tend to trip over their own arguments. For example, in the chapter heading of the Conclusion section they quote: “I am certain that if he hadn’t joined the BNP and NSM, he would be an ordinary bloke working on the Jubilee Line.” They triumphantly reveal that this to be the opinion of “A BNP member”.

Apart from the absurd proposition that Copeland was, before being involved in political activism, an “ordinary bloke” (prior to his bombings he had acquired convictions for criminal damage, theft and assault, and indulged in the use of cannabis, Ecstasy, LSD, amphetamines, cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin) we also find, a few pages later, the admission that this “BNP member” is none other than ‘Arthur’, the Searchlight agent. An opinion, therefore, that is worthless.

It is what is not included in the McLagan/Lowes ‘investigation’ that is particularly noteworthy. There is a brief mention of one of Combat 18’s leading figures, Charlie Sargent, being “a paid informer” – but this is never explored. In fact the Searchlight investigators are being rather disingenuous, Sargent was in fact the Combat 18 Organiser – and a long-time paid informant of Special Branch, with a particular role as agent provocateur in respect of his working contacts with Ulster nationalist groups.

Therefore, given that the NSM was a progeny of the Combat 18 organisation that (according to Searchlight, and by admission in court during the trial of the Combat 18 leadership24) was a State inspired pseudo-gang, a “honey-trap” organisation, why have Searchlight not explored the logical conclusion (by extension) that David Copeland’s nail bombing campaign was without doubt assisted (albeit indirectly) by these same State sponsored agent provocateur activities? We might wonder why the investigative staff of Searchlight are so coy in exploring the identity and motives of those who actually had most influence on David Copeland?

Right that is all you need to know about David Copeland. He might have been a BNP member for a very short while but he was NEVER BNP, who condemn all violence.


Now those of you who have been awakened to the real danger of the cancer called Islam already know that it is standard Islamic Policy to lie to "non believers", who they refer to as Pigs and Apes through what they refer to as TAQIYYA.(Please read and educate yourself)

The tactic of deceiving the gullible infidel is known a TAQIYYA in Arabic. The truth is unimportant in Islam. NEVER believe anything a Muslim tells you about Islam.

There are bad times coming people and it is not just going to be the River of Blood that was predicted by Enoch Powell - it is going to be a Tsunami of Blood. What has happened to the Christians in lands occupied by the Cult of the Dead Paedophile is going to happen here in Our Country unless the British People wake up and elect the British National Party to power. Only the BNP have the political will and courage to resist the evil of Islam.


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