Monday, 17 August 2009

So what got me out of bed

Jackie and Nick Griffin of the BNP

I awake. But instead of leaping or bounding from my bed like a real super blogger would, I lie there, my eyes open in a dark room. What a wimp.

This is early, I think. Earlier than normal. There is absolute silence, if such a thing is possible. There is no tic or toc from a digital clock. Not even the birds are up.

And I close my eyes and utter a silent prayer. "Please God let me sleep". But God gives his answer by giving me none and I know why.

So I lie there and open the door of my mind and "they" come rushing through like tiny, brightly lit express trains travelling through the dark. And round and round and round they go. And I get dizzy trying to see what they are. But I do not need to see, for I already know and so do you.

The smallest streaks of lights are words. Then there are the sentences and then brightly lit, are the paragraphs. And finally they slow their mad rush around the tracks in my mind and become one. It is the article "I must write" and write now. Not later . Now.

So I rise, a dim light goes on and soon, like a recaptured white galley slave, I am once more chained to my laptop. Freedom was nice for awhile but for now it is over.

So what was "this article" that would not even let me sleep for a few hours? Well it is about Nick Griffin MEP BNP, whose image of him standing next to his wife Jackie, is shown above.

Now, if I am to get the real meaning of this article across to you, then I must warn you now, that it will appear very disjointed and for that I am sorry. Much that I mention now will be written about in greater detail later.

For during the Red, White and Blue, I had ample time to study this driven man, from both a distance and up close and I tell you this - it finally made me realise just how hard this man works. He is like a machine, he appears unstoppable.

But he is not a machine. He is a human being and I finally realised that I and probably many of you have expected too much, too soon from this great man.

For during the RWB, I had the tiniest taste of what it must be like to be Nick Griffin and just how hard it must be for him.

For whilst I was watching Nick Griffin there were some who were watching me. There were a considerable number of people who wished to meet and talk with the Green Arrow and who tracked me down in the Wales BNP marquee.

And each and everyone of those people had a word of praise and sometime criticism to make about the Home of the Green Arrow and I have taken on-board everything that they have said.

But like I said. I will be writing lots of articles about the RWB and the people I met over the next few days. I will not miss or leave a thing out. You will get an honest report from my perspective I promise.

But I at least had the respite of being able to walk around this great family show and to look and listen to my brothers and sisters. Not so Our Chairman.

I went to the RWB to report on it - that is what I do. I report. And I try to be honest and that is why I must write this article.

Nick Griffin is worshipped by his supporters. Now worshipped is a very strong word to use about anyone but I must, because it is the plain simple truth. The man is worshiped by all who listen and understands his message.

He has given those people hope. He has offered a way to a kind of salvation. He has told them that the spirit that radiated around the RWB could expand to encompass our entire nation should we only have the will to do it.

And so I walked amongst my comrades unknown, just another brother and asked the men a simple question. "Would you die for Nick Griffin?"

Now there are many types of men in the British National Party, that is not just a political party but a revolutionary movement for change and there were just two answers from all that I asked.

The young men, as young British men always do, rushed straight out with - "Yes".

The older, more thoughtful men though, had a different answer that they thought about first before replying - "Not sure I would die for him but I would most certainly risk my life for him".

Think about those two answers kinsmen. Can you name any other political leader from any of the political parties that have betrayed us and Our Country whose members would die for them?

No you cannot and neither could I. Men like Nick Griffin are sadly, few and far between and so we must look after him who looks after and fights for us.

Now before I return to writing about Nick Griffin. I want to mention the BNP Security Teams we have.

These guys really are the business - every single one of them has been trained. Their dedication and commitment to the Party and its Leader is incredible.

But what sort of wicked evil land is it, that we now live in, where we needed a small army of men to patrol the perimeters and stand guard over us and our children whilst we slept in our tents?

And how reassuring it was for us to see them patrolling and walking amongst us. Their poor backs must be raw from all the back slapping and praise heaped upon them. Well they earned it and I for one salute them.

I will not go into the details of just how far Nick Griffin has brought the British National Party, you should already know that. But he is going to to lead, push, cajole and kick us into going a lot further. We are going to take back OUR COUNTRY. He will not rest and neither should we.

But now I am going to go against the man I most admire in this world and I hope that some of our senior officers read this article and act upon it.

Our chairman is NOT a machine. He needs a rest. I watched him, I listened to him and I followed him all weekend. The man has a will of iron tempered with the "Common Touch" - but he gives too much and we take it from him, we suck it from him.
Common Touch. The ability to appeal to the interests and sensibilities of the ordinary person: “an effective administrator and also an effective leader, with a common touch
Our Chairman must be forced to take a holiday and go somewhere with his family and rest. He must recharge his batteries. Yes we need him here now but he is no good to us if he is dead because we allowed him to work himself to death.

If you think I write these words with compassion then you are mistaken. I write them coldly and for the good of Our Country. Were the shoe on the other foot Nick Griffin would say the same.

So please Chairman, take a break and go abroad for a few weeks and then come back and lead us on to Victory. We cannot do it without you.